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As you can see by this lenghty forum thread, my old server, which is supposed to be up until the end of the month, will be suffering some downtime in a couple days thanks to the actions of a poorly-managed webhost who bought out my former host. I've long since moved my sites (including this one) to a new server, so this site won't go down. Since I'm primarily using the old server for storage, and it's paid through the end of the month, I'm going to mirror some stuff there that I've had sitting on my hard drive that I think is pretty funny. If you have a file that you want mirrored there or a funny video you want me to plop there, let me know.

Note that these links could go down at any time, so don't whine to me if it doesn't work. They should, in theory, be up at least for another six days. Have fun downloading, and share the links (I've got about 75 gigs to kill in six days).

That's all for now, more to come later if I get any submissions or find anything else on my hard drive that I feel like posting. Like I said, these links will probably die in a few days, so enjoy them while you can.

Again, let me be clear: UtterlyBoring.com is not going anywhere. I'm on a new, meaty server with a good Web host, and I'm just trying to take advantage of some extra space and bandwidth that I have sitting there unused elsewhere.

Update at 3:30: Apparently the old server is down for one reason or another. I've got a support ticket in there, as I'm paid through the month and I'd better get my month's worth, so we'll see. I'll keep you posted.

Update at 3:50: Old server appears to be running again. Don't know what was going on.

Update on 3/26 @ 1:00: The old server were taken down yesterday, as planned, but it's not back up in the 11 hours like they planned -- it's going on 18 now. There's a nice thread over at Web Hosting Talk about this whole mess. Hopefully everybody will be able to download again in a few hours.

Update on 3/27 at 7:00am: Looks like things are back up again -- 48 hours (or more) later. Idiots. Boy am I glad I don't have to deal with those morons.

Posted by Jake on 03/24/05 @ 01:54 PM
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