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Comment Spammers Need To Die

If you're wondering why the site has been slower than snot today, it's because of jackass comment spammers. I'm running this site on a meaty Pentium4 2.8 with a gig of RAM, and when I ran "top" via an SSH command line (once I was actually able to get onto the server), I realized what the hell was happening: I was the victim of a Denial-of-Service attack, of sorts. The load in "top" was pushing 60+ (an overloaded server is anything higher than 5 or so anybody who doesn't know). From my estimation, about 150 connections per second were hitting my comment script (which has since been renamed, meaning comments won't work on many older posts until I rebuild the site). Not only that, they were hitting my e-mail form on the right side of this script (which has also been renamed as well). The connections were coming from dozens of different IP addresses, meaning they were coming from spyware/virus-infected zombie PCs (I'll check out my logs later to see if there was any pattern to it all).

After the end of it all, not a single comment spam actually made it on my site, thanks to MT-Blacklist and SpamLookup. It did make my server, cry, however, saying no to that many connections running a CGI script.

Anyway, comments will be working again later tonight after a rebuild (they should work on this entry, however).

Posted by Jake on 05/03/05 @ 04:35 PM
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