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Googleable Unsecured Web Cams and Printers

Anybody who likes to dig into and break things knows that Google can dig up quite a bit of stuff that people don't realize. The latest trick? People are using Google to find unsecured Web and security cams (we're talking Web cams that you can control, move around, zoom, etc..., potentially reading documents at an office).

Here's the search links I've seen so far from here, here, here, here and here:

Link (root/pass works for the user/password on some of them)
Many More Here

People are having a great deal of fun with this, watching people's reactions in the camera as they're watching as the cam is moving around, acting funny, etc... . And there are piles of people hitting the same camera, so you sometimes can just sit there and watch while people move the camera around. It's pretty dang fascinating, and bound to make people around the world wonder what the hell is going on. Some of these things even have sound.

Google can be used to search for unsecured printers and other networks as well. Check out these two articles for more Google hacks. Some people are using these kinds of searches to find printers, as well (I know I've already found quite a few using URL searches based on some of the ones in our office that are Web accessible). I won't even point to some of unsecured network switches I came across (based on the unique URLs as some of the ones in our office).

On a side note, anybody whose "private" or "office use only" networks or Web cams that show up on here need to fire their IT guy.

Update: Here's an easy to use UI for browsing open cams (with Geographic information).

Posted by Jake on 01/05/05 @ 03:32 PM
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