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New Minivan

OK, since several people are bugging me about it, here's the new car:

Yes, I know, one lousy picture. Whoopty-frickin-do. Interior is nothing to sneeze at, just your normal Dodge Grand Caravan (lots of frickin' room, which is nice for hauling stuff around). It needs a CD player and some floor mats, but otherwise, it's a great car for a great deal ($2,900).

Once it stops raining, I'll be vacuuming out my old car and posting it for sale here with pictures. It's an ugly 1988 Honda Civic with a bunch of little (and one bigger) dents and 187,000 miles, but the engine is in great shape, it's got tires that are less than a year old on it (as well as a set of 4 studded tires on rims), a clutch that's about a year old, and a left axle that's about a year old. It also gets 38-40 miles per gallon, which is frickin' nice with gas prices how they are. It has a pretty loud Pioneer CD player in it (4 speakers).

The only major problem is that it needs a new right CV Joint. It's easier to just replace the whole axle on these cars when the CV Joint goes bad, and every mechanic I've talked to says it'll run about $200 to replace the whole axle.

If you want it, I'll clean it up for you, and it's yours for $800 or best offer (I'll knock off $50 if I don't have to clean it). It's an ugly little car, but I've always loved it, and it's always driven great (and parts for it are cheap). I need the money to buy some snow tires and a CD player for the minivan, as well as sun visors for the Subaru sedan we're keeping, and to make a payment or two on the minivan.

And if you ask nice, I'll leave the "Save a Cow, Eat A Vegetarian" and "Hang Up And Drive" bumper stickers on there.

Posted by Jake on 04/25/05 @ 02:48 PM
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