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Server Move Finished

I got a few hours of sleep last night, but I can't say the same for the person who helped me migrate all my sites over to the new machine. But 99% of the work has been done so UtterlyBoring.com as well as most of the other sites I manage has been moved to a nice meaty dedicated box in the Savvis datacenter.

Thanks go to Karin at Door County for making this possible. She stayed up all frickin' night (while I got a few hours of sleep) to make sure things went smoothly. I've dealt with Karin several times as she was a support tech with my last two Web hosts. She had an extra box that she was just running a few things on, and hooked me up with it. Karin, I'm eternally grateful for all your help, as I know I couldn't frickin' do this alone.

I still have to move my main domain, as well as a Dada install (that should be fun), as well as re-setup all the hacks I had implemented before. But this site should run a pile faster now, even if I get hammered with traffic again (my load was pushing 14+ all day yesterday on the old machine).

Update at 5:00PM: So far so good. Got the mailing list all setup again, got orty.com all transferred over and going, and everything's good to go. I just need to get some security stuff installed and configured (mod_security, clamav, logwatch, some exim hacks, chkrootkit, etc...) and this thing will be good to go.

The new server (a Fedora Core, Intel P4 2.8/1024MB/2x80GB HD) is a speedy little bugger. The load with a top command hasn't gotten above .2 all day (while my old site was running at 14 or above for most of the day). I managed to push 11 Gigs of data yesterday on my old server, however, so it still hung in there just fine, considering it was getting hammered (e-mail me if you want details on my previous VPS host -- they're good folks, I just outgrew it). I usually push about 230 megs a day here, tops, and the amount of traffic I did yesterday (9,000 unique visitors, 50,000+ page views, 19,000 Google Ad impressions) is more than I'd usually get in a month.

Again, thanks to Karin (who really needs to update her blog now and again) for hooking me up with this server to play with, and helping me out with my stupid questions along the way. Hopefully this site will load fast for all you folks in the future, and will be able to survive an onslaught of traffic a bit better now.

Meanwhile, regular blogging to return tomorrow -- I need to get some sleep tonight (was up far too late last night).

Posted by Jake on 03/01/05 @ 07:09 AM
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