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I have to admit that I'm actually occasionally reading a LiveJournal site (other than JWZ's): Customers Suck. Dealing with the tourists here in Sunriver, I've dealt with my fair share of idiots (people driving the wrong way around the circles are always entertaining -- and dangerous), but today I got a very random phone call. While I generally don't answer the phones here, I do on occasion when we're busy. Here's how the conversation went...

Me: Hi, this is Jake, how can I help you?
Confused Old Feller (further known as COF): I'm trying to get a hold of the Newport News Better Business Bureau.
Note for the Geographically Inclined: Newport News, VA, is nearly 3,000 miles from here.
Me: Sir, you've called Sunriver, Oregon, which is several thousand miles from Virginia.
COF: Well that's what the informational lady gave me as a number. So you can't help me?
Me: Probably not.
COF: Fer christ sakes...the phone system's always been in the toilet since they broke up Ma Bell.
Me: Knowing a bit about the history of the breakup of AT&T, and how it's actually benefitted customers, for the most part, I just bit my tongue...
COF: So you can't help me then?
Me: If you wait a minute I may be able to get online and see if I can find the number, if one exists?
COF: No, don't worry about it -- I don't trust the Internet. Naybe you can help me with the question I had.
Me: Oh, this outta be good... Sure, go ahead, and I'll see what I can do.
COF: Well, I'm seeing these ads for Government land sales, and if I send it $20, I can get a listing of land foreclosures in my area where I can buy dirt cheap land. Oregon's listed as one of the states where this land is available. You know anything about this?
Me: Where did you get the ad?
COF: It was on a sign, hung on a post down the street from my house.
Me: Shaking my head... Sir, it's more than likely a scam, as that information is generally available for free from your local government.
COF: Do you have their number?
Me: Banging my head.... No sir, I don't. I'm in Central Oregon, and don't know a thing about the government on the East Coast.
COF: Isn't it the same as yours?
Me: Last I checked, we have different state governments.
COF: Silence
Me: Is there anything else I can help you with?
COF: So you don't think I should send these people money?
Me: No, sir, I really don't.
COF: Why not?
Me: Really, sir, since I don't know a thing about government foreclosures and land sales in your area, I really don't know. It just sounds like a scam. But go ahead and send them the $20, and let me know if you strike it rich.
COF: I'll be sure to do that. Thanks for all your help!
Me: No problem, sir, you have a nice day.

Posted by Jake on 08/04/05 @ 11:03 AM
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