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When you do what I do for a living, there are just times that you want to completely just step away and turn the computer off for a while. That why you frequently don't see posts on this site on Fridays or Saturdays. It's my days off work, and my days to just avoid my computer, chill out with my family, and take a break so that when I am forced to sit in front of this machine again, I'm in a better mood.

After the events of today (including the mess that inspired my earlier post), I had to step away. I turned off my laptop here at work, packed it up in my bag so I didn't have to even look at it. I went outside, took a quick walk around the block, and came back to my office. Upon arriving at the office, I realized how little I wanted to turn that computer back on and I realized how dirty my desk and office were since I didn't have my laptop covering up things. So I went back to our housekeeping department, grabbed some rags and some sort of all-purpose cleaner whose name I can't remember, and started cleaning. I cleaned up my whole office, even scrubbing down my phone (there was a lot of gunk on there). I dumped out my desk drawer on the floor, realized I probably have more writing utensils than anybody in the building, and cleaned it out, too. I got out some business cards I was looking for, put them in an area where I could actually see them, and now my desk is much more organized and clutter free.

Now, a couple hours later, my office is sparkly, I've put up with the crap from the girls in the office who think I'm a slob, and I'm back to work.

So what do I do first? I blog this entry. Now maybe I'll get something done. Really. I promise.

Maybe I should just shut this thing off again...

Posted by Jake on 08/11/05 @ 04:16 PM
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