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Bad Dining

This is yet another reason why I'll miss places like the Juniper Cafe: Some of the local, high-end, trendy restaurants locally that are catering to the yuppie folks around here don't seem to care when they treat you like crap.

Take Kanpai Bend, for example. Shannon and Simone both had horrible experiences because of wait staff that, for the most part, thought their restaurant was the coolest thing since sliced bread and that because they are popular, they didn't need to be nice.

You're a sushi place, folks (and a small one at that), and you're replaceable as there are probably dozen restaurants here that have sushi as well as a few grocery stores that sell very good stuff as well (I've heard that the Newport Market's is actually very good). In other words, enjoy your popularity while it lasts, as it won't for too long. Every new restaurant here has a surge of popularity when it first opens, and only the good ones survive afterwards when the customers drop. The previous inhabitant of that space, the Brooklyn Cafe, was the same way: very full the first few months, and then fairly dead thereafter.

So good luck to you: You're going to need it.

Posted by Jake on 04/05/05 @ 10:03 AM
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