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I need every Oregonian out there to read this. My wife's uncle, who lives in Sisters and shall remain nameless for right now, has gone missing. Now this is all hearing third-hand from my wife (as talking to her family right now is impossible), so bear with me for the lack of detail. Apparently he came home from work early today, grabbed a tank of propane and drove off in his older flame-painted black Jeep Cherokee. Nobody has a clue where he is.

Right now, I don't have the license number for the car (I can't get a hold of family as they're out in the woods looking for him), but will update it if I get it. But if you have seen an older (Mid 80s, Black, Flames on the side) Jeep Cherokee driving around the highways, please contact the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office or e-mail me using the form on this site.

Update about 5 minutes later...: Figures, the minute I post something, the phone rings. The DCSO found him, apparently he was trying to do himself harm with the propane tank (he has tried stuff like this before, which is why they were worried). He was found unconcious out in the Three Creeks Wilderness, and is being taken to SCMC as we speak for treatment.

Update the next morning...: OK, after talking to my father in law this morning, I'm getting a bit more of the story. So far, here's how the story goes...The uncle was found at a campground up on the McKenzie pass. He was actually reported by some campers that the uncle was talking to while he was up there. The campers found it odd that a man was up there with no tent or anything and didn't even look like he was planning on camping. The campers wondered what happened when he walked off later without saying much. After looking around a bit, they found him locked up in his Jeep, letting propane leak into the cab. They broke the window of the Jeep to get him out and called the police, who weren't really too far away at that point. He was rushed off to SCMC and is there right now. My in-laws are going over to the hospital later today to see how he's doing and hopefully get him some help (as this is apparently the second time he's tried this and was caught before finishing the job). I really hope he does get some help, or at least allows other help him.

Posted by Jake on 06/29/05 @ 08:30 PM
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