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Smoothwall Kicks Ass

I mentioned Smoothwall nearly two years ago now, and have finally had the chance to put the thing into action (as I already have established firewalls at the other places I'm in charge of). They're building a big fancy fitness center here in Sunriver, and since our company is one of the owners of the place, I've been put in charge of getting the network and computers and such all up and running. The place is also going to have a public access wireless network, and I don't want that wireless network to have any access to the private wired network, and I also want to make sure that I could give bandwidth priority to the folks on the wired network. So with some help from the folks on the Smoothwall forums, a bunch of modifications and hacks, this firewall will be up and running shortly. So if anybody hasn't tried out Smoothwall, you're really missing out.

I just got our desktop computers, too (along with my 26-port switch), so I'll have to tear those open and start ripping some stuff up. Granted, the building's not done yet (they haven't finished terminating and patching off the wiring closet, for example), but I'm just trying to get all my ducks in a row so that when the thing is up and going, I can go down there, plug in everything, and they're good to go.

Posted by Jake on 06/13/05 @ 01:09 PM
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