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OneEighty Bend Gets Bought By Unicom

Did I miss this in the local paper? I happened upon this Spokesman Review article that says that OneEighty (formally known as Highspeed Communications, formally known as EmpireNet, formally known as a guy whose name I completely forgot running a BBS out of his basement) is selling it's Bend and Madras branches to Unicom. OregonTrail, I'm assuming, is part of that deal as well (as they were bought up by OneEighty).

Personally, I haven't dealt with any of those companies for quite a while (I have had to deal with OneEighty on behalf of a client, but it was on minor issues that are probably going to get much more complicated now). I did have to deal with OregonTrail when I first started working at Sunray, as they hosted Sunray's site (long since moved) and they were a bit of a pain to deal with as they didn't know much about hosting, it seemed.

I also know there are some folks locally who are getting free hosting from OneEighty in return for links back to the company's site -- are those folks going to get booted?

So who does that leave in Central Oregon for Network/Data Center providers? Other than BendCableBroadband, who else is there? It seems most of the smaller ones that used be around have disappeared.

Update: I'm an idiot. Now I know why it's not in the Bulletin -- it probably ran two months ago when the actual purchase happened. So not only am I not on the ball, but The Spokesman Review is quite a bit late to the game, too.

Ugh...I need more free time to keep up on this stuff...

Posted by Jake on 07/28/05 @ 10:15 AM
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