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Sorry about the lack of links today. Today I spent the day going through my "To Fix" list after the mess from last week. After a week of letting everybody play with it, there was a lot of stupid little things that needed to be fixed (funny little error messages, preferences not importing/saving right, profile issues, privledge issues, etc...) as well as things that I personally needed to fix like getting the virus protection all up to date and maintaining itself as well as our backup software up and going. I also got our old Citrix machine that went dead back up and running with a new hard drive and RAID system and have it running our online booking system now (instead of doing double-duty with the Citrix server). I have parts on order from NewEgg and Geeks.com to upgrade the Citrix server with some more RAM and get it a 2nd processor (anybody have any PC133 ECC/Registered RAM that's larger than 256 megs to get rid of? I'm trying to max out the machine a bit). So I'll have to come in late when those parts arrive to take care of that install (that'll be easy, thankfully).

I'm also going to see if I can get MovableType 3.16 installed, now that I know many of my plugins will work appropriately. So hopefully that will happen later tonight.

Meanwhile, I'm going to see if I can clear up some of my RSS feeds and get some more content ready for you folks. Thanks for hanging with me through this!

Posted by Jake on 04/19/05 @ 05:29 PM
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