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Just So I Don't Forget The URL

As many of you know, I manage the Bend Blogs site. In my search for software to power it, I wanted something that was PHP-powered, and preferred a MySQL back-end. I also wanted something simple, and I came across lilina. It's simple, and it works, but not as cleanly or as nicely as I'd like. Version .7 is powering the site right now, and I considered moving the site to a more up-to-date lilina-variant.

At this point, however, I think I'm just going to ditch lilina. Why? Because with a bit of work, I can get the whole thing working as an actual blog, powered by MovableType (which is far easier for me to work with), displaying local blog posts as blog posts on bendblogs.com with comments, permalinks, archives, etc... , as well as a combined RSS feed for all. How? With reBlog, which I REALLY wish I would've found a few months ago when I threw bendblogs.com online.

So expect an overhaul of bendblogs.com sometime in the near future. Otherwise, if anybody has a blog I should add to the site, let me know. I'm up to 91 right now, and I'm sure I'm missing some (I know I'm missing some, as some folks requested their site not be listed, which is fine), but if you have any to send over, comment here.

Posted by Jake on 08/05/05 @ 10:52 PM
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