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This Will Be A Long Night

Right now I'm stuck at work, and will be here for quite a few more hours. It's spring cleaning time on our servers here, so I'm going to be doing some major archiving, cleaning, pruning, upgrading, and whatever else I can get done. I might see if I can post some links later as I'm staring at progress bars, but we'll see.

Update at 8:35: I'm screwed. Powered down and rebooted my Citrix Metaframe (running on Windows 2000) machine -- which, unfortunately, powers the entire building -- and the thing crashed bad during boot up. Rebooted, and now the thing won't login. I can't get into the system with ANY login/pass. It's like the thing revereted back to its default settings. And, naturally, I can't get onto the machine to get the memory dump of the crash. This is not cool at all. Thank frickin' god I have offsite backups.

Time to yank the drives out, see what I can recover on thing. Yipee....

Update at 10:15: OK, I gave up trying to get into the Citrix machine, and my backup hardware wasn't running stable. So what am I doing? My online booking server is over powered for the minimal amount that it does, so I've pulled the hard drive out of the Citrix machine and installed it into the online machine. I'm copying the data onto the hard drive of the online machine, which I'll install Citrix Metaframe, a few applications, and hopefully be able to go home by midnight (not holding my breath, however -- I just went across the street for a caffeine buy, just in case). I'll just let the machine pull double duty until tomorrow when I'll format the old Citrix machine, and get IIS back up and running on that machine.

I didn't want to just reformat the Citrix machine, as reinstalling an OS and getting it all up to speed is no fun. The online machine had a stable and patched OS, and getting Citrix and Terminals Services all setup on that won't be too hard, just tedious.

In the long run, this will be better, as the machine that was doing online bookings was way more powerful than the Citrix machine, so things should run faster.

Anybody who has any ideas on ways to speed this all up, my IM handles are here, so feel free to send a note my direction (just give me a bit to reply, as I'll probably be beating up server).

Update at 12:30AM: Yes, I'm still here. This night couldn't get any worse. Got Citrix installed on the 2nd server, and now my Citrix licenses won't activate, so I'm screwed. I'm going to see if I can get a hack installed to make things work until I've got some sleep, but I still have to get MS Office and our bookkeeping software installed which, unfortunately, is mission critical as well. Time to dip into my Pepsi stash...

Update at 1:45AM: I give up. The folks here can login and make reservations, and that's about it right now. They can't print, they can't do any bookkeeping stuff, but I got the activation crap with Citrix figured out, and I'm starting to feel sick with all the crap that still needs to be done. But I need to sleep, so I'm going to take a couple more sips of soda and drive the long highway back home. I'll probably be back here at the crack of dawn tomorrow, but I'm finishing up a memo to the early morning staff here, in case I'm not.

Posted by Jake on 04/10/05 @ 06:15 PM
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