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Panties Just For Men

They're MANties.

For those nights and days, when you want to be and feel a little special, naughty, and very sexy, these Manties are for you. Once you have them on, it will be "hard" to take them off. They are made of nylon and have the extra room where you need it, for the most comfortable fit there is. Once you try a pair, you will wonder why you never tried them before. Panties are for the gals. MANties are for the guys
Further proof that you can buy anything online.

Posted by Jake on 01/13/05 @ 04:47 PM
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Gus said on 01/13/05 @ 10:02 PM:
i prefer girl panties i often wear panties and love to shop for them

josh said on 01/13/05 @ 11:37 PM:
Hey, whatever floats your boat .... I, on the other hand, would find it difficult to keep from laughing at any guy that would wear these things.

Jake said on 01/15/05 @ 08:13 PM:
And josh, how would you know they're wearing them? ;)

Sandy said on 01/21/05 @ 10:27 AM:
Laugh if you like, but my boyfriend wears panties and Manties and he loves to soft silky feel. I love him in them as he looks so sexy especially when he is hard. It has made our sex life super. If you have never wore a pair of nylon panties, try it before you judge...

Mike said on 03/12/05 @ 10:59 PM:
I like to tell the sales clerks that they are for me when I buy mine.

pantyluvr said on 04/07/05 @ 06:32 PM:
These R the best!

Sue said on 06/28/05 @ 07:04 PM:
I love my husband in pantys. He is so attentive to me and I get what I want!

c2craftsman said on 07/16/05 @ 03:39 PM:
i lovve to wear womens pantys

wendy said on 07/17/05 @ 11:29 PM:
My husband has been wearing panties for years and i love him in them, when i see him in them it gets me so wet. he bought a couple of pairs of manties and we love them. so fem.

Jeanette said on 07/31/05 @ 01:07 PM:
I am wearing panties that my wife has given me. She likes to see me in them and I love wearing them. They help me get sexed up for her and constantly remind me of my cock which is hers.

Yvettes said on 08/13/05 @ 11:47 AM:
Just wanted to say I've been wearing panties and bras for a long time.I find women clothes much more fun and a skirt sure is cooler in the summer.I wear ladies clothes quite often even go shopping in them of course with makeup.I find most sales girls are very helpfull and like to make sure what I buy looks good for me.So whatever anyone say's tooo bad.Girls clothes for ever I say.

JT said on 08/14/05 @ 11:59 AM:
I Wear panties 24/7, much more comfortable the men's breifs :)

Nameless One said on 08/19/05 @ 04:35 AM:
I have wearing pantys since I was about 12, I do not wear mens underwear at all. I plan never to and likely never will. I have about 100 panty and bra sets, 200 half slips and camis about 75 full slips, I love the way LINGERIE feels when I wear it and I love the way it makes me feel, It makes me feel PRETTY!!

Nameless One said on 08/27/05 @ 05:51 AM:
i like wereing pantys make my penis sand up

daveyboy said on 08/27/05 @ 06:13 AM:
I have been wearing panties for years. I love Victoria's Secret Hipsters. I used to steal them from freinds. Now I just order them online. My wife puts it like this.."You are so confident in your manhood that you can wear flowery panties and not think twice about it!"

tom said on 09/17/05 @ 10:49 AM:
I have been wearing panties ,for 20 yrs..First taking my aunt's lacey panties...then my sisters,an now my wife's...they feel so sexy,an look so good on me...

smokey the bear said on 09/23/05 @ 06:39 AM:
I've wearing silk panties since I was thirteen and I'm now 48 and I love the feel in them I've been married 22 years and I just told her yesterday she freaked and I told her I was wearing her panties when we go shopping I'd pick her panties out for her she never thought any thing of it untill last night I still don't know what to do I'm wearing a pair of pure silk nylon panties right now and they make me horny as hell I even told her I washed them myself in the shower and then I'd hide them for the next morning to wear I love wearing silk panties and I won't stop either so I don't know what to help me

Cal said on 09/23/05 @ 09:52 PM:
I agree with JT. I Wear panties 24/7, much more comfortable the men's breifs and, will always do so.

SC said on 10/02/05 @ 01:06 PM:
I wear nylon panties to sleep in. I love how my hard cock is always poking out the top when I wake up.

ou812 said on 10/07/05 @ 01:24 AM:
Most of the guys on the police force here in St Cloud Minnesota wear both Manties and womens panties - they are more comfortable while sitting in the car just driving around looking busy.

eric said on 10/07/05 @ 10:45 PM:
I too wear panties 24/7 why should the ladies have all the fun

Jim said on 10/14/05 @ 05:18 PM:
Even better than panties are slippery polyester half slips. The half slip's elastic waste band can be drawn around the base of your testicles and up over the base of your penis. so that slip becomes a double-layered puch that gently cradles and lovingly caresses your penis and testicals.

Over the "pouch" you can wear double layered sheer nylon bloomers. The doubled layered nylon swishes nicely about your tush as you squirm in your chair or in your driver's seat as you drive to and from work.

You need a half slip made of 100% polyester. When shopping for it online, ask the seller to be certain that the slip is slippery smooth inside and out. When layered, the fabric must "glide" effortlessly over itself. A little semen makes it even nicer!

The sensation of two slippery layers of polyester gliding over eachother as they caress and support your genitals is both soothing and arousing. It makes driving long road trips a joy.

Even better than a single slip are two slips. The second slip's waste band is also wrapped around under the testicals, but this slip is drawn up over behind the penis, up to your lower abs.

Both slips can be drawn up over a "waste band" made of silky polyester ribbon. The ribbon is fastened tight around your waste by velcro.

One slip acts as a pouch. caressing your penis and testicals from below. The other covers your lower abs and hernial region, right down to the base of your penis. Having all that slippery fabric covering your lower abs annd hernial area adds to the overall pleasure.

Now your penis is surrounded and caressed endlessly by soft slippery folds of polyester. There is little danger of an "accident", but you'll enjoy how your penis "weeps" semen almost endlessly. This is the ultimate lubricant, and as the layers of polyester are gently moistened, they glide against eachother even more pleasingly.

John said on 10/14/05 @ 07:20 PM:
I love wearing women's panties too. Nylon feels so good! I have them custom made at: http://www.underpantiesformen.com. Never been disappointed.

michael said on 10/25/05 @ 03:22 PM:
I wear victorias secret bras and panties everyday

mike said on 11/01/05 @ 07:45 AM:
ive been wearing womens panties since i was 16 cant think of wearing anything else much more comfortable than mens i have hi-cut bikini and thong in all colors plus my girlfriend and me asr the same size so it works out great

AJ said on 11/01/05 @ 12:23 PM:
I stole my first pair of panties & leatards off of the trailer park wash line at age 12. I masterbated in them and was thrilled. I did this for many years and got married and stopped for a while. Then when the sex wained I'd do the wash at lunch time when I was alone, after wearing the wifes panties and getting off in them. I tried to get her to let me wear them once but she was put off by the idea. So I have to do it with out her knowing. I found some thi-hi cotton sheer panties at wall mart a few years ago and they looked similar to mens briefs. The crotch cotton was the same colar of the pantie (white black grey)so it did not stick out like her coloered panties with a white cotton center piece. I bought some mens shorts and gave them to Sal. Army and placed the panties in the container. I had taken the size 8 tag off as that might have been a give away to her. Then wal mart stopped selling these panites. So I have a stock of 12 pair but they are wearing out. I have shopped for other types but they will say "her" way on them. So I keep my eye out for "life Way" cotton panties as I need some more. I still dream of wearing some ruffle butt romba pink nylon panties. I love all you guys that love the feel of a sheer cotton or nylon panite. Keep "IT" up at attention and I'll smell ya later.
Anyone want to talk about or love for panties I'm at AJBYLAYO@YAHOO.COM I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU


Sherri said on 11/03/05 @ 10:48 AM:
Hi All,
Input to AJ's comments. My story is much the same however my wife was receptive to the idea of my wearing panties and lingerie. Before I married I made the decition to wear panties 24-7 only after an indepth sole search. I did not wish for this to lead to a sex change, I wish to remain male. When I approached my wife with the idea I explained in depth the extent of my wishes. From a females viewpoint they fear that a male who wears womens clothing could one day want to become a female. The result would be the end of the relationship or marrage.

Fredi said on 11/10/05 @ 10:36 PM:
I love wearing second skin satin panties and bras by Victoria Secret. I stuff my bra with rice to look like breasts. Usually I wear the thong, bikini, but mostly prefer the hipster. I love their thigh-high stockings too and garter belts. The friction between my panties and my cock gets me aroused. Then while masturbating I look through VS catalogs while at the same time a drink some beer which gets me more aroused. After four beers, within two hours I'm buzzed. Then after the orgams I pass out. I wake up later with urine all over me. It's quite a rush especally when you video tape it and get a good laugh watching yourself looking like an idiot...but feeling sexy...and by the way I'm straight .

Msilky said on 11/11/05 @ 09:15 AM:
Hi..I really love panties. I have many collection of them and some of them I stole. When I was 15, I wear them when I sleep and used the for masturbate because that really make me horny.
I stole my friend and neighbour panties but I selected them, I don't like cotton panties. I really love silky one, nillon, and so sexy...I smell them everyday before sleep....I have some babydoll too...
I already have 56 collection....is there any some one want to share? if you wanna talk about panties, contact me in my email men3x@plasa.com...

Mensilky said on 11/11/05 @ 11:39 PM:
I really love panties and have many silky sexy collection panties.
Some of them I stole and bought, I stole it from sexy womens but I sellect them..I don't like cotton one.
I wear them at the night when I going to sleep, and I smell it...
Sometimes I used it for masturbate because make me really horny, I blow up my sperm on panties...
I have some others lingerie too like a babydoll, I really love women lingerie..so soft and sexy..
is there any body wanna share?...talk to me in wetwetwet9999@yahoo.com

trhnbrogue said on 11/21/05 @ 05:12 AM:
I like to wear panties, especially when I'm active, like bowling. Hi cuts are comfortable and not as hot as regular men's underwear. I don't wear the satin or silk ones, just the normal everyday panties sold at Wal Mart or other places.

I want to go to Victoria's Secret and buy some cotton hi-cuts but i'm not sure what'll happen if I ask to try them on.

BTW...I wear a size 6.

jon doe said on 11/22/05 @ 02:20 AM:
what is even better is wearing little girls panites. that is all that i wear. if u r a decent size u can get sz. 14/16 little girls panties and they r the eq. to like a size 34-36

AJ said on 11/23/05 @ 09:01 AM:

ginger said on 11/23/05 @ 10:48 AM:
i not only wear panties i love dressing completly as a woman. i would love to wear womes clothing full time and never have to wear mens again. womens clothing feel so and when i wear a short skirt and show off my panty hose shaved lege they look and feel so good. i wear them full time along with my panties

bia said on 11/24/05 @ 01:58 PM:
oh panties, stockings, lingerie full stop!
Oh so sexy and WOW what an orgasm when the panties are satin

mobilesub said on 11/24/05 @ 10:43 PM:
It sounds like a lot of you need to check out www.pantiesetc.com where there are a lot of folks who exchange ideas on guys in panties.

It has been a great resource for me so far.

penis said on 11/25/05 @ 02:19 PM:
i masturbate with womens panties

bigone said on 12/07/05 @ 03:04 PM:
love wearing womens thongs and panties.I have been wearing them for the past two years and what a difference in the way they feel. There is always enough room when you need it and they are si soft to the feel of my bottom and penis. Mens stuff is out the window and gone for ever.I always get hard when wearing panties it reminds me of my wife and how I wind up taking hers off for the night.

Pantyliker said on 12/19/05 @ 06:51 PM:
I like to wear women's panties. I just started wearing them 24-7. I'm married and I told my wife about my intentions to wear panties. She was hesitant at first, but she understands my sexual need to wear panties because I always fullfill her sexual desires. I'm a not a skinny guy so I shop for them at Lane Bryant for a little larger size and sexy styles. I like the feel of satin or microfiber, not cotton. I like the hi-cut satin the most. They are see-through from the sides to the back and up front features a very comfortable 2 layers of soft satin. I 2 have them in red and white. Sometimes I like hi-cut satin briefs. I also own a green string bikini. I also bought a lacey thong to. I cant even feel it when I wear it. sometimes I wear it under other panties. One thing I like the most is to masturbate with a maxipad it is very clean and comfortable. Sometimes I wear one in my panties. Sometimes my wife jerks me off with a maxipad. I love to say "MY PANTIES". Panties are just more comfortable and more sexier than mens underwear. I plan on extending my panty collection because they are here to stay and on me!

joe said on 12/26/05 @ 06:17 AM:
does anyone know where to buy womenns panties with garter straps

Nameless One said on 12/28/05 @ 05:10 AM:
I've been waering panties since I was real young, love 'em. Been wearing my wife's for years now. She knows but isn't too cool on the idea. As long as I leave it to myself, she is fine with it. works for me! Right now, wearing lace boy shorts.

dream string bikini said on 12/28/05 @ 09:17 AM:
i wish i could buy a victorias secret string bikini but im 13 and parents would kill me

silky panty lover said on 01/04/06 @ 08:50 AM:
I like to wear silky satin string bikinis made out of satin polyester charmeuse. When I put them on, I get hard. I shave my balls and slide my hands down my pants all day to masturbate. There are these two girls that I know that dress up with me and we masturbate in front of each other in a little circle. I usually end up caressing myself on the outside of my panties, but all of us end up pulling our panties to the side to get access to our private parts as we get really heated up. I usually bring a second pair of satin panties to cum on. I cum on the outside of the panties as that is slikier than the inside. I have grown to love the taste of my cum as I feel like a girl that way and I eat it and smeer it on my face as I am orgasming. The girls go crazy when I do that. Sometimes we trade panties afterwards. The girls once brought a guy over that liked panties and had him put on a pair of pink satin panties. He got in the middle of us and we took turns sucking his dick. They made sure to let me have him when he came. He pumped cum in my mouth as I was rubbing his silky panty ass. Later that night he came in one of the girls pussy and I dove in to slurp his cum out. I love silky lingerie. I am going to cum right now in my womens lingerie cause I am so horny. I love for people to watch me in lingerie. I love to shop for it and I love to tell the sales girls that I am buying it for me.

joe said on 01/08/06 @ 10:11 AM:
anyone wishing to talk about the wearing of womens panties please email lpanty2000@yahoo.com

joe said on 02/05/06 @ 04:00 PM:
any other web sies whee they talk about wearing womens panties

Grodo said on 02/25/06 @ 02:21 PM:
I love wearing women's clothes, mostly nylon, I LOVE pantyhose and stockings, etc.

FRANK said on 03/16/06 @ 04:36 PM:

Jeff said on 03/17/06 @ 09:06 PM:
I have worn panties for several years now, just plain more comfortable than men's underwear. I enjoy nylon and the way it fits without binding, I have alady in Alabama that makes some custom double nylon gusset panties for me both in brief and bikini styles. I also like the Adonna brand nylon bikini panties at JCPenny's the fit so well and the gusset is very wide. My wife also buy's some of the Vassarette control briefs for me and her both at Wal-mart. Vanity fair has some satin panties that don't have a front seam in them, they are super comfortable. I like nylon, and satin or microfiber panties, no cotton.

Barry Buck said on 04/03/06 @ 07:57 AM:
I am a 61 yr old male who love wearing panties. I now am into sports bras panties silk for at home wearing and sexy cotton for everyday wear. I wear them all the time and always will. Most of your posts have stated they are either married or str. I am bi and mostly gay I suppose for I have not been with a women for years. I have guys over to my place for hot jack off sessions and sucking sessions while I am wearing my panties and nylons and sposts bras. Most guys are either married or bi and love me in my panties. We get tp hot. I love to stoke there hard dick and when they are ready to cum I have them cum on my panties or on my face. It is so hot. I am now getting into slips they are so hot. I when alone love to jack off and cum in my panties and taste my cum. If any wants to hit me back e-mail me at bjbuck77@juno.com

raj said on 04/09/06 @ 05:46 AM:
i have been wearing panties from the age of12 i m an india based cd and wear almost all indian lady clothes and i look very sexy in them

Nameless One said on 04/12/06 @ 05:39 AM:
I too wear women's panties daily. I change when I get home from work, as the wife knows, but is not too thrilled. It is just clothing, but to each they're own. I don't fluant it in front of her and I can wear them. We did have one interesting time on the couch when I was wearing VS Body bikinis and we started fooling around and she saw them, but it didn't stop us! It was great!

trevor said on 05/12/06 @ 04:24 PM:
i love to wear panties, even more i love to wera tampons, the feel of the feminine products in my ass is amazing, then i dress up in a bra (filled with socks), panties, blouse, nylons, slip, skirt, and 3-inch stilleto's. then i cum in my panties from the silky feeling on my cock. i just feel so feminine.

Q said on 05/25/06 @ 06:34 AM:
I stole my first pair of panties when i was 10. i stopped for about 3yrs after my mum caught me 1 day. im now 17 and a couple of years ago we moved into a house with a block of units right next door and the washing line is right against our fence. about a month after moving in i snuck out late at night and stole 3 pairs of panties (2 cotton and 1 silk) and 2 bras. i took them into my room and paraded around feeling myself up while wearing them. after i masturbated in them i returned them to the washing line. i like to pretend that when my neighbour puts her 'clean' panties on that my cum enters her sweet mature aged (36yo) pussy that she is getting pregnent and having my baby!! i also have the perfect position to watch my neighbour in her bathroom while shes taking a shower so when she does that i try and quickly grab a pair of her panties and masturbate in them. my house is the best place to live for stealing panties and peeping on the person who you stole them from!!

joe wisniewski said on 05/27/06 @ 03:41 AM:
i love wearing womens/girls panties/teddies etc. i love the nylon satin silk' i don't care for cotton to much

mtsl said on 05/29/06 @ 12:26 AM:
I have adored panties on women all my life, unable to help peeking up skirts and glancing for a rising waistband... I have begun wearing them myself fairly regularly. If anyone is interested, I have a site that details my love affair with panties, as well as some other kinks I have. http://www.angelfire.com/planet/mytwistedsexlife.html
I haven't yet been brave enough to post pictures of myself wearing them, but the stories are there as well as pictures of other men and women in panties.
For men who haven't - it's humiliating at first - that's part of the turn-on, for most of us - and it is unbelieveably arousing. A penis enclosed in silk or satin panties brings you to the edge of ejaculation, but not all the way to coming without further stimulation. If you never have, TRY IT! Get some really girlie-looking, silky, large-enough to fit comfortably, women's briefs and wear them under your regular clothes when no one will possibly see. I dare you - and tell me you didn't come, with a blush on your face.

Q said on 05/30/06 @ 12:39 AM:
Im so horny right now i havent worn any panties for bout 6 months now and i am starting to get desperate! I now think that my sexy mature neighbour is drying her panties and bras inside her actual unit:(. In the past week a young family has moved in to one of the units next door. The mum isnt much to look at but her young daughter who looks about 13 or 14 is quite nice. I havent noticed any of thier underwear on the washing line yet but i keep my eyes open everyday!! I want to wear some panties but i am to scared to venture out to new places and look. can anyone give me some tips on finding and capturing some panties and bras as i am nearly bursting at the seams to ejaculate into a girls pair of panties!! thank you!

lpanty2000 said on 06/24/06 @ 06:14 AM:
just interested mtsl what u consider girly looking.

Simon said on 06/28/06 @ 01:23 PM:
I too like wearing women's panties. I don't understand why some people think that wearing panties is a bad thing. The feel of the soft sometimes silky material is a wonderful feeling on my testicles and penis. Women's panties seem to fit so much better than men's briefs. The cotton material they use for men's briefs is different than what they use in making women's panties. Women's panties move with you under your clothes. I prefer the old "granny" style panty brief. My wife loves seeing me in my panties and we often share used panties which are a real turn on for us both.

Nameless One said on 06/30/06 @ 11:03 AM:
hey bjbuck@junco.com tried to get thru to you couldn't I thought we could chat. J.B.

J.B. said on 06/30/06 @ 11:07 AM:
I thought I was alone doing what I do . I want to chat with Barry buck but couldn't get you.

jimmy said on 07/02/06 @ 12:45 PM:
I adore silky panties that makes my cock get
immediately hard as a rock each time i secretly prance around my home trying on as many different panty styles,colors and careesing feel on my penis and butt.My first experience was when i was 8 and i was caught by my aunt who ran a lingerie store.She taught me how to dress like a pretty
girl after being caught.she still dreeses me up today at 30.she still wears sexy panties that turn me on.Enjoy them .what a great feeling.
jimmyboy 7/2/06

davie said on 07/12/06 @ 07:45 AM:
I have been wearing panties for many years and have found them more comfortable than mens underwear. I was caught once in my pink panties by a friend of mine he was surprised to say the least as was I. He finally agreed to try a pair and was sold and he wore a pair of red panties with black lace that afternoon as we went to lunch. He stayed over that night and we both had a close and memorable night.

davie said on 07/12/06 @ 12:16 PM:
I have been wearing panties for many years and it wasn't until a friend of mine stopped by unexpected and discovered me in my pink panties. Needless to say we were both embarrased. He of course asked me if I often wore panties I told him I was a 7/24 pantyman. It wasn't long before he too was attired in a pair of pretty red nylon panties with black lace. We dressed and went out for lunch. That night he stayed over and had a grand time together as he modeled the selection pf panties he bought while we shopped. I smiled as I saw him at work the next day his panty line clearly visable.

woods said on 07/13/06 @ 03:50 PM:

Berkshires/Gt Barrington...... love panties.

J.B. said on 07/21/06 @ 11:44 AM:
hey joe try fredricks of hollywood you can check them out on their internet site www.fredricksofhollywood.com I think they have what you are looking for

jon dough said on 07/24/06 @ 07:44 AM:
ive been wearing panties scince i was 12
i am into panties for little girls. i dont buy them i usually shoplift all my panties. i would not have the courage to buy them my self. usually anything between a girls sz. 10 -sz 14. pink panties r my fav. silky panties r too. ill goto a freinds house & steal panties out of thier hamper, cause i love the smell of used panties, it turns me on sooo much, even my ex-girlfriends loved me wearing thier panties too, it really enhanced the sex

robert said on 07/29/06 @ 02:04 AM:
Question:can any one tell me if i can find i website where a man is standing with a chainsaw behind a woman dressed in a skirt or halfslip or a satin dress or a satin weddingdress with several silk halfslips , all with silk satin panties ,and the man starts to cut/saw into the womans skirt,slip,dress,weddingdress with the slips and her panties without hurting her then f--kes her while she is still wearing the sawed open skirt or the dresses or the slips and the silk satin panties filling her with sperm exept for the dresses ,they will be sprayed on the inside front of the slips/dress. Rape site? looking for this on a rape site`?

T.S said on 09/06/06 @ 09:11 AM:
I have worn panties for 9 yrs and love them,my wife buys them for me and she enjoy's me in them.It takes a real man to wear panties so don't knock them till you try them

T.S said on 09/07/06 @ 06:23 AM:
I have worn panties for 9 yrs my wife buys them for me and likes to see me with them on.Wouldn't wear any thing else they are just simply wonderful.Those who have never tried them should do so before they knock them

davie said on 09/11/06 @ 02:47 PM:
I agree with T. S./ Try them you will like them !

joe said on 09/11/06 @ 06:44 PM:
thanks for the info i will check out their site and hope they do have panty briefs with garter straps attached.

Nikki said on 09/14/06 @ 09:36 AM:
I have worn female undies for 14 years its the softness that i like the most its a real turn on

patrick said on 09/17/06 @ 11:27 PM:
I love to wear womens panties and pants I love the feel, more imporently I love the look. I go out In public. the responce has been mixed. I buy my own because I know my size. I do love women also.

barry said on 09/27/06 @ 09:13 AM:
i love wearing women's panties. i have been wearing panties for about 7 years. i especially like thongs. i don't like cotton panties...only silk, satin, lace, or nylon. and i don't believe that panties should cover much...they should be very skimpy.

davie said on 09/27/06 @ 11:15 AM:
Love wearing panties I wear pink panties mostly with a touch of lace. I have been wearing panties since I was 17. Some of my mates have converted to panties too and there girl friends like them to wear them. I love the vanity fair fabric it is so soft.

jimmy2 said on 09/27/06 @ 12:26 PM:
I'm 51 and have been wearing panties since my late teens. There have been times when I've attempted to adapt myself back to wearing mens underwear, but I keep returning to women's panties. I simply love the sensual nature of wearing them. They're soft, comfy, sexy, and so much more. I'm a 24/7 wearer and always will be. Give me satin, lace, microfiber or nylon, and I'll wear them all.

bb said on 09/30/06 @ 01:27 PM:
Can`t beat a great pair of red victoria`s secrets thong panties.the women there are of great help.

Wilmacd_01 said on 10/03/06 @ 03:29 AM:
I like to wear girdles and do this 24/7.
The reason for this is that it makes you look more feminine.
I tuck my manhood and over the years it
is shrinked, and my nuts stay in there belleyholes.
I love to wear girdles with lacy frontpanels.

mack said on 10/03/06 @ 05:30 PM:
I have been wearing panties, pantyhose, and nightgowns for a long time. My wife knows and we have great sex together. I love when we dress together. I want her to take me in the ass, while I have my panties pulled down

mack said on 10/07/06 @ 06:08 PM:
had great sex with panties on, she likes to make me cum in them.

Q said on 10/07/06 @ 08:46 PM:
I came home late last night and quickly saw that my neighbours washing line had some of her underwear on it so i grabbed a pair of her silky panties and a lacy bra and took them back to my bedroom. I masturbated in her panties while wearing her lacy bra and then quickly put them back on her washing line so it looked like nothing had ever happened to hem:). I hope my cum is touching her moist pussy while she wears those panties:)

mack said on 10/10/06 @ 02:07 PM:
I love to wear victoria's secret panties. My favorites are body, second skin satin and angels. I love them all, thongs, string bikinis, briefs, v sting, hipsters, boyshorts.

Gws- said on 10/12/06 @ 10:00 AM:
I love lingerie especially panties, and slips and sheer bras oh and garterbelts and stockings. I am married and my wife DOES NOT approve of my little fetish. At one time my panty collection numbered way over 700 pairs which my wife found and made me get rid of. My latest collection was Warners Sheer Heaven panties I had over 90 pairs in all the various styles and colors along with many matching bras. I also got caught with those and had to destory them as well. The fit and comfort of women's panties is amazing! For those of you wondering I would give it a go you will be surprised!! However, be careful it is very addictive! I would like to find a manufacturer of a "mens" line of panties that are made as well as women's. I have ordered from several suppliers but nothing really comes close and they are usually twice the money for the lower quality.

dude said on 10/17/06 @ 10:45 AM:
my girlfriend buys them for me. I like to wear victoria's secret panties.I am only 11 years old.

Sweet Charolett said on 10/18/06 @ 10:58 AM:
Have been wearing panties for as long as I can remember, I,m 61 and own about 35 pair I buy themat Lane Bryant they fit and feel deliousious, im sitting here right now in my pretty blue flowered panties and matching bra, oh so sweet, im just getting so hot and wet, as soona as I sign off im getting offf, ohhhh god,

Sweet Charolett said on 10/22/06 @ 09:20 AM:
There really not anyones business but his own, Im sitting hear typing this and wearing panties bright orange with dots, and a matching orange 46b bra really neat to feel them on my little guy im not that well endowed and try to tuck it in between my legs to look more like a girl, I wear a 46B and buy them at Lane Bryant, they have the nicest selection of panties and bras, the sales girl has gotten to know me and loves to help me select my panties and other clothes, also Its a good way for her to make an extra sale, shes real sweet that way, and looks forward to my next visit, Love Charolette

davie said on 10/22/06 @ 09:44 AM:
Charlotte, has any one discovered your wearing of panties and bra? (Not including the sales girl)

Sweet Charolett said on 10/22/06 @ 12:14 PM:
None have made comments as I can remember that I was wearing Panties and Bra, but i dont pay attention any way, I just go out and have fun,

Sweet Charolett said on 10/23/06 @ 11:27 AM:
just having a good time in my new sweet undies, oh so pretty I went shopping and the sales girl was so happy to see me, she helped my fit a new bra its so soft and smooth against my round firm breasts, Its 46b and you should see how I fill it out, and its all my own, they were having a sale buy three and get three, free, so I got 6 new pairs of panties, the colors are fantatic, and I was able too get all different ones, I cant wait till my wife gets home to show her them shes going to be so jelious, I should have gotten her some, oh well next time, next week is Halloween cant wait to get all dressed up and out on the town, Its a great day to wear all the things I want and not care about anyone saying a word, just thinking about it im getting wet, good thing I bought some pantie liners, (always brand) they sure work nice and are easy too use, when I paid for them the sales girl asked if they were for my wife and when I said they were for me you should have seen the look, see asked me if I was wearing panties and I told her yes, see thought that was real neat and wanted too see them, but I was in the check out line and alot of people were around so It was hard to do but I just pulled my blouse up a bit and see could see them, I think see wet her own panties when I showed them too her, She said I was a lucky girl, and wished me luck and to enjoy my self, she also liked my blouse, it was white and you could see the bra and all showing thru, I just cant wait till I see her again and show off for her, Charolette

Sweet Charolett said on 10/24/06 @ 11:16 AM:
Would love too see some more comments from some pantie wearing guys, come on and write a message, Im sitting here in some soft and smooth panties and lacy bra, im getting so excited just feeling them on my little guy, put some on and let err rip , For Davie just go out and show them off you wont regret it , the more you do the easy it gets, im trying different looks with a WIG AND MAKE UP, IM NOT ABLE TO PASS AS A GIRL BUT ITS STILL FUN, try shaving your body and legs, what a feeling and a Rush, the sexy feel on your legs when you walk and the breeze is blowing up ,its starting to get cold around here so have to wear heaver coats and winter blouses and skirts, but still have fun when out, Charolette

manly said on 10/24/06 @ 02:12 PM:
Love wereing panties nylon the best when I get picked up and f--ked they make me feel just like a woman when they pull them aside and pump me full of cum. Then I just pull them up tight and let the sperm drain in them for hours.they feel so manly.

Jacqui said on 10/25/06 @ 04:09 AM:
Love wearing bra and panties. The tightness of the bra makes my nipples erect, and the little nylon panties do wonders for my cock! Sometimes wank in the panties, and make them soaked in cum!

mack said on 10/26/06 @ 01:04 PM:
Wear panties and pantyhose all the time. I like when my wife lays them out for me. The other night, we had great sex together. I ate her while I mastubated in a pair of VS thongs and pantyhose, while we both were wearing matching nightgowns.

Sweet Charolett said on 10/27/06 @ 12:47 PM:
wearing my new panties and pretty bra in the back yard, the neigbor was out ther e and almost saw me what a rush, I went back in the house and had to relieve my self, it was so close, I some times think about his wife in her two piece swim suit walking around the pool and wish it was me, she is about the same size as me, I would like to try on her suit, and swim in thepool, got some more panties at Lane Bryant today, I;m going to have to get a bigger draw for them all, running out of room, but thats ok maybe ill wear two pairs at a time, HAHA, Love Charolette

Jacqui said on 10/28/06 @ 05:27 AM:
Any guys willing to let me see photos of them in bra and panties?

joe wisniewski said on 10/29/06 @ 07:22 PM:
i have been wearing womens an girls panties for 20 + years .i love the feel of panties and the way i look wearing em .i wear silk .nylon satin. i am not really into the cotton panties. i also love wearing teddies an other lingerie too an my wife loves it.i will somtimes wear vinyl pants over my panties i even love to wear skirts. and when i am not wearing panties i wear diapers.

mack said on 11/05/06 @ 03:25 PM:
Can not wait to take a shower and slip into a Victoria Secret thong and some pantyhose. I hope my wife will do me in the ass tonight.

mack said on 11/14/06 @ 01:21 PM:
just got home a little bid ago, went a slipped on a pair of vs bikinis. Love the way they make me feel and that they help me to relax after work. can not wait until a show my wife what I have on.

Domino said on 11/18/06 @ 05:48 AM:
Baby sitter started me in pink frilly panties when i was 7-8-been into panties for over 5 years now!!

davie said on 11/18/06 @ 10:48 AM:
what is your favorite panty color and fabric. I prefer pink nylon

joe wisniewski said on 11/18/06 @ 01:07 PM:
i love pink an yellow panties and panties with flowers on them.they show off nice
i love to cum in my panties too


mack said on 11/19/06 @ 08:17 AM:
I love all colors, have a lot of black, pink and flowered. Love vs body, angles and second skin satin. Nothing is better that getting a hand job and cumming in them.

Jacqui said on 11/19/06 @ 08:31 AM:
Love black nylon, perhaps trimmed in red if I feel very sexy.

mack said on 11/19/06 @ 01:18 PM:
I am wearing a pair of vs secret tangerine colored very sexy string bikinis. I wear panties all weekend. I usually change into them when I get home from work. Love all colors of panthose also. Anyone else enjoy pantyhose and vs secret panties.

davie said on 11/19/06 @ 02:10 PM:
Any one worn a gaff beneath there panties or pantyhose ? If so please explain.

Jacqui said on 11/20/06 @ 04:49 AM:
Can't decide what sort of panties to wear today. Any suggestions?

davie said on 11/20/06 @ 05:07 AM:
I am wearing a pretty pink cami with matching panties by vanity Fair. real sexie.

Jacqui said on 11/20/06 @ 06:50 AM:
Hi Davie,
Sounds fantastic! any chance of a pic?

davie said on 11/20/06 @ 07:18 AM:
I'll try, how about one of you ?

Jacqui said on 11/20/06 @ 11:10 AM:
Hi Davie,
Yes, I've got some of me. Where shall I send?

davie said on 11/20/06 @ 11:30 AM:

Jacqui said on 11/20/06 @ 12:39 PM:
Thanks Davie,
Will do asap.

mack said on 11/21/06 @ 01:11 PM:
Had sex with my wife while I was wearing a babydoll and pantyhose. She was wearing pantyhose also. There is nothing better than sex while in pantyhose..... I get so wet, while I get her off.

davie said on 11/25/06 @ 07:42 AM:
Love to wear pantyhose also / pretty panties 7/24.

Q said on 11/26/06 @ 04:54 AM:
Just looked over my fence (10:50pm) into the units next to my house where the washing line is and i can see a whole lot of stuff is hanging on it:) going to sneek over later and see what i can find for myself! i noticed a white bra hanging on the line so there should be panties....heres hoping:)

mack said on 11/26/06 @ 01:35 PM:
My wife just left for the mall, she is going to be bringing me home some new panties from VS. She is also going to look for some different colors of pantyhose, like pink or red.

Q said on 11/26/06 @ 08:27 PM:
last night (26/11/06) i told you guys how i peeped over the fence into the units nextdoor and saw some clothes hanging on thier washing line! well i eventually snuck over in the pitch black and felt my way through until i found a lacy white bra. i kept looking for panties but couldnt find any:( i took the lacy white bra back home with me and played around with it until i ejaculated into the bra where there tits go:) i hope the woman next door is wearing that bra 2day:)

Rockhard said on 11/28/06 @ 06:13 PM:
I f--k my girlfriend while wareing Nylon Panties.

Dave said on 11/29/06 @ 03:21 PM:
I'm a STR8 married male and have been wearing panties or pantyhose for many years. My wife is Ok with my wearing as long as I don't wear hers. I like the looks and feel of wearing them. I do not wear panties with pantyhose. I keep myself shaved smooth so the legs look and feel real smooth. When asked if I'm wearing pantyhose I answer YES. I tell them my Doctor said I needed to wear lite support hose when I'm going to be on my feet all day.

mack said on 12/03/06 @ 08:50 AM:
I love it when my wife rubs her pussy on my panties. Last night she picked out my panties. She loves to pick them out for me and then take them off of me or make me cum in them.

Dave said on 12/03/06 @ 09:28 PM:
I guess a lot of guys wear panties & slips mostly for sexual reasons. I wear them because I like the looks and feel while wearing them. I do not wear them 24/7. I sleep in the nude and am nude much of the time at home. Some of our friends are not nudists so I will slip on a pair of panties and a short slip of skirt. Womens panties come in many more colors, styles amd materials them mens underware.

mack said on 12/06/06 @ 03:55 PM:
I wear panties for both sexual and personal reason. I enjoy wearing them with my wife and she supports my panty wearing, as well as other lingerie items. It has added and interesting spark to our marriage. I also enjoy just wearing panties. They feel better that regular underwear. I have over 100 pairs of vs panties in all colors and styles.

Jacob said on 12/09/06 @ 11:06 PM:
Tomorrow I plan to masturbate and if you have free time I would suggest you try this way. Guys, order Second Skin satin items from Victorias Secret. A Bra - I prefer C -cup, Fill your fake breast with bags of rice, it makes your "breasts" feel realistic. A garter belt and Very sexy hose along with a satin panty of your choice. I prefer a thong or hipster. Get your collection of VS catalogs or any other sexy mag filled with hot chicks in it. Drink 4 to 6 beers over a period of time crank up the music and video tape yourself. In no time you will have a orgasm or two. It's fun.. safe and sometimes you'll do unpredictable stuff in your panties. Try it and tell me your results!!! Have fun.

Ron said on 12/09/06 @ 11:13 PM:
Jacob - wild suff man. You are right though. I've done similar thinngs and they way the satin panties feel on my cock and ass make me orgasmic. Cool tip on being tipsy. I just need to find time when my girlfriend is not around. I don't want to freak her out. I mean it's just for fun and why should all the ladies have all the fun? Men's underpants never feel as sexy as Victorias Secret satin panties. Wish me luck I have a six pack off the Natural Light, me gets buzzed I will cum all over my fresh high cut second skin satin panties. I will need to invest in a video camera!

Cal said on 12/09/06 @ 11:15 PM:
Ron & Jacob are you guys are wacky but you two are leaving out something. Add some high heels and some lipstick while being buzzed - now that is an adventure! Damn myself - I have too much spare time on my hands.

Lets Take A Poll said on 12/09/06 @ 11:17 PM:
Let's take a poll are Jacob and Ron weird??? I say HELL YES!!!! Buy the lingerie for the wife or girlfriend and let them wear it!!!!!! I vote yes they are freaks.

Jacqui said on 12/11/06 @ 06:37 AM:
I say they're not freaks. Like me, they enjoy a wank in sexy panties!

ricardo lamp said on 12/11/06 @ 11:42 AM:
definitely not freaks. i'm glad to see everyone on here sharing stories. i've had a girlfriend who thought it was sexy, and it was great.

Dave said on 12/13/06 @ 01:13 PM:
I'm 70 and have been wear panties since I got married almost 50 years ago. Wife approves and still finds it exciting to see me wearing panties. Any kind but cotton. Don't knock if you have not tried it. At the gym I called the panty or the hose man.

steve said on 12/17/06 @ 02:37 PM:
I've been wearing Manties for over a year. I like their "Fancy Hi-Cut" style, since it's about the same as most girl's bikini panties, and it has lace ruffles on the legs and across the seat, with bows and rosebuds to spice them up even more although i also have some of thier plain ones to wear out and to work. The biggest problem I have is thier selection is too large, I want them all. And best of all, they're made to fit guys! I love wearing them to bed, either by themselves or with a babydoll nightie, and they're fun to relax around my apartment in them. Somehow, there's just nothing like sliding into them and experiencing the soft caress of the material. Now I've got the perfect panties to wear underneath and no one knows it.

thongluvr said on 12/20/06 @ 07:50 PM:
i see these post are pretty recent so ppl will see them well heres my story i love to crossdress but im having a problem im 13 and almost 14 ive stole some thongs and panties myself and took one of my moms bras its a pink one its so cute and im wearing a thong rite now black and rasberry pink lining but i want more than that i want camis and tight girl jeans and babydolls to sleep in ne one wanna help?? thanx

secondSkinsatin said on 12/21/06 @ 01:21 PM:
well let's just analyze this. I look at this as something like a fetish. I don't believe that it is weird. Overall it is just a fabric that makes your manstick happy. Why should ayone get all uptight about this. I too enjoy once in a while to put on some VS panties and get off in them. Two reasons. One the fabric feels so smooth and feels great against my member and two it's great to masturbate!

ralph r. said on 12/21/06 @ 01:26 PM:
my girl found a pair of my panties. She thinks i'm seeing someone behind her back. I will tell her tonight and I hope that she understands and belives me. I was afraid at first to mention this to her because even I thought i might be a "freak" but for almost 20 yrs I have been doing this and I have accepted myself. A very straight man who likes to feel sexy wearing women's panties.

thongluvr said on 12/21/06 @ 01:37 PM:
HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!did ne one read my post 3 above yea well i love crossdressing but i dont have ne clothes to crossdress in i want camisoles and tight jeans and mini skirts and babydolls can ne one help????

allen said on 12/25/06 @ 10:12 AM:
i love all lingerie and dresses to i have closets full of lingerie dressers just heaping over with anything you can mention i am single so i can dress at home anytime and when out i wear nothing put sexy panties garterbelts or corsets and bras under my male cloths recently i have been taking breast in hancement pills and they are working now if i could only find a female who is not intimidated by this someone i can spend my life with and have a healthy sexlife if there is any out there from wisconsin e mail me please allendanninger@aol.com we can have so much fun

mack said on 12/26/06 @ 09:41 AM:
Christmas was great, six new pairs of Victoria's Secret panties. I can not wait to wear each pair.

davie said on 12/26/06 @ 01:10 PM:
Mack, wonderful, what colors ? Love to see pictures.

hotpink said on 12/27/06 @ 01:39 AM:
Panties always get me aroused and I love to see that men love them too and wear them in public.watch for their pantylines showing.

davie said on 12/27/06 @ 06:18 AM:
Hot Pink, do you notice many panty lines on men ?

robert said on 12/29/06 @ 04:19 AM:
Can someone tell me where i can see a man cutting a womans skirt with a chainsaw when she is wearing the skirt? I know that somone has seen it but i did not found out where he has seen it. Can someone help me with that?

robert said on 12/29/06 @ 04:22 AM:
I love wearing panties too but i also love wearing half slips and spraying sperm in the slips ,then specially slips made of polyester or nylon!

mack said on 12/30/06 @ 10:11 AM:
I love all lingerie. I mostly wear panties and pantyhose, but I do have 4-5 nightgowns and a slip. I enjoy to wearing them all and my wife enjoys it to. We have a great time together.

tom said on 01/02/07 @ 05:07 AM:
hi i love girls clothes i am 15 and live wid my mum so i carnt buy them from the shop or order online i steal my mums panties and love them i have fantasys all the time about girls dressing me up in thier clothes i love silky underwear its the best i masturbate in them wile fantasizing about bieng dressed up by some really hot chicks i am totally straight and am also a boxer i wer girls panties whe am in a boxing match it gives me good luck :D

Al said on 01/02/07 @ 02:14 PM:
I love wearing panties.
When i was 14 the lady next door caught me in her laundry room. wearing her clothes that she was going to wash. She told me that i was ok with her and if i wanted to i could wear anything any time.
now 37 my wife has never seen me in anything else but pabties mostly pink and lace. my wife even had me get my belly button peirced with a very sexy gold with pink stones. If its fun and doesnt hurt have ad it

dottie said on 01/04/07 @ 01:36 AM:
I have worn panties for years - my wife found out about 10 years ago and loves us to have sex when I have them on.
Since she found out I now have progressed to dressing fully and sex is lesbian style.

mack said on 01/09/07 @ 05:53 PM:
love wearing panties, I am wearing a pair of all lace pink vs, red thigh highs and a pink chemise. nothing is better than relaxing in lingerie.

joe said on 01/14/07 @ 08:07 AM:
hey mack where did you get the red thigh highs.

mack said on 01/14/07 @ 09:01 AM:
My wife got them for me from Fredericks of Hollywood. She buys me almost all of my lingerie

joe said on 01/19/07 @ 08:34 PM:
thanks. will they work with garters. so many don't.

mack said on 01/20/07 @ 07:16 AM:
Never tried, they come up pretty high and stay up fine without. Have fun

daviedavie said on 01/28/07 @ 06:08 PM:
Stopped by J C Penny store and bought 4 pair of Adonnis nylon panties and true to what another sair they are great a wider crotch panel too. Bought a white,black, beige and a pink pair and as you probably guessed the pink are my favorite. The girl at the counter smiled as she folded them and said her husband prefers to wear pantes too.

mack said on 02/07/07 @ 04:28 PM:
been days without panties, can not wait to find the time to slip into a nice vstring

Mikey said on 02/09/07 @ 05:15 PM:
Great to realise that not alone in wearing ladies underwear. I tend to wear nylon thongs mainly. But have a very large collection of ladies panties. If nothing else is a great hobby.

mack said on 02/11/07 @ 11:38 AM:
There is nothing better than wearing panties. I love the look and feel and they do have a relaxing affect on me. It is great that the only one that knows I am wearing them is my wife, who likes to shop for them for me and pick out the pairs that I wear.

joe wisniewski said on 02/15/07 @ 04:07 AM:
i would love to meet other men who love wearing panties&diapers.and suck they'er
cock an drink they'er cum&have em f--k
my ass deep&hard and fill it whit cum.

mike said on 02/18/07 @ 07:56 PM:
finallt have a girlfriend who understands what i been thru i suffer from gynocamastia i have breasts im a 38c she actually buys me bras with matchin panties surgury to remove my breasts is out of the questionand shes jealous cause shes only a 34a call me weird but i love having breasts i think its a turn on

mack said on 02/19/07 @ 10:33 AM:
Wearing one of my favorite pair of panties today. A pair of black vs string bikini second skin satin. I love the way they feel and look forward to having my my take them off of me.

Randy said on 02/21/07 @ 11:45 AM:
I just found this site, I like what I've read so far, thought I would post my own story. I've been wearing panties 24/7 for about 10 years now I have about 100 pairs, my wife dosen't mine at all and has bought me sevel pairs, it has improved our sex life alot, I've noticed that when she's on top she likes to rub against my silk panties, she seems to cum much quicker, then when I'm not wearing any panties at all.

Domino said on 02/21/07 @ 12:16 PM:

Frank said on 02/23/07 @ 12:49 PM:
Hi, I have been wearing panties for about 5-6 years now. When iI first started I felt funny but now they are the only style underware i enjoy. Pantyhose is also very sexy and naughty feeling agaisnt me. Since I started wearing i also shave smooth to feel the silky material against me.

Thunder said on 02/24/07 @ 10:43 PM:
awesome reading im not alone so ive been having as much fun as the rest of yous wahooooooo

brendassissy said on 02/25/07 @ 10:06 AM:
I have worn panties since I was 13. I steal them from neighbors, friends, girlfriends and even department stores. I love the look and feel of panties. The more feminine, the better. My favorites are my rhumba panties, black with white lace and ruffles. I wear them under my thin white shorts in the summer and try to get women to look at me. I did try to quit hundreds of times but have no control over my urges. I am not gay, don't want any male contact, just want a woman to share my fetish and fantasy. My favorite memory was being caught while visiting PA (horshe curve). Walked through a tunnel at dusk in my panties and got caught in an oncoming cars headlights. Couldn't do anything but keep walking through. A carload of girls laughing and squealing obscene remarks. I made me so wet.

sam said on 02/27/07 @ 09:47 AM:
i love ladies clothing.....panties, bras, slips, skirt, tops,jeans,blouse etc etc...
i wear them when i was 13.........i from india, anyone who wants 2 share fantasies,experience,tips on cd plz contact me om my email............bye

James said on 02/27/07 @ 10:11 AM:
I wear panties everday, wife does not it like that much. As long as i don't waer panties with lace on them she is ok with it. I have been wearing panties ever since i was 10 years old. At 1st statred out wearing my sisters, then moms. After that i started wearing my wifes panties, then i got to buying my own, i love Vanity Fair panties the most, 2nd choise is hanes silk or nylon panties hi-cuts or briefs nither or, it dont matter to me. i just love to wear panties everday allday. I sometimes think about letting them show out of my pants, so everyone can get a look, hell who knows they might try for them selves.Everyone should try panties, then maybe mens underwear will be outlawed, then it would be a pantie world for everyone.

Chris said on 03/01/07 @ 11:07 PM:
I have been wearing panties off and on for 20 years now I started off wearing my moms but ever since I moved out and the ease of shopping online I got my own nice little collection going. My mom buys the nice stuff Victoria Secrets she even has a whole dresser dedicated to her collection I only wish I could talk to her about it

lovepanties said on 03/09/07 @ 02:10 PM:
i sell used knickers/briefs,female and
male knickers/briefs
for you or your partners pleasure.


Jim said on 03/22/07 @ 08:13 AM:
Hi Love Panties,
How's the weather "across the pond"? Just saw your posting. You can find mine by going back to 14 Oct 2005.
For literally decades I have used half slips as silky "pouches" for Winky and the Twins. With the smooth slipperiness of taffeta (but without the stiffness) vintage Warners half slips made of 100% polyester are absolutely the silkiest fabric - the poly in the Warners 1970's and 1980's half slips was smooth and slippery both sides.
This fabric - like that of the finest flat knit vintage 15 denier nylons - glides smoothly and sensuously over itself when layered. (Actually you can still find the slippery poly - it's often used as a lining for ladies slacks.)
This morning Winky and the Twins are enjoying the ultimate treat. I slipped them into a gloriously silky 15 denier seamless nylon stocking - nude heel to hold an caress the Twins, and minimal reinforcement at the toe. You have no idea how arousing it is when the slip surrounds and glides against the nylon, transmitting sensations that cause Winky shed tears of joy for endless hours, until it is time for a joyful christening of nylon and polyester.

Like nylon, polyester can be engineered to render almost any kind of fabric. I will email you directly - am interested to learn more about what you have. Layered sheer nylon or chiffon are favorites of mine. I understand there used to be a UK mfr of slippery smooth poly bloomers and knickers.

dp said on 03/22/07 @ 11:08 PM:
I've been into panties since my first encounter at the age of 10. My sister had a pair of pale blue nylon bikini paties as a present and I took them from the laundry basket after the first time she wore them. Since then I have stolen, borrowed and brought panties for the last 40 years. Wonderful!!!!

lovepanties said on 03/23/07 @ 09:09 AM:
i sell worn panties if anyone is interested,have a look at my web page,

Jim said on 03/28/07 @ 09:01 PM:
When It's not practical to use a slippery smooth (inside and outside) Warner's half slip to hold and caress Winky and the Twins, I enjoy wearing double satin sissy panties with a ridged satin sleeve. The smooth Japanese stretch satin encases your entire pelvis, including tush, hips and front - not to mention Winky!

These panties are from the Ebay seller known as PantyPlan. "Joy" is the store owner and she does the designing and production. She is "way ahead of the curve". You can see her picture along with her panties at her Ebay store. For help in finding her Ebay store, email her at pantyplan@hotmail.com.

Jim said on 03/29/07 @ 10:47 AM:
Today while working on an elaborate spreadsheet in Excel, I am wearing my double satin sissy panties from PantyPlan. These have a short 3.5 inch double satin sleeve with interior satin ridges to mold and caress Winky. Winky likes the short sleeve, because when he "stands up", which is most of the time, his head slides and glides against the outermost satin layer of the panty. Such Joy!

This is a wonderful "driving panty". It caresses my entire pelvis as well as caressing Winky as I drive, whether it's to the bank or on the Interstate. This panty makes itself sensuously felt with the slightest squirming movement as I sit behind the wheel. Or here in my chair.

blaarg said on 04/01/07 @ 02:31 PM:
ive been wearing panties now for a little while and love just getting off in them. but i cant get ahold of any more! is there some way (im not a millionaire, im 16 =\ ) to get cheap panties/skirts/etc ? if so email me at grlz411@yahoo.com

mrclean said on 04/04/07 @ 12:08 PM:
I have always liked putting on women's panties and after reading this page I don't feel so strange anymore.. nice to see there are other guys that like women's panties. Silky ones are the best for me!!!

Jim said on 04/04/07 @ 12:20 PM:
Yeah, I think a lot more guys are into silky panties, slips etc than anyone knows. In conversations with women who sell on Ebay they all say the same thing - this is the "tip of the iceberg". There must be at least one million guys who like keeping their jewels surrounded and caressed by silky fabrics.

You definitely need to look at this EBay seller: PantyPlan. As you go to EBay, type "ridged satin sleeve". Click "Search". That should get you to Joy's site (PantyPlan).

Personally I prefer having a few very high quality things instead of a pile of cheap stuff that I get tired of.

Viviem said on 04/10/07 @ 07:11 AM:
I like to call myself as "Bikini" cos I love to wear bikini panties all the time! pink & lace is my most favourite one! I have over 200 pairs of different kind of panties! love love love it!

Jim said on 04/10/07 @ 08:15 AM:
Hi Viviem!
Anyone who has over 200 pairs of panties should start buying a few from EBay seller PantyPlan.

Go to EBay.com. In the SEARCH panel, type "ridged satin sleeve". Click on the "search" button, and you'll see a dazzling array of sensuous stretch satin panties made for male pleasure.

Try to imagine having your hips, your behind and your front all caressed in the smoothest slipperiest satin, while Winky is held and caressed inside his own special satin sleeve.

The satin sleeve has several ridges that mold and caress Winky for hours of delight. You'll find yourself taking long and pleasurable walks just so you can feel the satin stroking our entire pelvis, while Winky enjoys every stride you take.

Viviem said on 04/10/07 @ 08:49 AM:
Thank you Jim, however I only like the bikini styles but not the briefs! By the way there is a special way of wearing bikini panties to keep that thing inside of it, just think about it & tell me when you know.

mack said on 04/10/07 @ 07:01 PM:
I'm wearing a pair an second skin satin panties and a matching bra, I can not wait for my wife to come home

Jim said on 04/10/07 @ 08:57 PM:
Hi Mack,
Speaking of satin, have you looked at the double satin panties from PantyPlan, at Ebay? Quite a number of styles, and the stretch satin hugs your pelvis and caresses it all around as you move about. And the ridged satin sleeve will keep Winky happy all day. Just type "ridged satin sleeve" and click "Search". Joy is very VERY proud of her creations.

mack said on 04/11/07 @ 12:45 PM:
They are ugly.

Jim said on 04/11/07 @ 01:35 PM:
Hmmm . . . Well Mack, I never thought of them as ugly. But since I wear panties for the feel and not to show off, perhaps appearance is not so important. On the other hand (the one that's not stroking Winky right now), the craftswomanship and quality of materials is exquisite. If Joy made cars the world would compare her to BMW's or Nissan's G35. If she made cameras she'd be the equal of Nikon or Canon. Or Pentax.

On second thought, if I have time I might play semipro baseball again this year. It all depends on whether I can play part time as I will also be traveling on work projects. But I'll bet I could interest a lot of fellow ballplayers in Joy's double satin sissy panties with their sensuous satin sleeves!

Jim said on 04/11/07 @ 01:41 PM:
Now here's a thought for the ladies. Some time back I noticed that a couple of women writing here buy panties for their boyfriends. Ladies, if you're trim and fit, and like to occasionally slip out with a slim and trim older guy who is an authority on panties and how to tease a gal with silk . . . contact me via this forum.

The least we can do is chat.

james said on 04/19/07 @ 03:40 PM:
pantys feel great on your hard rod.

Jim said on 05/02/07 @ 07:25 PM:
Hi Mack,
Re: your post of 04/10/07 - - - I wish my wife shared my love for lingerie, so we could share. Is that the case with your wife? Sure hope so! - - - Jim

mack said on 05/03/07 @ 05:01 PM:
she loves me in them, often picking out panties, hose, nightgowns for me to wear. It is great when I have my lingerie laid out for me and she picks something matching

Jim said on 05/06/07 @ 09:18 PM:
Thanks Mack - - - How did you guys get started together? Did she discover your passion, or did she get you started?

I'm always looking for vintage Warner's 100% polyester half slips.

The 100% poly in the Warner's was slippery smooth inside and out, and glides over itself smoothy and sensually when layered or folded and then rubbed together.

The Warner's poly feels like the Taffeta and Tafredda fabrics in the old Barbizon slips. But the Warner's polyester was LIGHT and NOT STIFF. And when you wear two Warners "layered" it's fun to shimmy and shake.

Will appresiate knowing what you have that you might part with - for a price, of course.

For stockings I prefer www.stockingshowcase.com

Have a good one - - - Jim

mack said on 05/07/07 @ 09:33 AM:
I wore pantyhose after a lost bet, we had some fun that evening and things progressed from there.

davie said on 05/25/07 @ 08:13 AM:
Just received a pacakage from my room mate on my bed, I opened it and discovered a package of pink nylon panties, with a note "Hope you enjoy as much as I do". Dan.

Jim said on 05/25/07 @ 06:58 PM:
Hi Davie,
Also check out some new designs from PantyPlan. Go to EBay. Type "ridged satin sleeves". Click on "Search". That should get you to the PantyPlan store.
Joy just came out with a fir-lined sleeve panty, and a panty with ultra thin, ultra smooth Japanese latex lining. Just try sitting still in either of those!

Jim said on 05/25/07 @ 08:50 PM:
EBay changed the search criterion for PantyPlan's sissy panties. Type "ridged sleeve sissy panties". Choose "All Categories", then click on SEARCH.

William said on 05/31/07 @ 02:22 PM:
I wear painties and bras, I love it! I like the cotton high thigh panties with the top lace with matching bra, to include wearing teh high thigh stockings and G-belts!. I wear size L in painties and a 42B cup bra, and L in stockings. I wear them every chance I get. It excites me yes, comfort is a plus as well!

Jim said on 05/31/07 @ 08:40 PM:
OK William, it's time to be a real man, and start wearing silks and satins! I hope that bra has cups lined with silky fabric!

William said on 06/01/07 @ 01:40 PM:
Hey Jim, well as for silks and satins, oh ya, there great. However I do like the latex painties (high thigh/cut) for wearing will working for ccomfort and support. But, I do like the felll of cotton, and I do like alot of lace exspecaily in my bras and gaurder belts. I do also like matching camisoles and I am specialy fond of white for all the above. Oh, by the way, when I do where a silk teddy, as it rubs on me, Oh! It is so good!

William said on 06/01/07 @ 02:03 PM:
I just read Macks comment 05/03/07, man, I wish I could get my wife into it like that! I would love to wear a pair of crotchless panties and garter belt, with a smooth lacy bra and just slide right in! Or maybe just a nice teddy with her on top! Oh ya!

Jim said on 06/01/07 @ 03:43 PM:
Hi William,
Well I'm not very much into the ribbons and lace. I wear my stuff undercover, so the main thing is the slick feel. Been working here all day long with Winky and the Twins encased in a 15 denier seamless vintage 100% nylon stocking with nude toe and heel.

Then I took a half slip whose fabric is silky polyester, smooth BOTH sides, so it glides sensuously when layered against itself. I wrap the half slip's elastic waistband around the base of Winky and the Twins, and then bring the rest of the slip upwards so it acts as a slippery, smooth pouch for the sleeve (holding Winky and the Twins inside) to slip-slid sensuously against.

Whenever I squirm in this chair, or take a short walk, or whatever I do, Winky and the Twins are transported to another universe. This is because their nylon sleeve (with them inside) moves to and fro against the silky pouch - whenever I move. In fact, even the slightest movement as I sit here keeps them happy, and wet - without an accident.

When I allow Winky to fully express himself, he showers the nylon stocking and the slip with his love! But I only allow Winky to express himself after three to four 15 hour days of being brought "to the edge" many, many times.

The feel of 15 denier nylon gliding against two layers of the silkiest polyester is something to be experienced.

It is comparable to having one well manicured female hand cupping your balls, while the other teases the tip and upper shaft of your throbbing penis.

I might just hire a good seamstress to make something like this, and auction it on EBay. Another possibility: an MLM venture among wives and girlfriends. Guaranteed, there'd be a whole lot of guys forced to wear these. And the second time around every guy'd be begging for it!

William said on 06/02/07 @ 09:47 AM:
I have just found the most comfertable painties! They are the highthigh "Bali Lacy Skamp Hikini", with matching "camisole" and matching "Bali Lace Desire underwire bra"! All three are lacy! White, my color! Oh, getting wet, got to go!

William said on 06/04/07 @ 01:55 PM:
Ok, I can see this site realy does not move alot of communication. But thats ok. My painties and I will go looking for more talkers. I just want to talk about my fantasies with someone who shares the same effecetion concerning painties and bras as I do. e6wsr@yahoo.com

Gaz said on 06/11/07 @ 07:52 AM:
Been wearing 24/7 for around 6 years now, and would never go back to wearing guys briefs . My Wife doesnt like me wearing them, although is "tolerating" me wearing plain black or white cotton panties. Luckily I am happy enough to wear this type although I do miss wearing cute flowery ones. I usually wear full panties, as I find thongs uncomfortable.

Why do women get so uptight about guys wearing panties? Personally I am not into full dressing, and in fact its only panties I am into, so I honestly cant see what the problem is. I would love to hear the female side to this, although I would guess that any girl reading this, is likly to be open minded, and therefore not the "disapproving" type.

My email address is agent6@cluny.plus.com. If you are a guy or girl who would like to swap panty pics I would also be very interested.

Jim said on 06/11/07 @ 08:44 AM:
Many of my lady friends here and overseas have asked me to leave a pair of my jockeys as a souvenir. I think in future I'll ask what I can have from them, to wear as a similar reminder of intensely pleasurable times we've shared.
They wear my Jockeys, so why shouldn't I enjoy being surrounded and caressed by a nice silky panty or slip?

mack said on 06/12/07 @ 03:50 PM:
Wife just got some new items from Victoria Secret. Can not wait to wear them. Have a couple of nice babydolls with vstring that I can not wait to wear with her. She got me a couple of new pairs a couple of weekends ago. If you have not let your wife treat you like her bitch in bed, you really are missing some real fun in panties. Strap on is next.

Lucky said on 06/14/07 @ 01:49 PM:
I too love wearing womens clothes, I tend to like going the full route though.My wife is not cool with the idea ,so like others, I must sneak around.Someday I hope to get the opportunity to go out in public fully dressed. I don't wish to change my sex either, as I have read. Its just something about the feel and fit and comfort that womens clothes provide. It should be accepted, I mean women can wear any thing a man has and not one head turns,but let a guy show up in public wearing anything pink and you would swear that he just murdered somebody. It just is'nt fair.

nylonpantyluver said on 06/16/07 @ 12:11 PM:
I have been wearing and playing in nylon panties since age 11, am now 48. I love how they feel and make me horny.

Email me at nylonpantyluver@yahoo.com if you enjoy this fetish.

Jim said on 06/16/07 @ 01:18 PM:
For the ultimate in sissy panties . . . go to EBay. Type "ridged satin sleeves". Leave "All Categories" alone. Click on "Search". "Joy" hand makes these - in satin, and now in latex. They have the most incredible sleeve for Winky to be held and caressed in. Sleeves of satin, sleeves of fur, sleeves of latex.
Watch out of you're "accident-prone"!
email me at new_sunrise4u@yahoo.com, where I can hook you up with some good sources for slips. - Jim

mack said on 06/17/07 @ 01:36 PM:
What panties are you wearing for fathers day. Mine are a pair of vs very sexy orange thong. Looking forward to fathers night

Dave said on 06/19/07 @ 04:25 PM:
Long time married man. Str8 I have been wearing panties since we first got married and that is over 40 years ago. I have all my own panties now as I am a larger size than my wife.

Jim said on 06/20/07 @ 09:10 PM:
Type "Ridged satin sleeve sissy panties" at Google.
You'll find several of Joy's newest double satin sissy panties - with sleeves lined with fur, lined with satin, and also one of ultra-thin Japanese Latex. You'll even find a video showing various new offerings, being modeled by real men. And you'll get videos of the sleeves, including their insides!

These are the panties to wear if your job is BORING!

William said on 06/26/07 @ 01:59 PM:
Hey everyone, been out for a while. So I see the page is moving alittle, that is good. I have been looking at panties and bras alot here latly on line, and have actually left some pics of panties and bras up in the view bar and my wife found them! All highthigh/cut of course, some hanes, jockey, and my favorit the BALI collection. I have done this several differnet times now, and she has seen them and briefly ask if I was looking at them. My statement was yes, of course. Well the other day as we were out shopping, she ask what I wanted for my birthday, well I almost exsploded out the words, "SOME PANTIES with matching bra", but I didnt, remaining clamb I just told her, " I would tell you but you would just laugh or get mad", she then replied with a smile "you dont know that"!! Well I knew she was hinting at my fetish, then we were interupted and thats were it ended. I think she also knows I will wear her panties and bras here at home sometime, never caught me, or seen me, but she knows. It is almost like a cat and mouse thing, the cat knows but just cant figure out the moves of the mouse! I have actually left her bra and panties out in such a fastion that she would know I was wearing them, or at least suspect me of doing it! It is kinda erotic if you know what I mean!?! Well anyway I love to wear panties for comfort, and to be erotic as well, hopefuly she will suprise me on my birthday with a nice pair of panties and a bra so the ICE will be brocken finally. She has not been to keen on it in the past, but maby she is thinking other wise now, at least I hope/wish anyway! Take care, will write more latter.

Bud said on 06/27/07 @ 03:52 AM:
When I was about 4 years old, my sister that was 10 would crossdress me. I guess it kinda stuck, cause now I am 24.
My favorite things to wear are: little girl bikinis, panties, and boyshorts size 12. I have recently started to enjoy wearing size 14 swimsuits, one piece and two piece sets. Also 36A sports bras.
I'll write more later too.

William said on 06/27/07 @ 01:58 PM:
hey bud, I also like to wear one peace swim suites, but I also like the high cut bikini bottom and matching tops. I would wear them when I went out on the boat swimming and fishing. I would have to be careful though, for tan lines can tell a story!

Jim said on 06/27/07 @ 02:41 PM:
Everyone here needs to visit www/joanelloyd.com. You'll understand why when you get there. After that you might decide to join her chat group!

sweetbottom said on 06/28/07 @ 10:44 AM:
I love to wear all kinds of women's clothing. I wear panties fulltime and dress as a women as much as possible. I shave my legs and arms including my privates. I also love to wear makeup

Jim said on 06/28/07 @ 10:58 AM:
Sweetbottom, you need to visit www.joanelloyd.com - immediately! From there you should join her chat group.

William said on 06/29/07 @ 01:56 PM:
Hey everyone, just set down here cooling off after mowing the grass, trying to cool down befor my shower. I am soaked to the bone. After coming inside I did not realize that you could see my bra under my tee shirt. It was as if I was in a wet tee shirt contest! I am also wearing a nice pair of hanes her way high thigh cotton panties, they are cool to wear when it is so hot. Hope all that passed by was able to see! Well I am going to go. My panties off to ya!

William said on 07/03/07 @ 06:04 AM:
Well today is the 3rd of July! I have taken the day off getting ready to BBQ some ribs. Right now just setting here in my hanes her way high thigh panties and a nice VS bra! Soon I will be getting dressed and go out for a while, think I will leave the bra on just to tease the public. My tee shirt is light gray, the bra is a deep burgandy! You can see the bra strap outlines! I like it when the sales clerks stair and smile! Happy 4th everyone!

mack said on 07/03/07 @ 06:37 PM:
sitting around the house in matching vs bra and panties, gold angles. Love the feel and love to relax on the internet while dressed.

William said on 07/05/07 @ 01:34 PM:
Hey Mack, VS is nice! I have been looking through the 2007 VS swim issue and thinking of getting the Mid-scoop bottoms with a wireless push up top for while working outside, white of course! I love the feel and the tightness as I am working, plus it makes great tan lines. I want one of the bra top dresses, the new IPEX Halter dress but they dont cary it in a 44B bra top. Oh well, such as life.

mack said on 07/05/07 @ 07:28 PM:
wearing a pair of hanes, lace top pantyhose, blue vs very sexy bra and a gilligan omalley night gown. Love dressing for my wife and myself, there is no better feel. I want her to dominate my and make me her slave

William said on 07/06/07 @ 12:56 PM:
Man, that sounds great, bet you look good as well!!! Wish my wife was into that! I could panty up and be domniated all day! but for now I have to do it when I can get away with it like now. I am wearing a pair of Bali Skamp high cut panties and a Bali lace desire bra, oh it feels so good. I also have the figure for it as well. I fill out my 44B bra really good and the panties are a size 8. The panties have a lace line around the top, the bra matchs as well. Mack you are lucky!

Randy said on 07/06/07 @ 04:13 PM:
Im' just sitting here in my VS matching wonder bra and thong, they are both very silky with lace on the front and both have a little bow in the middle and are pink, my favorite color when it comes to panties. My favorite are the silky string bikinis made by delicates, their discountinued now, but I was able to collect over 100 different pairs. I wear panties 24/7 my wife has purchased at least 40 pairs of panties and a couple or VS bras for me she it dosent bother her at all. Every night we hang out and watch movies both in night shirts and panties wat a turn on. Well I have to run now, i's nice to see this site start to move again. God bless all off us panty lovers.

Bud said on 07/06/07 @ 04:37 PM:
Well, I finally got a chance to write again.
Recently I have been doing a lot of shopping.
^-^ I bought a lil girls size 16 slip, 3 piece PJ set, pink exercise shorts, black leotard (fits amazingly well) and a few pair of size 14 nylons / pantie hose.
The only garment that I had to buy in a ladies size was a white dress size 6. For some reason little girls dresses fit way tighter than other clothing. I want to try to grow my hair out so it will be easier to keep dyed blonde (light brn natural).

Bud said on 07/07/07 @ 10:31 AM:
Anyone tried Hanes girls sporty bikini and sporty hipsters? They are soo cute ^_^.
The elastic band looks just like boys under wear, but slightly thinner. I don't know why underwear producers seem to think that guys need a 1"+ thick band to hold our briefs or boxers on. I have never had a problem with panties falling down.

William said on 07/07/07 @ 03:18 PM:
Hey Randy, question, do they make that wonder bra in a 44B? If so I would like to get me one. I wish my wife would buy me panties and bras! That is so erotic! Hey Bud, I havent tried the sporty hipsters or biknis, I am a "high-thigh/cut" man myself. Well I take that back, I have worn them before, along with thongs, strigs, etc, but I really like the comfort and feel of the high thighs. I did have some VS's in high-thighs, boy were they awsome!! Mostly I like the Jocky, and Hanes her way panties, but will slide into some Bali's in a secound! When ever posible I like to have matching sets as well. I do wear a 44B bra, size 8-9 or "L" in panties and I must say I look good also! Well Randy and Bud keep up the writing and wearing of PANTIES!!!!

Bud said on 07/08/07 @ 03:14 PM:
I shaved my legs and between them last night for the 1st time. Guess I need to buy a ladies razor cause my legs are smooth, but itch some. Wearing baby lotion and little girl tights seem to help control the itch. They look great, with white tights and black leotard. Anyone here like to wear diapers or pretend to be little boy or girl ?

William said on 07/10/07 @ 01:52 PM:
Hey Bud, I have shaved at times as well, but it's not often. I do shave around my cock area nightly while in the shower, just a triming, but thats as far as I go. I dont wear anything but womens underwear also. As I have stated in other postings, it is high thigh/cut panties with bras. You need to go to pantykin.com and check it out for your question.

perl said on 07/13/07 @ 06:36 PM:
i have a pair of the cutest warners bright stipes hipster panties that i am wearing right now. They are lemon yellow with little pink and red flowers. They feel so good to wear

William said on 07/14/07 @ 05:23 PM:
Hey Perl, I have been out shopping all day, and I have been wearing hanes her way hight cut panties, great fit. I love how they come up on my wast, and the legs are cut high an my crotch is not crowded. Thank goodness for ladies panties! I too like hipsters, but they do not carry everything very well while out and about if you know what I mean!?! Keep us posted on your daily wears!

Bud said on 07/23/07 @ 06:02 PM:
Currently wearing a little girls size 12 white leotard, tights, 36A bra, and a see though tutu. Anyone ever seen the Japanime: Princess TuTU? Last January I got to meet the Japanese and American voice actors at Ushicon Block Party in Austin, TX. There will be another Ushicon Feb8 - 10 @ Hawthorn Suits- in Austin. Visit ushicon.com for more info.
If you have never been to an anime convention, it is a lot of fun! Many people dress up as Japanime characters, some cross dressing in public and it is acceptable by the crowd.
I would so love to dress as a Japanese school girl, I may investigate doing that... I wonder if my hair will be long enough by then.

davichadedavie said on 07/25/07 @ 10:34 AM:
Chad said, Bought several pair of barely there # 2803 panties, the feel is great and they caress my privates really nice. You can't hardly beleave that your wearing them/

Jim said on 07/25/07 @ 10:57 AM:
If ya want a real sensation, spend more to get a FarrWest half slip. Buy appropriate waste size. For length, 27" is good. If you're over 6'4" you might want a formal length half slip.

Wear your Farr West "outside-in" so the shiny poly satin caresses your skin. By having the 24" or 27" length, you can gather it up around and under Winky and the Twins.

While you're at it, buy a Farr West camisole. Wear it inside-out too.

In your favorite search engine, type "farr west". Get a few more for your lady!

William said on 07/25/07 @ 02:01 PM:
hey guys, If you dont mind a little lace sticking out the top of your pants the Bali Lacy Skamp Hikini #2144 are #1 in my book and I do like a little lace up top. It draws the eyes to your wast sometimes! Kinda makes them wonder. I wear jeans, and my tee shirt is a firm fit, sometimes you can see the panty lace out line if you know what you are looking for or at! They are a high cut panty, and they come up to and almost covers my bellybutton. I also like the Bali Flower underwire Bra #180 size 44B of course! People know when I have that on!!!! You can see my bra straps, and the cups are awsome an I can feel the lift it gives me!!! Well I shall go for now, but I am going to check out the Farr West Iteams! Thanks for the tips Jim.

Bud said on 07/26/07 @ 01:58 PM:
Currently wearing Girls Goodnights XL, Pink rubber panties with side snaps. Padded A cup bra and a light pink leotard.
I can't wait for Halloween, I will either dress as a Goth chick or Princess TuTu. My sister wil be shocked ^^My older sister does not know too much about my cross dressing. But she knows we both have had a twisted child hood. I know she would be at least slightly accepting of it.

William said on 07/30/07 @ 01:42 PM:
Hey everyone, well Jim I went to Farr West and check them out, it was great. My wife already has some of the satin slips, with the slits running up the side. Sometimes I will wear them depending on the panty and bra style I am in at the time. I know I do like the longer ones when I have no panties on, and as I bend over I love the feel of the silk moving on my bottom! I also like them in a snug fit so I can see the panty lines!

mack said on 07/30/07 @ 03:46 PM:
Got a new bra today, having a hard time finding a 40-42 a. I know that it is not a popular size but that what I wear. Any help

William said on 07/31/07 @ 02:08 PM:
Hey Mack, I wear a 44B myself and fill it out very well and love it. My chest is just right for the B cup, and I am not fat either! Ok, here is what you do, go to Yahoo shopping, click into womens clothing, click into bras, click into sizes/styles and go from there. I suggest you set up the "guest" ID so you can shop/look, and save your info onto a "wish list" witch will give you the store info on where the items you save can be bought. Once you figure out where or who sells them you have it made. The wish list is great for items you like and want to get and gives you a way to shop around and compair. I have found that places like Belks, JC Penny etc will carry the nicer bras in your range. Kohls may also have them, not sure though. You will find that the above mentioned places sell "BALI" bras, look for the Bali Lace Desire underwire #3314, it goes up to a 40DD, I only wish they sold a 44B but they dont. Good luck

loves g-strings said on 07/31/07 @ 07:39 PM:
i'm 35 i have had a pantie fetish since i was about 12 i think it bring's a female sensation when a man wear's a female undergarment's(garter,pantie,pantyhose, ect.)to his manly side it help them become more sensitive but not weak! women can were men's but men can't wear women's ther so kinky i love'em and would love to find a woman(s) to injoy it with me thank's for letting me leave my expirence for othert's to hear as i type this i'm wearing a gilligan& o'mallystring thong with lace(mink,color) mmm good feel's so right!!!!!! enjoy nice smooth fabric kinky !!!!

William said on 08/01/07 @ 01:55 PM:
Hey g-string, I love the high cut/thigh (french style) panties myself and when ever possible matching bra. I have been secretly wearing panties all my life, now 50 and enjoy it. My wife knows I look at panties and bras on line all the time, and in stores when we go there, and she even knows I wear hers sometimes as well, I love it!!

William said on 08/03/07 @ 01:48 PM:
I love to wear panties and bras so others may see them! So erotic!

William said on 08/04/07 @ 05:24 AM:
I am wearing a pair of "hanes Her Way" high cut/thigh panties that are a red poke-a-dot with a Victoria Secret no wire bust lift bra! Colors match! I look good, my nipples are so hard you can see them through my tee shirt.

William said on 08/07/07 @ 01:52 PM:
come on guys, put on some panties!!!!!!!!!!!!!

William said on 08/08/07 @ 01:03 PM:
hey guys in panties! Sitting here with hanes her way french cut flower panties on and its nice and cool. They look and feel great!

David said on 08/09/07 @ 01:36 PM:
I wear panties and bras while my wife plays with me! She will even pick out what she thinks looks good on me and buys it!

William said on 08/11/07 @ 07:18 AM:
My wife knows I wear her panties, but she dosnt say anything though. Just like I said the other day as I was wearing her hanes her way high cut poke-a-dot panties I also had on her VS bra. She didnt say anything. Before we went out I took the bra off though. Latter that day as I undressed I left my clothes in the floor by the bathroom door and she could see her panties on top of my pants and shirt, she knew I was wearing them. She just smiles and gives me a erotic kinda of look! Not to condone or disaprove, man she makes my cock hard! My wife is so HOT!! I could just stair at her and get hard! I also love that we wear the same size panties too! The bra size is different though, She wears a 38-40 C-D deppending the bra, I wear a 44B mostly. I can wear her teddys, camisoles, slips, etc also. When I put them on, and think about her I get so hard! Well I better stop, my panties are getting wet!

"French cut panties" said on 08/11/07 @ 07:34 AM:
William sounds like you are treading in an most delightful sinsual marriage. I wish more guys would exspress themself in front of their wifes. I have been reading the above notes from everyone, I too am a fan of French cut panties as you are, and prefer them over the others.

William said on 08/18/07 @ 10:41 AM:
someone talk panties!!!!!

Chad said on 08/18/07 @ 04:12 PM:
My girlfriend told me that her brother wears girls panties too. She got me to wear them several years ago. Now they are part of my daily attire. I prefer nylon hipsters in pastels.

William said on 08/20/07 @ 02:08 PM:
Hey Chad, thats cool! I think my wife is finally coming around, she seen the VS High-Cut panties in the floor while I was showering last night and actually questioned me about it. She ask whos panties are these, (hers = as if she didnt know) and I kinda smiled an said yours! She smiled and said maybe we need to go buy some just for you as she smiled! So we are going panty shopping now I hope! Chad, I think its great that your girlfriend likes for you to wear panties. Hope soon my wife will be as ok with that. I love the "high Cut-Thigh" panties, cotton and nylon

mack said on 08/24/07 @ 12:30 PM:
anyone ever have a panty photo session with their wife, she picks out mine, I pick out hers, by the time we are done taking pictures she is soaking wet and ready to make me her slut!!!

William said on 08/26/07 @ 10:55 AM:
Oh, I would so love for my wife to be like that!! I am still trying to get my wife to go my direction in panty wearing, but she is slowly coming around though. She knows I wear hers, but doesnt like it, just says- get your own, that is my next step I guess. She knows I like to and will wear panties, but just not all that agreeable yet. Your a lucky man!

William said on 08/29/07 @ 01:36 PM:
Hey evedryone, well this weekend, I am going panty shopping! I will get some Jocky "French Cut" size 8 cotton. Oh the great feel of panties!

Joy_lover said on 09/01/07 @ 05:44 AM:
You have heard of the REAL THING, no?
Forget your VS, Bali, Hanes and g-strings!

The REAL THING are the padded sleeve panties offered by CHOICE_JOY on Ebay. The sleeve acts a pleasure chamber in which you are gently caressed and coaxed and teased. Last night I hardly (!?) slept; great 3+ hour erection. Even not so erect, there is a deep satisfaction of being inside the pleasure palace for hours on end.

I discovered these about 2 months ago. Wearing them now as I type. Won't be wasting my money on anything else any more. Wearing them now day and night. I have bought four of them. I have exchanged emails with two other satisfied customers of Choice_Joy. One owns three of these and another ten. At $45 - $50 each --- and believe me, they are worth every cent of that -- we repeat customers know a good deal when we experience one. For me wearing these has been "better than sex." When possible I will be wearing Choice_Joy's panties every day for the rest of my life.

If you can find one with a sleeve, I suggest you take advantage of the buy-it-now option. Many of these items are eventually sold above the buy-it-now price.

Hope you, too, will soon become one of her very satisfied, repeat customers. I am sure you will agree they ARE the real thing.

Jim said on 09/01/07 @ 08:03 AM:
As a lover of Joy's panties I could not say it better than Joy_Lover just did. In addition to the almost magic sensations created by the sleeve, further arousal comes from the way the satin pantie hugs my tush and hips. I love wearing my satin panties with their "magic" sleeves while driving long distances. Every time I move in the driver's seat I feel these pantie's wondrous caresses.

I have three of Joy's panties, and will buy several more. I've chatted with other guys who have several of her satin or latex panties. As Joy's reputation spreads, the bidding on her panties will keep going up like a raging erection.

Jim said on 09/01/07 @ 08:05 AM:
As a lover of Joy's panties I could not say it better than Joy_Lover just did. In addition to the almost magic sensations created by the sleeve, further arousal comes from the way the satin pantie hugs my tush and hips. I love wearing my satin panties with their "magic" sleeves while driving long distances. Every time I move in the driver's seat I feel these pantie's wondrous caresses.

I have three of Joy's panties, and will buy several more. I've chatted with other guys who have several of her satin or latex panties. As Joy's reputation spreads, the bidding on her panties will keep going up like a raging erection.

Nameless One said on 09/01/07 @ 06:04 PM:
Hey everyone! Well I did my panty shopping friday afternoon, and I got some nice hanes high cut size 8 pantys! I love them, and the sales person was also great with me also. I was wanting Jocky, but setteled with hanes. I was still wanting to wear them in front of my wife for the first time! SO! This is how it went = I had come home, showered and my wife had come home while I was in the shower, I come out and we were sitting on the bed talking about what to go eat, my cock getting hard thinking about pulling the panties out in front of her! I had the panties in the bag still, reached over and picked them up, and said, well I need to get dressed and I ask her to open the pack of panties while I got my jeans out etc! She was shocked to say the least! I pulled out a pair and put them on in front of her. She was red faced, and shocked of course, but I did not miss a beat!

William said on 09/02/07 @ 05:00 AM:
SO now here is the rest of the story== She watch me dress with the panties, we went out to dinner, we come home, and while I was in my panties, we had great/wild SEX!! She is not use to my panties yet, but I am still wearing them in front of her! Oh it makes me wet!!!!

Jim said on 09/02/07 @ 08:40 AM:
If Nameless and William will listen to Joy_Lover and Yours Truly and purchase a pair of Joy's satin sleeved panties, they (and their wives) will discover a whole new dimension to their love lives.

William said on 09/03/07 @ 08:55 AM:
yes nameless and william are teh same, I had forgot to put my name in before posting. I am going to go to CHOICE_JOY now to check out the panties, thanks Jim!

Groovy Gummo said on 09/13/07 @ 02:34 PM:
Jim said on 10/14/05 @ 05:18 PM: [advertising crap] ... Jim said on 09/02/07 @ 08:40 AM: [advertising carp]... you've been pushing stuff in a very damn obvious manner for almost TWO YEARS! give it up! we know yr game (we know yr NAME!)... yr not fooling anyone! bah! /// but anywho... i def. wouldn't mind going shopping for stuff at Victoria's Secret right now but damn... so expensive and i just have too damn much... poor college student and all! /// i also found THIS interesting: ou812 said on 10/07/05 @ 01:24 AM:
Most of the guys on the police force here in St Cloud Minnesota wear both Manties and womens panties - they are more comfortable while sitting in the car just driving around looking busy.

Jim said on 09/13/07 @ 09:01 PM:
Hey Will - - - Congratulations to you and your wife! Meanwhile Groovy Gummo needs to check out Joy's panties.

Helpful suggestion Groovy - on eBay, look for auctions on polyester satin half slips. They make marvelous pouches for Winky and the Twins.

Once they're held and caressed by the smooth satin finish of a Farr West or other fine poly satin half slip, Your college-age Winky and Twins'll put a dreamy smile on your face! Just don't have an accident!

Groovy Gummo said on 09/15/07 @ 09:18 PM:
gah! yr doing it AGAIN! who do you work for!!!!! ... and that talk of winky and the twins is really freaking me out!

Jim said on 09/15/07 @ 09:31 PM:
Hey Groovy, I just like sharing what I've personally enjoyed. What floats your boat?

chris said on 09/16/07 @ 02:34 AM:
i love panties, black silk my gf allows it during sex. but i xdress when she is out i love it the feel is intense....

Jim said on 09/16/07 @ 08:40 AM:
Lady from several states away confides to me by email and then by phone, re: frustrations w/her husband. Here's a guy who feels so insecure that he won't let his loving wife "dress" him! I told her I wished my wife would dress me - not to make me look like a woman, just to feel her pampering hands draping a silky slip down over my shoulders, and then helping me into one of her layered slippery chiffon peignoirs fussing about my whole body - - - and then embracing her and slow dancing with her in the dimly lit bedroom.

The lady loves her husband, and only wants to share with him some of herself and some things she loves. She does not want to emasculate him.

This lady - whose husband won't even let her slide his penis into one of her vintage 100% nylons - suddenly said something that made me stop everything I was doing. "Next summer you WILL fly to the islands and we will spend a glorious week together!"

Now here's the kicker: she is a skilled seamstress. She wants the trip to be for "business" - about making and selling fine custom lingerie for the "male package". It has been her belief that by pleasuring herself for several hours every day, she has been able to arrest the effects of CFS - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. She believes that pleasure, like exercise and nutrition, should be part of everyone's optimal wellness lifestyle.

By the time we finished on the phone, Winky had wet his 15 denier nylon sleeve with precum, and with every move I made, Winky in his nylon sleeve went slip-sliding sooo luxuriously against the surrounding "pouch" of slippery polyester.

Is life good, or what?

William said on 09/29/07 @ 10:14 AM:
hey everyone. I am sitting here in a pair of jockey french cut panties (white), size 6 and they feel so good. Went shopping at Belks yesterday for them. The lady at the counter was not sure what to think as I ask her would they srink alot after I wash them. She tried to explain for me to tell my wife what setting to wash and dry them, I explained, "they are for me", not my wife! She gave a smile and said "well, ok then" and I gave her the cash and walked out. As I was walking out, I looked back over my shoulder she was watching me and she gave me a big smile as she touched her lips, wow, that made me wet!

Gails said on 10/07/07 @ 06:53 AM:
I love wearing panties, bras, pantyhose, etc. Do NOT use makeup. Been wearing panties for over 60 years. Wear panties 24/7, to the doctors, hospitals, do not care, do not own any male underware. Went to the doctors the other day to get a MRI on my head, did not think that I would have to get undressed, but had to get all the way to my pink nylon lace panties, nurse covered me.

dave said on 10/07/07 @ 07:27 AM:
I had a simular thing happen 3 weeks ago .. I was taken to emergency room for a MRI I was un aware that I would be required to remove ny pants but to leave my underwear on, ( I was embarrased as I was wearing a pair of pink Bali skimp-skamp panties.) The technision just smiled as he started the machine.

William said on 10/24/07 @ 03:34 PM:
Hey everyone. Sounds like the panties are getting caught by the unsuspecting! I would love to show my panties to everyone! I have been caught in a public bathroom with my pants down while I was ajusting myself, and he could see my bra as well. I would love to show myself to a doctor! I have a female doctor, wonder how she would react? She is in her later 30's, I just wounder?!? Well anyway, I sitting here in a nice pair of hanes high cut panties and they have flowers on them and have on a nice bali bra (underwire) and it feel so good!

mack said on 11/04/07 @ 09:53 AM:
Wearing a nice vs v string. Love wearing panties and pantyhose. Have started wearing a bra more also. Love when my wife lays out my clothes

mack said on 11/30/07 @ 12:42 PM:
Wife did me with a strap on while I wore hose and a gstring and bra, It was wonderful. I love wearing all kinds on lingerie. Just wish I could wear more often

barry said on 12/05/07 @ 05:26 PM:
I've been wearing since age 10 and I also stole my first pair on the wash line. Yellow lace insert girly panty. Then I got to see the yellow panty on my nieghbor girl wow was that crotch so nice. Leg open just for me to see in my wagon. I love to feel the nice soft nylon slip up my legs. I moust have had aleast 100 pair of vintage nylon panties. I was gave 3 pair from a college girl who caught me wearing her vintage lace panty in th 60's
aqua, white and baby blue. She made me promise to wear those for her. I was so embarres to be caught wearing her wore panty. I alway got to see her private part whiel she laid out. She alway let me get a good look so much curly hair there.She wore a pink pair under short shorts and let me touch her nylons.I've never quit wearing panties.

Jim said on 12/05/07 @ 05:37 PM:
Great comment Barry! I know there are similar cases out there where the gal is almost flattered that a guy likes her panties, slips, etc. Some gals do like to share. Too bad they're a small minority.

William said on 12/06/07 @ 01:24 PM:
I love the cottons, and lycras! High cut and french cuts! Would love some pics of yall!

Nameless One said on 12/14/07 @ 03:07 PM:
My girlfriend has just as much of a panty fetish as I do. She cums in them then loves watching me get myself off while sniffing and licking them.

Nameless One said on 12/14/07 @ 03:33 PM:
and to make it even better we're only 16. She buys panties for me and loves watching me wear them too.

Jim said on 12/14/07 @ 08:47 PM:
Sixteen and sharing panties already! I think that's wonderful. Seriously, this 68 year old gentleman believes if something's pleasurable and healthy - which panty sharing is - than what's all the fuss!

Randy said on 12/18/07 @ 07:03 AM:
When I was 13 I started to barrow my sisters silk panties. When I was 14 I worked for a couple at their home, when left alone I would raid her panties and bras and get myself off never caught but almost. As I got older my job allowed me to go into many homes and work during the day I have panties from severl of my customers. I started to wear my wifes panties when ever I could, then one day she came home with a pair of shiny red string bikinis by delicates size 7, we were getting ready for bed and she pulled them out of her panty drawer and asked me to put them on to see how they fit, she said she thought that I was wearing her panties because they where getting streched out in the front, and then the other day she found a pair of her panties on my side of the bed on the floor. I have been wearing 24/7 for the last 12 years. I have over 200 pairs of panties now and my wife has gotten me probly 30 of them. It has made our sex life much better. I just wish I had someone to talk panty talk too.

mack said on 12/20/07 @ 02:13 PM:
I only wear victoria secret panties, all style and styles. I am going to see how many days in a row I can wear just panties. wish me luck.

arun said on 12/22/07 @ 10:04 PM:
i always like to wear women's dress

bikini said on 12/25/07 @ 12:06 AM:
today I wear a pink laced G-string bikini, I love it!

Randy said on 12/25/07 @ 06:00 PM:
just sitting here wearing a very pretty and sexy silky light blue string bikinies by delicates with purple and orange flowers with little blue bows. GOD DO THEY FEEL GREAT!! I'm starting to leak in them. I need a pnty pinpal, anyone up for it?

karen said on 12/26/07 @ 10:14 AM:
Randy, when you get used to wearing panties you will stop leaking, but then you realise that you just want to make them your normal undies. The thought of you wetting your panties does make me hard.

Randy said on 12/27/07 @ 09:52 AM:
karen, I wear 24/7 for the last 10 years. but the thought of telling someone else about my panties just really gets my juices flowing. In the summer I like to wear shorts that shows my panty line, I love to look for panty lines. I have had a few women behind me in the super market and when I turn around always gives me a big smile. I just wish someone would make a nice comment about it, I would probly loose a load right there on the spot. I can not wait, I'm moving to Florida soon, I can show my panty lines off more often.

William said on 12/27/07 @ 12:27 PM:
Hey guys! Sounds like the panty move is on! I love to talk panties too Randy! My favorite is the Bali 8701 Hi-Cut panty with Valmont 8323 front closse lacy bra! I love to wear panties all day, work or play! Unlike Mack, I love to wear Hanes Hi-Cut, and Jockey French cut as well. I am not stuck to one brand of panty!!! I can cum in all of them!

Randy said on 12/27/07 @ 12:37 PM:
I perfer to wear string bikinis they fit really nice with lots of roon for the boys. I also like to wear sexy lingera when ever possible. I also have a few matching brs that I like to wear around the house.

Randy said on 12/28/07 @ 07:28 AM:
Today I'm wearing a shinny gold string bikini with a v cut front and two little gold bow. they feel great and very slippery. I wear panties to bed every night, I like it when my wife runs her finger nails over my panties. Some nights she will do that until I fall a sleep. Talk about a soild erection, I think I could cut diamonds with it. I use to by all my panties from JC Pennys, but they don't have them anymore, so I shop on Ebay. For you guys who have a hard time walking into a store and buying panties (which I find as a major turn on) Ebay is a great way for you to buy them.

William said on 12/31/07 @ 06:24 AM:
Hey guys! Randy, Biknis, G-strings, thongs, etc, are nice, yes, but all they are to me is a ball sack, I love a full comfort feel. I love how the French-cut and Hi-cut panties rise high up on my thigh to my waste line! I also love how the microfiber, and spandx material holds me firm, and snug in place (I love cotton also, but it tends to strech out more throughout the day). I love how the FC/HC panty is curved along my butt checks up to my waste band as well! I love how when I am wearing my jeans and out somewhere if I raise my arms up (like reaching high for something) or my shirt is loss and raised up you have the possiblity to see my panties around my waste line! OH! And to buy panties, that is half the fun! I like to have the sales clerk help me pick them out. Typicaly I will shop a JCP, or Belks, Kchols, and Lane Bryant someplace where they carry the French-cut or Hi-Cut panties in their store but they have a more selective help, unlike wal-mart etc. I will buy from wal-mart, if I am just doing the shopping thing and not looking for the excitment I get from having the ladies talk, look, and help me! I get a rush out of their looks, smiles, and yes their wonderment at times as well. Randy, I wish my wife felt, or like the idea of me in panties but she dosent, so I still bare it alone. You are a lucky man! Your panty pin pal, William

Randy said on 12/31/07 @ 09:21 AM:
Hey William, I agree I find it very erotic to shop for panties. last night went to bed with a pair of panties by Bobbie Brooks, shinny white with little flowers all over them with the biggest bows you ever saw, the wife was playing with the bows and she fell asleep with her fingers interlooped with side strings on my bikini panties, I can't wait, tonight the kids are going to grandmas, so I get to walk around the house tonight and tommarrow with just my panties and a t-shirt. where are u from william? I'm glad someone wants to talk panty talk. do you wear anything else other then panties? I like garters and hose and just about anything that is smooth andsoft and tight.

William said on 12/31/07 @ 01:40 PM:
Hey Randy! Wish I could get my wife to let me wear panties while playing with me! I am from N. Charleston SC, and yes I love top wear alot of lace, I love bras, panties, and hose. But, there again, I have to wait until no one is around. Like now, I have on a pair of Jockey French cut #1507 white panties with a Bali bra.

William said on 12/31/07 @ 02:15 PM:
Hey again Randy, sorry about cutting short there, I had for got to take care of something. But as I was saying (above), I am more of a french cut or hi-cut panty person, but as for getting off, I will wear a thong, bras, and pantyhose while watching myself in the mirror. Sometimes I will slip on a bloss and a nice shear slip, and have even put on a nice dress. I do also like to wear a nice swimsuite sometime. My wife has a nice yellow two peace that is a hi-cut, I like it. As you said above, you like to walk around in your panties, I do as well, and wear a bra also, but again, I have to do it when no one is here. MY bra size is a 44B, and panty size is 8-9 or a L-XL depending on brand. Where do you find the "Bobbie Brooks", never heard of them? Well I need to go, if you would like you can email me at iwhtpty@yahoo.com hope you get to walk around tonight in your panties! Man you are so lucky! Wish I could!

lpanty2000 said on 01/01/08 @ 06:37 AM:
hey randy if you want to email talk about panties write lpanty20002yahoo.com

William said on 01/01/08 @ 11:12 AM:
Hey everyone! So lets talk panties! write me at iwhtpty@yahoo.com and pics will be nice too!

William said on 01/11/08 @ 01:36 PM:
Hey everyone, just a note to say hi and I am wearing a nice Valmont bra, alot of lace and a pair of Bali Hi-cut panties and they are the microfiber! Oh so great. Have on a nice button down shirt (very thin and see through) that shows of my white bra very well. You can see everything! I am also wearing a pair of Hi-thigh lace hosiery, with matching 18" slip. Oh how I wish someone could see me and hold me. Well I better go for now and play! The email I posted above is no longer in use, I am presently setting up another email address for writing to individuals that wish to panty talk, and I will be setting up a "myspace" for all to enjoy with pics as well. You can go to Herrom.com to find all your panty and bra needs! I do!

William said on 01/12/08 @ 07:17 AM:
What is everyone wearing today!???

mack said on 01/12/08 @ 09:23 AM:
VS Pout ruffle bikinis in pink and green.

Dave said on 01/12/08 @ 12:11 PM:
I am wearing pink nylon vanity fair panties w/ lace. A friend of mine noticed my panty line one day as I bent over. Anyone caught in there panties ?

William said on 01/13/08 @ 10:21 AM:
Hey Mack and Dave, sounds like you are dressing well! Wish I could see all the PINK! Mack I love pink ruffles and Dave, I love lace in any color! Dave as for getting caught wearing panties, well I have been caught! One day I had on a pair of Bali 2144 Lacy Hi-cut panties that has a wide lacy waste band (sticks out above my belt line) and a nice Valmont 23057 leisure bra that also has alot of lace with jeans and a white tee shirt. Well, sometimes I like to put things on and ride around, while out I went to Belks's to look at some more panties. The sales clerk and her assistant come up to assit me said they couldnt help but notice what I was wearing. They said they could see my hi wasted panty lace and bra lace through my thin tee shirt! At first, alittle embarasset, but that turned to erotic after their questionable smiles and seemingly concenr to be of great help. I must say, I was wet by the time they finished picking out a few pair of Jockey French-cut size 9 panties and a front close bra for me. They were very helpful, and they even stated they like my lace, and choices of panties and bras. They wanted to know more about me and were I shoped etc, and I told them mostly at Herroom.com (you can see the Items I mentioned here) and agreed that it is one of the best places on line to shop. After coming home that day, I got my panties all wet, I showered and put on a pair of my new jockeys! As I stood there trying them on and admiring my new look, my wife walked in the room. My heart started to beat hard, I was all excited/scared at the same time, for that was her first encounter with my fetish. After we talked and had great sex, she exclaimed she was not to keen on the panty issue so that still remains in the closet but she knows I still do it though. All in all, that day was wet, erotic, and exciting to say the least. I still go to Belks once in a while and the one lady still works there and is always happy to show me the lattest new stuff, and even lets me try them on if I desire to! I love it!

Sammy said on 01/26/08 @ 08:18 PM:
I certainly do enjoy reading the posts here. Thanks

William said on 01/27/08 @ 09:38 AM:
Sitting here wearing a pair of Jockey French cut panties, Vanity Fair front close lace bra, and thigh high hosirey. Over that, I have on a nice button up white blose with a deep V skirt. Yes, I am getting wet!

William said on 01/28/08 @ 03:06 PM:
Hey everyone! Wearing a nice Vassarette flower print bra (44B) and my Hanes Hi-cut flower print panties (size 9). Both are peach color as well. Before I forget, my above email is no longer in service. I will be coming out with a new one, along with a myspace page as well! Hopfuly we can share some more stories!

William said on 01/29/08 @ 01:12 PM:
Ok, anyone wanting to talk panties?

Jim said on 01/29/08 @ 01:55 PM:
Hi Will, Am still in the mood after talking panties and lingerie with my lady pen pal in Hawaii. It's so n ice finding a lady who gets off on slippery silky fabrics. And I also chat with a German lady who prefers not to wear panties - so the slick polyester lining ins in her skirts can rub her clit all day long!

My Hawaiian lady talks of dressing my cock up in a silky 15 denier vintage nylon stocking as I nurse her tits to a high erection. We just spent two hours chatting as she told of stroking me from head to toe with silky fabrics.

Both these ladies agree there's more to life than panties - like sheer nylon blouses with billowy sleeves - all the b etter to show off your shiny satin bra and your satiny new cami!

And oh yes! A skirt with slick polyester lining to rub oh so sensuously against your nylons!

William said on 01/30/08 @ 03:48 PM:
Jim, you are sooo lucky! Well I just finished shaving my panty lines and sitting here with in my hc-cut panties and a nice Bali bra on. Both are white.

Jim said on 01/31/08 @ 11:33 AM:
Yeah Will, Just got off the chatroom w/German lady - the one who goes w/o panties and selects pleated skirts w/slick polyester linings - she loves to feel the lining stroking her clit whenever she moves around.

And a lady in Indiana that I sometimes buy slippery poly half slips from (to make a silky pouch for Winky and the Twins) likes skirts with slick poly linings - coz they make her shiver w/pleasure as the lining strokes her fine vintage 15 denier nylons. Love to meet her some time!

William said on 02/02/08 @ 10:56 AM:
I just got caught wearing a pair of peach color french hi-cut lace trim panties by a sales clerk in a dressing room! I was trying on a pair of jeans, and apparently forgot to lock the stall door. Well, I had my tee-shirt pulled up, and one leg in the jeans as she just opened right up. She smiled and said sorry, then closed the door. Well I went ahead and tried on the jeans, and after that got dressed and steped out. To my suprise she was still waiting outside to appoligize. I didnt think much about it, and as I was walking away she ask, doesnt your lace come up higher than your belt line, I raised my shirt, and said well, yes. I explaied it was a 2" lace waste band. She took her finger and hooked it inside the band and pulled alittle, and said she liked them. So we talked for a minute or two, and I left. I left alittle wet and hard!

Jim said on 02/02/08 @ 12:29 PM:
Will, get right back to the store and score a date with that sales clerk! Pronto!

lpanty2000 said on 02/03/08 @ 07:01 AM:
sorry for the bad email. been away on vacation. randy or william if you want to talk email at lpanty2000@yahoo.com

William said on 02/03/08 @ 12:48 PM:
Hey Jim, and Ipanty, well Jim, I would but I am married and I dont think three pairs of panties in bed would be good for me! FUN, but not good! My new email is iwfcpty@yahoo.com if yall want to talk or pic etc.

William said on 02/10/08 @ 09:46 AM:
Hey everyone, just steped out of the shower, finished shaving all over down there for my pantie lines and stuff! Put on a pair of microfiber Bali hi-cut panties, along with a nice Bali lacy bra. Getting ready to go and dress alittle more with a shear button down blose and short skirt. After that I shall lick and suck on my fingers as they get wet!

panty boy l said on 02/12/08 @ 10:56 PM:
i am a man and i love to dress like a women i would like to takl

William said on 02/13/08 @ 03:10 PM:
Hey pantyboy! I love to dress up also! I love for others to see/catch me, and to talk about panties and bras.

poppadoc said on 02/13/08 @ 09:40 PM:
I've been wearing panties since I was (about) 5 yrs. old. I get off on nylon (so silky and smooth). (I also get off in nylon sometimes!) I recently lost my wife of 35 years in a car wreck. (I wasn't there!) Anyway she was a little uptight when I told her, but she appreciated the sex! Myh sex drive is still strong and I am still pretty good looking! I'm 6' 6" Tall about 365 pounds (perfect weight for a guy 7' 2") used to be a trucker and had a hell of a collection at one time. Now I'm down to two pairs but I will be buying somemore! I'm too old to steal them from clotheslines anymore, Besides I haven't done that since I was 15-16 years old and almost got caught by the cops! Oh well I've rambled on enough for now! (Oh yeah I am an X-dresser.) Nuf sed?

William said on 02/26/08 @ 07:50 AM:
I have a new myspace page now under Billy Davis, for bras and panties. You can got to it by the URL also iwfchcpanties.com so stop by and share a pic or comment!

SARAH L. said on 02/29/08 @ 07:53 AM:
I didn't believe my eyes i came home from work early one day from work to spend it with my boyfriend I went to my room an the bathroom door was cracked far enough for me to see my boyfriend Billy didgging through my clothes hamper an literally taking out my panties an sniffing them in turn he had a pair of my panties with his dick in my cotton lining of my panties an masturbating with them, while sniffing my panties.he had two other pairs on the floor in front on the clothe hamper with all them turned inside out an the crotches sticking up. I thought i was going to go balistic but continued to watch him to see what he was up to, he then knelt in the floor with a pair of my panties on his head one wrapped around his dick an two others laid out in front he would sniff ocassionally. i couldn't help myself but to masterbate with him as i watched him stroke my panties with his hard dick. When enough was enough i barged in on him an started to laugh he was so embarrassed, He was dumb founded when i caught him with my panties on his head an his dick. but i was so turned on that i caught somebody sniffing an jacking off in my panties that i let him sniff the panties i was wearing while i still had them on watching him jack off made me cum in my panties they were so wet Billy started to cum i told him i wanted to watch him cum, he took the 2 pair of paintes that were on the floor already turned crotch side up an pulled his dick out of my panties he was stroking with an boy did he cum on my panties i couldn't believe that much cum came out of my little Billy. So now i masterbate daily think of my Billy Jacking off in my panties an i leave him wet ones at home. It makes me so hot. Is there any other women that have this problem? And it also make me wonder how many mdifferent men have sniff my panties with out me even knowing or just thinking about it?

Jim said on 02/29/08 @ 01:53 PM:
Beautiful insight Sarah! There probably are millions of guys across North America and indeed the world who get turned on by panties and other silky things.

Wasn't until I went online 8 years ago that I discovered I wasn't the only guy who liked to stroke himself - over the years I graduated to dressing "Winky" in a vintage 15 denier seamless nylon stocking, then taking a vintage Warners polyester half slip (slippery smooth inside and out) and wrapping its waistband around like a cock ring - around cock and balls - - - then bringing it up as a double layered pouch.

The feel of the smooth poly gliding smoothly over the nylon stocking is other-worldy for my shaft and my balls. Worn this way "undercover" I sometimes go this way all day.

Recently been chatting online with a horny housewife 4 time zones west of the frozen Midwest. Couple times a week we enjoy a good 2 hour chat, during which we both get very wet, very quick.

She is old enough to remember when lingerie from slips to panties to nylons was all slippery-smooth, and she loves to dress herself up inher vintage silkies for our Yahoo IM sessions. Of course I have my "package" properly dressed too; what right-thinking guy would waste two hours worth of pre-cum in his cotton jockeys?!

The lady complains her husband is hopelessly conservative; he won't let her go down on him, and he won't go down on her. And she found out long ago he won't let her "dress" his cock and balls in a silky vintage nylon stocking.

You did right by letting things take their natural course with your boyfriend. And it has opened up a whole new world for both of you. Now you need to expand on it, you'll both discover many strange and wonderful things.

Got another housewife chat pal in Europe. She goes without panties so the silky slippery linings of her skirts rub her clit - says that keeps her wet all day long. Says she prefers heavy pleated skirts as the pleats make the polyester lining stroker ever so sensuously.

Gettin' wet there, huh?

lpanty2000 said on 02/29/08 @ 07:15 PM:
hey bill if you want to chat about panty wearing email lpanty2yahoo.com

lpanty2000 said on 03/01/08 @ 10:33 AM:
jim do you think those two housewife would lke to email another man who loves to wear panties. would like to get emails from you as well. am happily married but just need to talk to other that are into men like us who love to wear panties.


pantyman said on 03/02/08 @ 09:16 AM:
I love wearing panties. The skimpier the better. I am straight but love to be dressed in lace or silk. I've turned my girlfriend on to them as well. She likes seeing me in them. Yesterday i was working on our kitchen floor while wearing a lacy thong and the back popped up so it was visible to her. She came over to me, touched it and we made out. Later, she went to the store so i went upstairs and took off my pants to see myself in the mirror with my lacy thong (hard as a rock). She hasn't bought any for me yet or told me which ones to wear, but she still likes them. I buy from online at xdress.com. They have some sexy things.

William said on 03/05/08 @ 03:10 PM:
Hey everyone, I xcan my myspace account, could not get anyone to veiw or write. My email is iwhcpty@yahoo.com so please feel free to write and send pics. Also lpanty I cannot seem to get your email right so please send me mail so I can write back. Sarah (above sounds nice!) Wish my wife was like that!! Well everyone write, see ya! iwhcpty@yahoo.com

William said on 03/07/08 @ 12:15 PM:
email = iwhcpty@yahoo.com to talk panties and bras! Billy

mack said on 03/10/08 @ 05:46 PM:
eveyone should wear panties, I do not get to wear as much as I like, but my wife like picking what I wear, and loves to buy me new pairs.

pantyman said on 03/12/08 @ 11:42 AM:
I really like the panties that i can feel as i move around. I especially like thongs. I also lke the feel of tangas as they hold my butt somewhat and i get a little bit of a wedgie from walking around. The feeling of knowing i'm wearing something very erotic under my jeans without anyone else knowing is a big turn-on.
I have a black teddy with bows and attached nylons stockings w g-string. One time when i was walking the dog, i put it on under my jeans and shirt. It was quite the rush!! I can just imagine the looks i'd get if thats all i was wearing.
I'm getting wet just thinking about it. :)

dave said on 03/12/08 @ 12:26 PM:
I wear panties 24/7 and now included in my attire a camisole. The ultimate and knowing that the outline is visable is exciting too. You ??

pantyman said on 03/12/08 @ 12:48 PM:
I have a couple of camisoles. I like the satin ones and like to feel my nipples through them. What kind of panties do you wear?, especially those that wear them 24/7? Does anyone have any crotchless panties? I have a pair and find them extremely erotic!

dave said on 03/12/08 @ 02:47 PM:
I like full panties in pastel colors prefer nylon . Ny cami;d are mostly white nylon . I was inrtraduced to my pretties by a buddy.

pantyman said on 03/13/08 @ 09:43 AM:
I plan on wearing panties tonight. They are full briefs and baby blue with a little bow on the front. They are super soft cotton and my girlfriend loves to touch me when i wear them. They get me so wet!

daveDdadavevdaveieave said on 03/13/08 @ 01:49 PM:
Your panties sound so pretty and trust that your GFgets into your panties tonight.

mack said on 03/13/08 @ 06:22 PM:
I wear all styles of panties, but only one brand, that is Victoria Secret, the feel the best. My wife loves when I wear them, she loves to give me hand jobs and make me cum in the panties.

mack said on 03/25/08 @ 07:02 PM:
does anyone else like to wear vs panties. I love all the syles and different cuts. I could go broke ordering from them, thank goodness for clearance.

Randy said on 03/28/08 @ 12:46 PM:
Mack, I have a couple pair of VS panties and bra sets my favorite is the Miracle Bra Embroidered Satin bra with matching thongs I have one in purple and pink. I starting to get wet just thinking about it. My favorite are the Vintage string Bikinis from Delicates (JcPennys) that are discontinued now, but you can still buy them on ebay, If you want a panty that feels sexy and wears great all day then They get my vote, also the show a very nice panty line when wearing dress slacks which really turns me on. Also were is everyone from it would be nice to know if someone was local, it would be fun to have a panty friend close by. I'm from the SE Michigan. hope this message find you all.

lpanty2000 said on 04/05/08 @ 06:16 AM:
pantyman i have 2 crotchless pairs wear them when i want to feel sexy.

lpanty2000 said on 04/05/08 @ 06:18 AM:
what happened to william. i tried to email at the address posted and it has been returned account inactive
reply lpanty2000@yahoo.com

pantyman said on 04/07/08 @ 11:29 AM:
I'm thinking about ordering the crotchless panties from Frederick's of Hollywood. They have a big red bow on the back of them and look super sexy. I'm getting wet at my desk just thinking about it right now! I really like when i'm wearing my current crotchless panties and my girlfriend teases my butt with her fingers (she's such a tease) it drives me nuts!!!
I'm also going to place an order with Victoria Secret and try out some sexy wear.

mack said on 04/08/08 @ 12:57 PM:
I love the look of the new vs high waiste panties. I can not wait to get hard wearing a pair for my wife.....maybe we can get matching pairs

william said on 04/22/08 @ 02:54 PM:
Hey lpanty an all! I am back, sorry for the missing in action stuff. Looks like everyone is still in panties! I have on a nice new pair of hicut panties, with matching bra! Both are burgendy color! I love it! My new email is iwhicutpanties@yahoo.com so yall cum and write!

pantyman said on 05/09/08 @ 10:06 PM:
No one posts here anymore huh. That sucks. Just wanted to let you know i plan to go to Wal-Mart and pick up some sweet Vassaretter thongs tomorrow. They are so sexy i'm getting wet just thinking about them.

lpanty2000 said on 05/10/08 @ 06:15 AM:
hey pantyman if you want to cht about panties write lpanty2000@yahoo.com. william your new email does not work anymore.

deedee said on 05/10/08 @ 07:38 AM:
Try Satique for the cexie panty in pink tricot

deedee said on 05/10/08 @ 07:38 AM:
Try Satique for the cexie panty in pink tricot

Lyn said on 05/10/08 @ 09:02 AM:
Hi I am a sissyfied TV completely dedicated and in love with nylon panties, girdles,bra and everything feminin.
Before making love I have bodylotion and perfume all ove me. Sometimes even bodypowder. When I make love to my panties I have at least 3 or 4 XXXXL panties on me and 3 or 4 girls nylons over my face. Best is when I have som used panties closest to my nose. Then I have a bra with silicones
a garter belt,corset or a girdle with nylons fastened. I also use to have highheels and sometimes directoire knickers. Usually I have a tampon in me. I want to be totally wrapped in panties when I make love.

Colin said on 05/30/08 @ 07:00 PM:
I love to wear my mother-in-law's panties, I really like to lick the vaginal stains which she leaves on them. They taste really good.

walker said on 05/31/08 @ 03:40 PM:
any of you like to wear girls shorts and masrutbate in them . and what color you love most.

Mark said on 06/05/08 @ 07:55 AM:
After stumbling onto this website and reading the stories i got excited and went on a quest for panties!.Have some really nice ones now and enjoy them so much i hate mens underwear ! Panties feel so good. I only want satin and nylon etc. Its exciteing to spread them all out and see how many differen't kinds i have. I Had a new experiance when i went to bed in a pair of them! Mark

Joy_lover said on 06/18/08 @ 03:01 PM:
Has anyone else besides Jim tried any of Ebay seller CHOICE_JOY's amazing panties? Take a look at item 150243461411. It is worth every penny! One recent buyer wrote as feedback:
"Four words: Who needs a woman?!" I wear these wonderful garments day and night; have never been happier in my whole life. Would love to read others' comments. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Kevin said on 07/19/08 @ 08:49 AM:
Hey Jim I know exactly the feel you describe with the vintage stocking over winky. I prefer to wear Vanity Fair full cut panties in a larger size.
This way there is room to slip slide all day. I must try that half slip method you describe. Sounds very fun for all day long pleasure.

Jim said on 07/21/08 @ 06:50 AM:
Hey Kevin, are the vanity Fairs slippery sheer nylon? If so, a Warners polyester (shiny smooth inside and outside) warn inside the VF's will have quite an effect around your entire pelvis. And when you dress Winky and the Twins in some vintage seamless 15 denier nylon, ohboy!

Kevin said on 07/21/08 @ 08:29 AM:
Yes they are semi sheer. I have quite a collection of them. The ones they made about 6 years ago were more sheer.
But I have found todays fabric feels the same. I noticed last year they added a shimmer to look to the nylon.
The pink one are great also yellow.
I have been undder dressing for 30 years. Love to collect vintage nylons.
I have to try the polyester slips you talk about.

Shooter said on 08/04/08 @ 09:09 AM:
My wife got underwear that were too big for her and as she was going to throw them away,for a joke I asked if they would fit me,and they did I found them very soft and wearable, my wife became so turned on seeing me in panties, that now I wear them all the time and we even have matching sets it has given our sex life a real boost too.

pantyman said on 08/12/08 @ 07:37 PM:
The other day i dressed up for my girlfriend. I put on a purple lace cami, a super short crystal mesh skirt and a tiny matching g string. I then stood at the top of the stairs and told her to come over there. We were so overcome with passion it was amazing. I got on my knees and took her!! I highly recommend it

steve said on 09/02/08 @ 12:25 PM:
It has not been an accepted practice for men to wear womens undergarments. I have been since a little boy, at first is was curiosity, now it is for pleasure. Satin panties touching my genitalia is the bomb. I own a variety of womens lingerie from panties to slips to garter-belts/stockings, the whole realm. If women don't like it, too bad. It is a "ME" thing and not them. Forever to be crossdressed, yes I am a straight male.

Jim said on 09/04/08 @ 09:01 PM:
Offhand I'd say all cders are straight.

Jim said on 09/19/08 @ 07:43 PM:
Been buying from a marvelous eBay seller for several years. Store name is soft-desire. You need to follow her offerings regularly, she consistently lists fantastic slips and panties. Also corsets and nylons.

180289815326 is the Item number for two Vanity Fair Panties (for the price of one). End time": 18:33 (6:33PM) PDT.

180289443426 is a pair of Victoria's Secret satin tap panties - red with black lace.

Even when I'm not buying I just like to look at her offerings.

No one has clearer, sharper pics of the items, so you know what you're getting beforehand. Always a nice shopping experience, especially when you open the package. So wonderfully scented!

Great lady!

Joy_lover said on 09/24/08 @ 04:31 AM:
Forget the images and scents! Go for the PLEASURE of WEARING them. NOTHING beats the v_g_n_ panties like item 190247523046 or any other sleeve panty from Choice_joy. I wear them day and night; I guess that is an ADDICTION.

tm said on 09/24/08 @ 01:15 PM:
I have been doing it for about 15yrs now, I just love the way they feel and look on both my and my girlfreind, she knows but is not into it but she still feels me up in them when I ask. I steal freinds knickers and get my girlfreind to feel me in them she thinks they are mine lol. I am not gay in any way and it is only the pants that i like to put on the bras do nothing for me, I love to have them on while having sex.

Nameless One said on 10/03/08 @ 11:36 AM:
where in Iowa can I find soied nylon pantys cant live with out the smell and the soft ness of women used pantys love to masterbate with them let me know the pantyuser

sliplover said on 10/09/08 @ 08:32 PM:
Is there anyone out there who love to wear slips. Full slips or half slips, it doesn't matter.
I would love nothing more than to find an attractive woman who still loves to wear slips, either at work or play. I find them very arousing and sexy. I don't think there is anything more sexy than a nylon slip shimmering over a sexy womans body. I get hard enough to cut diamonds when I see a woman wearing a slip, especially if she's wearing it for me.

Jim said on 10/23/08 @ 09:02 PM:
An eBay seller of fine satin slips and panties informs me she is thinking about offering ladies slacks with slippery silky linings.

She wants to know how many guys would like to get their own slacks or their suit pants lined.

Whenever she auctions a skirt with slippery linings, she advertises how the lining will soothingly glide over the wearer's nylons. So she asked me if I think guys would want their guy-type pants or slacks to have silky, slippery linings?

I'll send her 5 or 6 pairs if she decides to go ahead with this, and I want the linings to go from the belt line down to the ends of the pant legs. With or without wearing nylons underneath I think I'd love wearing slacks with slippery, shiny linings. Sure be neat having the linings soothingly rubbing me through my panties!

So give a holla, and I'll pass the word to this eBay sella!

Joy_lover said on 11/03/08 @ 06:07 AM:
Jim, why don't you try some simple pettipants? They would be much cheaper. I wear them sometimes in the winter ilo long-johns.

Micky the panty lover said on 11/04/08 @ 05:40 PM:
Hi everyone,

Just to let you know that I love panties too. My wife has been a bit iffy about since i told her about 6 months ago. However she surprised me on our 12th wedding anniversary the other day by buying me a lovely bracelet and 2 pairs of black soft lacy panties one for her and of course one for me. We had the maddest sex ever and it was absolutely hot she came again and again as i was so hard. We enjoyed it that much that we are now planning a dirty weekend away to where she told me that I am not allowed to take any of my own underpants with me and that the whole weekend she will buy me matching ones to hers to wear. Wohoo thats why i love her so much and get so turned on by her. I started wearing her panties about 7 years ago as sometimes i found that putting on a pair of her panties made me miss her less and i felt closer to her when she wasn't there. Any way i am so excited that she is apart of it now that i cant wait for the weekend away

Joy_lover said on 11/05/08 @ 05:38 AM:
Micky, consider yourself VERY lucky your wife understands and enjoys.

stephen said on 11/10/08 @ 05:57 PM:
I really think that people need to use their brains a little with the topic of men wearing womens lingerie. I say that blatently because it's so true. We are born without clothes, girls are not born wearing high heel shoes, and neither are boys wearing boxer shorts, so where is the issue I ask???.

Society has determined the clothing which is worn by woman and men and no one else. There is nothing in clothing that derives from nature and is only about what society accepts. In saying that, how does a man wearing lingerie determine his sexual orientation which is supposed from all accounts have been decided genetically at birth???

Women want, do, and get away with in society wearing virtually anything they desire, but a man can't ??? Is that sexist or double standards or what ???. A woman complains that she missed out on her dream job because she is female and all hell breaks loose with sexist issues etc. etc., why ??? She may not have been chosen for the job being female, but she can wear skirts, stockings and high heels, as compromise instead which is fair, isn't it, when complaining of sexism??? Can't have everything surely ???

So why would a man want to wear or try on sexy lingerie, including panties, a bra, garter belt slip.nightgown, skirt and blouse, some women just can't understand. Use your brains ladies, doesn't wearing lingerie make you feel sexy too. Well, sexy lingerie and clothes have a "big" effect on me, so I would imagine also for most guys, the effect would be as great or greater. I will ask again ladies, how come you can't imagine why a man would like to experience this ??? I would say that you don't want to understand, from the point of keeping anything soft and nice, exclusively for your own pleasure. How selfish don't you think ????

Sure I agree that there is no way I would wear high heels to work, or do the gardening in a mini skirt out in the street, but only for the reason that society would make life miserable for doing so. Can I at least wear a bra and panties under my male clothes if no on could detect them ???

In the privacy of our bedroom, who cares if I want to experience the feelings I feel. Loving women and needing the closeness of femininty, doesn't sound queer or homosexual to me. I would be more worried if I wanted her to wear work boots, and a hard hat to bed and give me Anal. That's far more queer than a desire to feel what it's like to wear a bra and panties to bed and be next to her !

A desire to be close to and love femininity, how can that be so wrong ??? You are being silly here ladies, please use your brains, and enjoy his respect and understanding of women, and more to the point, that he views women and femininity far more than merely a nice warm hole in which to place his penis to achieve an orgasm!!!

I guess some women must enjoy their femininty being defined solely from what lies between their legs. I like to be thought of as a man who loves, takes care of, and respects women and everything about them, and to also wear a bra and panties without being made to feel like a monster !!!!

Joy_lover said on 11/12/08 @ 05:28 AM:
Stephen: excellent thoughts! Great first post! Thanks.

mike1979 said on 01/01/09 @ 09:57 AM:
i,ve been wearing panties since i was little. started with sisters then clothes lines.. i would put on sexy silk bikinis in pastels,, 1st started jerking off in them, thru time i played with my pantyass while jerking off.. took a job cutting grass in neighborhood,, one hot day a neighbor invited me in to cool off,, was drinking tea and talking when he all a sudden said i had a cute pantyass,, i turned red but he said he notice my lavender panties when i was working in skimpy shorts.. he asked to see them so i pulled my shorts off showing him my tight pantyass.. he touched them and i got nervous but he just kept on.,,, my cock got hard and he started rubbing it thru myt panties,,,, he stode up and removed his shorts exposing a huge cock poking outta silk lite green panties,,,, i was very nervous but wanted to touch him back,,, soon i was jerking his cock when he took me by my head and put his cock on my lips,, i kissed the tip which made it grow harder,,, he taught me how to please a man with my mouth and i never had to steal another pair of panties as he kept me dressed sexy,, the 1st time he took my virginity he dressed me in all white,,, panties,garter,thi-hi,s, and a silky babydoll nitey,,, i felt like a fem women and was ready for my 1st cock,after a while i was able to take all of him in me and work my hips to meet his thrusts. i felt so sexy taking him in me knowing i was pleasing his big cock(i could only take the head and little bit in my mouth).. feeling his balls slapping my panties as he thrustin me,,,,wow i was hooked!! after i came over several times to b his girl he told me his wife and him had seen me taking panties off clothes line and had decided that i would be his girl and they would dress and teach me how to please a man,,, i,m now 23 and attracted to older masc men

poo stains said on 01/16/09 @ 08:32 PM:
I like panties they are delicious but my wife walked in when I had a pair on a pair around my neck to pull on and a pair with the crotch over my nose and another pair was inserted in my ass well she left and came back with her ex and told me they had been still f--king for years and I am not a man They have sex in front of me and I laughed because she was horrible in bed and I said thanks for the panties bye and they left I've been happy ever since and I still have her panties.

Bill S said on 03/31/09 @ 03:10 PM:
I love to wear bright pink panties with lace. I like to wear them under my pants to work. I do it all the time.

D4Panty said on 04/18/09 @ 10:39 PM:
I began wearing girls' panties since I was four when I ran out of underwear and I had to wear my sister's panties. It felt so good and I was rock hard at that age. I would wear them once in a while. I was kind of "caught" when I was about 13 when I had my sister's panties on that had flowers on them. She saw me with them on from the top of my pants. I told her I had a comic book inside of my underwear.

Then I went to college and used to take dance at a women's college. Since I was the only male in the class, the men's locker room was also used to do laundry for women's swimsuits. I tried one on, got hard, took it to my dorm, put it back on, masturbated in them, and got my first orgasm masturbating. I had done it some more times, then when I dated some women I would wear her panties and masturbate in them.

I have been married for aobut 15 years and still masturbate in panties. I buy young girlie magazines, tile them on the floor with my favorite poses (especially girls with the "inny" vaginas and no hair), and go to town.

Doing this is much better than raping a woman. I wear panties to work sometimes. I wear them to the Asian spas and the women there say, "sexy man, sexy panties." Some of them laugh. I even wear sport bras sometimes. By the way, sports bras are good for men to wear It keeps the nipples warm in the winter. Maybe one day we will see men in the NBA and NFL wearing sports bras. That would be a strong fashion statement.

I had a woman pee in her panties before. I would keep these panties in a plastic bag for later on (several pair). Then I would put them on (one at a time) and masturbate in them. The feel of pussy-pee on my dick made me feel so good.

I am as straight as a razor.

BILL S. said on 05/09/09 @ 08:01 PM:
I love to wear bright pink panties with lace. I like to wear them under my pants to work. I do it all the time. Please post comments on here, letting me know what you think. Thanks.

Joy_lover said on 05/10/09 @ 02:44 PM:
BILL S. Try some panties from eBay seller choice_joy. She has pink with lace. You'll love them.

Bill S. said on 06/06/09 @ 06:04 PM:
I love to wear bright pink lace panties under my pants to work. Do any of you guys do that?

panty lover said on 06/22/09 @ 09:49 PM:
I LOVE PANTIES !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I started wearing panties by age 7. I started with my sisters panties because we were about the same size. My mother caught me warring them and asked why.
I said that they feel comfortable and I liked the look of them.
After welling at me, i said that i would never do it again. Unfortunately she caught me again.
She asked the same question and I said, " Mom, they feel confortable and I like wearing them".
She caught me a 3rd time. Same question, same response!
Finally to embarrass me, we went shopping for panties and a bra. I didn't tell her but I was excited to do it. So as not to be an embarrassment to her, we went to a different part town.
As we walked up to the sales lady my mother said, " I need to buy panties and bra for my son. Can you help me find the right size" Mon thought that she would embarrass me and that I would scream and cry to go home. Much to my mother's surprise I did not throw a tantrum. At that point, she was forced to go through with her plan.
After the sales lady measured my hips, she determined the proper size. I picked 6 pairs of panties of different colors, but got 2 black pairs. The bra was simple. It was the smallest training bra available. She bought me three of them.
On the way home my mother said, "Jimmy, I want you to wear this items every day. Do you understand me"! I said yes mother. She never knew at that time how happy she made me.
I guess this was her way to try and stop me from wearing girls underwear, but it backfired. As I got older, she finally accepted me as I was and we would eventually shop for lingerie together.

rainbow said on 07/04/09 @ 04:42 AM:
HI Guys..

Its soo great to find other people loving the same thing that I do for so many years. I've worn, used and jerked off in 100s of panties so far. My first panty was my Sisters' I've jerked off in most of her panties mostly cotton and nylon. Still remember the pink striped panty which i wore for the first time. i loved the smell of her private place. I later started stealing panties from wash lines, neighbours toilets etc. I've worn many panties belonging to my friends mom. I also love wearing sexy bras and swimming costumes and admire myself in the mirror. My mom caught me by finding panties and swim suit of a neighbour in my closet. I promised to not to do that again, but here I am trying every opportunity to steal sexy lingerie. I dont like buying them from stores. Stealing and wearing used panties excite me. I stole 8 very sexy lacy black, pink and red panties of my colleague in office when she got her luggage to office for travel. panties make my dick stand up like a iron rod.. and i love to jerk it off.

Nowadays I love this sexy neighbour near my house and walk down to steal, wear, jerk and replace the panties in her washline which she wears it again next morning.. i feel like I am touching her sexy cunt.

Gold_Digger said on 07/09/09 @ 04:29 AM:
I been wearing panties since I was 10. Started with my mums. Then tried my sisters but she is too small even though she is older and bigger than me round the waist. I stopped for a while then started taking from charity shops which i worked in. some of them used and you could see the marks. I now take from my neighbours line. Thongs, hipsters, silk panties. I have to go out my bedroom window and crawl through a bush. Its so exciting the thought of being caught. I masturbate in there garden then take 1 or 2 pairs and head back. I have 26 in my collection but it will grow for sure.

Jim said on 07/09/09 @ 08:40 PM:
Next time you're out, steal yourself a shiny smooth Japanese satin charmeuse half slip by Farr West. Or else go on eBay or Google and key in Farr West.
Wrap the Farr West waistband around your "package" fairly tightly so it acts as a silky sensuous cock ring. Then pull the rest of the slip upward and over a length of nice satin ribbon that you've already tied around your waist. Your already erect cock and the undersides of your balls will feel of heavenly sensation of the shiny smooth Farr West satin charmeuse as you walk or sit. Great for wearing undercover all day!

You'll never go back to panties again. Also type in "ridged satin sleeve panties" in Google, and see what you find - - - Joy and her "PantyPlan" store on eBay. Imagine - tight fitting slippery-inside (Japanese satin) panties that slip-slide around your tummy, hips and behind while your raging cock is held securely and caressed inside a ridged satin sleeve. What a way to take an invigorating walk!

BILL S. said on 08/02/09 @ 08:15 AM:
I like to wear bright pink lace panties under my pants to work, hoping that I will get caught. Please tell me if this is strange. Thank you.

purplepantyeater said on 08/19/09 @ 04:44 PM:
First off, I'm as straight as they come. I was always curious about panties ever since I was 12 years old. I used to steal them from girls I lived with in a children's home. Then I actually tried stealing from a store, but wised up & began paying for them. I figured its more embarrasing to get caught stealing them than to pay for them. When I put on my first pair, it felt awesome. 20 years later, I still like wearing them. I actually have more women's panties than I do men's underwear. I enjoy wearing satin high cut panties. I have wanted to try wearing thong panties to see what its like, but haven't found any in my size. I'd also like to try getting some satin sleep pants. I perfer to masturbate in them. The only way I know how to explain it is that I have a panty fetish. I also like taking two pair satin panties & tying them around my face & image a hot looking woman sitting on my face. I also like to imagine her handcuffing me & having her way with me. To me its not about feeling sexy, I'd just like to experience what a woman feels when she has an orgasm. Its gotta be different from a male orgasm.

photousa said on 09/17/09 @ 07:51 AM:
I first wore panties when I was 10 yo..I wore my cousins panties .. sghe was 12 yo.she say me in he rpanties..She loved it. we had so much fun after school each day.
I would love ot chat with other panty boys and panty lovers too. my e-mail is photousa@yahoo.com. I have yahoo messenger too.......photousa

BILL S., Florida said on 10/02/09 @ 10:02 PM:
I like to wear bright pink lace panties under my pants to work, hoping that I will get caught. Please tell me if this is strange. Thank you.

c2craftsman said on 10/14/09 @ 02:48 PM:
would you please take my comments off this site i would thk you

mrashley said on 10/15/09 @ 11:30 AM:
I started wearing panties in High School - some 25 years ago. I stopped for quite some time - until I was around 22 then started up again. I have always had little additctions and that is for sure one of them. Now I wear my wifes when I can, and I buy from VS online and other stores. I don't mind going into the stores to buy but find it so much easier to buy online.

I usually wear a few times a week to work, but unlike a lot of men here I don't want to get caught. I like this being my little secret that my wife doesn't know about.

I do however have a close female friend in CA who knows and we talk about it a lot. She sends me panties and i send her some... and we talk about and share preety things...

I love that part... feeling a little girlish with a girl who understands... then being the man at home with my wife...

strange fetish isn't it.??

mrashley said on 10/15/09 @ 11:32 AM:
Also.. i love n NY now... looking for a local "support" group who would like to talk about our fetish... maybe go shopping together etc. I will check back periodically to see if anyone is interested

Nameless One said on 10/27/09 @ 05:21 PM:
Buy online,sissie style plus size panties?

paul said on 10/28/09 @ 05:37 AM:
Store selling "sissie"style, plus size, panties..THANKS!

mrashley said on 11/12/09 @ 11:04 AM:
Victoria Secrets now sells XL in some of their panties .. they have gotten hip to the fact that men wear them too...

Ozifun said on 12/01/09 @ 03:53 PM:
I just stumbled over this site the other day. I have been wearing panties since I was about 10. I used to get my mothers out of the laundry hamper before I had my bath each night and play in them. Some times I would even climb into the bath with them on (thought she would not notice as they were in the laundry hamper). Had my first cum wearing a pair of her baby blue nylon panties while they were all wet and wearing them in the bath. I was hooked from then. Reading all of these posts I have just gone out and bought a pink satin bra and matching panties and are wearing them as I type this (boy are they wet).

Anyone who would like to email me my address is ozifun66@y7mail.com I am in Sydney Australia.

Cheers for now


KGrant said on 12/03/09 @ 08:43 AM:
My new manties arrived today. I have a pair on, and I'm ..... feels soooo good!

Ozifun said on 12/03/09 @ 06:32 PM:
I went out and bought match pair of hickory white full briefs with blue flower lace side panels and bra on Tuesday. The bra was too small so I had to take it back and exchange it. I get such a buzz shopping for lingerie and buying it. It was fun discussing sizing with the sales lady. She didn't ask who the bra was for, but I was hoping she would so that I could have told her it was for me. Now have 13 panties. 5 bras, 2 sets of bikinis, two nighties, a slip and a camisol.

John B said on 12/04/09 @ 12:42 AM:
Hard to believe some of the semi-literate chimpanzees who contribute to this shite.

KGrant said on 12/07/09 @ 11:16 AM:
I really like my new manties. Im cumming in them right now

derrick said on 01/15/10 @ 05:50 AM:
I love to wear pretty panties too. I wish my wfe knew. I have to wait for her to leave n the morning for work then hurry up and slip on a pair of panties. I started buying my own about a year ago. I have worn them to work a couple of times and would actually like to get caught in them. I have even taken pics of myself in panties and posted online. I kind of like being a little panty sissy...

Ozifun said on 01/27/10 @ 02:35 PM:
Hey derrick where did you post those pictures. Let me know so I can appreciate them

paul said on 03/03/10 @ 11:58 PM:
mrashley..i live in nyc too,24/7 panties/bra.interested in a group,and shopping together..let's say hello/post your contct info.open to anyone else in nyc.i am a native manhattan guy.BEST!Paul

paul said on 03/04/10 @ 09:19 PM:
online/regular store selling full cut xl+ panties/luxury fabric i.e.silk..like 'em loose..thanks P

DanaLynn said on 03/06/10 @ 06:08 PM:
I am a long time panty wearer. I really wish my wife was into me wearing panties, but she isn't. We won't even mention bras!!
I love pink panties and wear pink barely there panties every day to work. I teach high school and often wonder what my girsl have on.
I'd love to have the guts to try a guy. I wonder what it would be like to feel a man between my legs, humping my panties like there was really a pussy there, getting hard, and maybe sticking it in my panties to cum. Turns me on just to think about it.

david said on 03/15/10 @ 12:34 AM:
I been wearing panties and girl cloths all my life .my aunt started dress me as a girl since the age of 5yrs old . she found it was easer to make me behave,after awhile she throw out all my boy cloths made me wear all girl cloths and girls shoes . till i was about 18. and i still wear women cloths today.

don said on 03/25/10 @ 03:26 AM:
I love to wear bras,panties, hose and heels while i masturbate

ilovepantys said on 05/01/10 @ 03:11 PM:
I love pantys. Been wearing and stealing them since I was 4. I have been a complete collector and love all things panty related would love ot chat with fellow panty lovers - paimgmt@gmail.com

amanda said on 05/15/10 @ 05:30 PM:
I sell my used panties if anyone is interested yourangel1054@yahoo.com I would LOVE to hear from you!!! XOXOXOXOXOOXOX Amanda

c2craftsman said on 06/03/10 @ 01:07 AM:
well for one i dont feel silly any more about wearing panties my wife of 26 yrs loves me and we have one hell of a nite making love till the wee hours of the morning in our panties like we say ill never go back to mens underwear p.s. if you like to talk about how you love panties pm me at c2craftsman @yahoo.com

c2craftsman said on 06/03/10 @ 01:18 AM:
yes i do love wearing nylon panties my wife enjoys me in them too, love getting a bj in them like to talk about panties c2craftsman@yahoo.com

CASADO BH said on 06/22/10 @ 04:36 PM:
yes i do love wearing panties. I wish my wife know. I wait for her leave de house to wear, the brazil panties is so pretty end small. gato20100@aol.com

CASADO BH said on 06/24/10 @ 03:29 PM:

silkysforme said on 11/21/10 @ 09:29 AM:
I love the way sliky panties feel on my naked cock and balls. Have any of you tried microfiber panties there so silky and conforming to my huge bulge. I especially like wearing them to the shower and soap myself down with the panties on the feeling is so arousing you cant help but to have a massive orgasm. Stroking my self with polyester satin of all types it such a turn on.

Charles Beals said on 02/06/11 @ 05:44 AM:
Hi, I previously tried the Joy Panties (choice_joy), but I didn't think they were that good.

The best panties I ever bought were from:-


Also when you email them about it THEY DO NOT ANSWER.

Take care and be EXTRA vigilant out there when shopping for panties.


jim said on 05/11/11 @ 12:33 AM:
I have been whereing panties when I Was seventeen. fist one my aunt's looking very hot. then i use to stole from my g.f since then i am whering regular basic when ever i get chance. to day i am sixty years still i enjoy whereing silky panties. i hve a good collection from my friends wife's , also i exchange with my in laws. i can recomend to any men womens panties are very sexy and comfatable.

Pantyboi said on 03/15/12 @ 06:53 PM:
Mike1979 love your story u r so lucky.

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