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Microsoft Rules The HyperText Transfer Protocol?

More by accident (and thanks to Firefox's autosearch if it can't find the URL), I accidently typed "http" (and that's it) into my URL field. Firefox, by default, goes to Google, and then directs you to the first result it finds. What I thought was interesting is that first site when you search for http is Microsoft, followed by Yahoo, Altavista, World Wide Web Consortium, CNN, Excite, Lycos, Amazon, Adobe, and Mapquest (rounding out the top 10). Google shows up on page two, along with The New York Times, Netscape, Real, the World Health Organization, Mozilla.org, Ask.com, IMDB, Winzip, and PHP.net.

Similar results for other protocols aren't happening because, generally, other protocols are used in product/site names (FTP, Gopher, NNTP, etc...).

I do find it interesting the variety of types of links that are showing up. For the most part, this is a "Who's Who" of the Web. Anybody have any theories on why certain sites are showing up here versus others?

Posted by Jake on 01/17/05 @ 01:27 PM
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