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Why The Lack Of Blogging?

I've been busy!

  • Dragged 5000-run 4.25x5.5" and a 8.5x5.5" postcards (fresh from the printer) to the mail house after compiling some mailing lists for said postcards.
  • Designed another half-page postcard to have printed at a future date.
  • Had to cover the butt of the boss who neglected to sign a contract and had to sweet talk an ad sales lady into letting me have ad space in the program for some golf show said boss is going to.
  • Found out that the ad for said program is due today, and had to bust my butt to get an ad designed. Once ad was designed, had to call the ad sales lady (left yet another message) wondering why her e-mail account is dead.
  • Completely re-did a co-worker's MS Publisher document that she created in the hopes that we could give it to our potential homeowners (it had Comic Sans MS in it, for crying out loud).
  • Been blowing up the printer running specialized documents for the front desk.
  • Had to weasel my way into getting same day tickets from Mt. Bachelor for one of our guests, and then go into Bend to get tickets.
  • Had to design four more items for our property management contract package.
  • Called a radio station in Portland that we've worked with before to get some spots on the air.
  • Called the lady running the aforementioned golf show to see if we can get Internet access at the booth. She doesn't have a clue, and apparently I'd have to call SBC to get a phone line ran to the booth (this is a pretty big show, and to not have 'net access at the booth or in the building is crap).
  • And a pile of other stupid stuff that takes up far too much time....
I managed to get through my RSS feeds, and I have a pile of links sitting here waiting to be posted, but I'll be damned if I've gotten time to do anything online the last few days.

And as soon as I can get a couple other projects off my back, life will much better. I've been trying to figure out some Python permissions issues on one project, and I don't know a damn thing about Python, and I've been trying to just finish this other project for a site's redesign, but haven't had time to finish up the final pieces of it.

Posted by Jake on 02/09/05 @ 02:55 PM
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