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We Got A New Car

OK, we haven't got the car yet, as I need to head to the bank on Monday to get a bit of financing through. Any locals have some good recommendations? I'm probably going to go through a credit union because the rates are better, and I only need a small amount.

Anyway, my mom saw a posting at her work for a minivan for sale. She sent it my way, I called, it was a good deal, and within our price range, and we went for it.

So barring any stupid troubles at the bank, come early next week, I should be the proud owner of a 1996 Doge Caravan SE with right at 100,000 miles that I got for less than $3,000. It's in great shape, runs great, and even has a remote starter. I've heard folks have had trouble with this year's transmission, but they've said they never had trouble with it. But you're always going to by a used car that could potentially have problems, so what are you going to do?

What that does mean is that I have a car to get rid of: A 1988 Honda Civic Sedan (4-door, 5-speed manual). It's got 187,000 miles, gets 38+ miles per gallon on the highway, and the engine's got a lot of miles left. I've even got a set of 4 studded tires on Honda rims so you can change thing over yourself. I also put a CD player in it as well. It'd be a great high schooler's car or commuter car. I put a new clutch and left axle on the car last year, and just replaced the spark plugs and wires and just had the oil changed.

The problem is that it needs a new right axle (actually, it's the CV joint, but it's easier to just replace the whole axle). That'll run you about $200 for parts and labor with most mechanics. It's also got a lot of little dents as well as a bigger one underneath the right tail light (light still functions).

E-mail me an offer or comment here if you're interested or need more specs (the car is located in Bend, Oregon, for those who are interested). I can send pictures, if you like (once I clean the thing up).

Posted by Jake on 04/09/05 @ 10:53 PM
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