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Is anybody else getting Referral Spam on their blog? I happened to check my referral logs for the month, and I've got a pile of faked referral hits from sites that have never linked to me (a bunch of DVD sales sites, some Poker sites, several sites that sell watches, etc...). I won't give the URLs here because that would just give them more publicity, but looking at my AWStats page, most of my top 30 links from external pages are coming from spam sites, and I have a feeling it's not helping the speed of my site.

Looking online, it appears I'm not alone in this. The reason? Because these folks are hoping your blog is running a script that displays that latest referrals to your site. So they'll fake a referral link to have their link appear on your site (increasing their page rank, giving them a link, etc...).

Anybody have any solutions for blocking these morons, or am I just going to have to start turning off my referral logs (which I'd like to avoid, in case I ever feel the need to ego surf)?

Posted by Jake on 12/29/04 @ 11:09 AM
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