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Yahoo's Other Source Of Income

Obviously, Yahoo! makes a ton of money on online ad sales, but some folks are saying that those advertisers are funding under-age sex-chat rooms. They've since pulled their user-created chat rooms from their site, saying (officially) that they "are working on improvements to this service to enhance the user experience and compliance with our Terms of Service." In other words, they've worried they're going to get their butt sued.

From the story, many advertisers have already dropped their ads on Yahoo, which is going to put an ugly dent on Yahoo's bottom line.

From what "L" (who's a volunteer in the Yahoo! chat help room and the person who sent me this link) told me, all the folks who hung out in the chat rooms are now bombarding (tens of thousands of users) the Yahoo!'s chat help room, asking where the hell they went. I'm sure there are legitimate folks using the chat rooms, but its interesting, nonetheless.

Update on 6/23: More video/news here. According to people that are still using the rooms, you can still get into the user-created rooms by issusing the "/join (insert user room name here)" command in the chat room. So the pervs are still there, but they're just a bit harder to find.

Posted by Jake on 06/19/05 @ 04:00 PM
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