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It's Like Wikipedia Gone Bad

It's the Uncyclopedia. There are some hilarious entries there, like this bit about Ann Coulter:

Ann was born as John in Salt Lake City, Utah to polygamist Mormon parents. She had one daddy and twelve mommies. She does not know which one was her "real" mommy because she was such an annoying brat as a child that they all claimed she was the child of one of the other women. A recent search of her birth records, however, has revealed that she was the daughter of none of them; she is the spawn of Satan (a.k.a. Barry Manilow) and Barbra Streisand, who paid the Mormon polygamists to raise Ann as one of their own. Ann, however, remains unaware of her parentage. She is likely to remain in the dark, as she is illiterate.
Or this excerpt from an entry on Oprah:
Oprah Winfrey (born April 1, 1337) is a woman seeking world domination disguised as an innocent talk show host. Most people are not aware that she is evil due to her cunning and manipulative nature. Some specialists claim she has superhuman powers, which would classify her as a supervillain. (She has been known to devour a whole universe in a single gulp.)

Oprah was born into a dysfunctional family of circus clowns. When she was a teenager, she ran away to escape her abusive pet cat, Skanks. Fleeing to and creating the village on the Island of L'aard, Oprah became a woman. She acquired a very sizable sum of money by robbing churches and performing coat hanger abortions under the light of the full moon. Oprah invested this money in Microsoft stock; now she has more money than Bill Gates. She once killed a bear on live television, then ate its entrails while the audience looked on in horror, afraid to move lest they be the next target of consumption. The next day the subject of Oprah's program was how to deal with the trauma caused by watching talk show hosts eat bear entrails. There was much crying, and only a few casualties. Actually everyone died.

Thanks a hundred places for that link.

Posted by Jake on 03/20/05 @ 10:55 AM
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