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Well what do you know. Thanks to the handy Google Alerts, I found out that The Independent mentioned this site in an article about blogging:

Yes, yes and yes. It is not that blogs have encouraged those with dull lives to write. They always have written - the blog lets them to do it in public. Some write monstrously self-regarding round robins each year; the blog lets them to do it cumulatively. The great blogs will survive, even those that make a zen-like, minimalist art-from out of their own dullness (see, for example, http://www.wibsite.com/wiblog/dull/) or those that, even in their dullness, manage to fascinate (http://utterlyboring.com/), if only because they give some insight, however accidental (or self-consciously contrived) into other people's lives.
I'm dull, but I fascinate. Right on! I think this site is in need for a new motto.

Posted by Jake on 12/28/04 @ 06:55 PM
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Barney said on 12/28/04 @ 07:59 PM:
Congrats, mate? Though you'd get a bloody lot more readers from the Brits if the frickin' Web article's links WORKED. What kind of an online piece o' work izzat? (And are you in print, too, snuggled up with one of them half-nekkid Page 3 girls? If not, wot's the bloody use, eh?;-)

Jake said on 12/28/04 @ 09:38 PM:
If I ever get snuggled up with a Page 3 girl (totally different publication, but oh well), I wouldn't be complaining. ;)

Alan E Brain said on 12/29/04 @ 02:28 AM:
What pretentious BS. But then again, that's par for the course at the Independent. How positively Condescending of them.

I'm an Australian RWDB, 20 years older than you and with quite different politics. I diagree with you on most things political. But I'm still a regular and admiring reader. The tech hints are usually useful (and I've been nominated for 'Best Australian Tech Blog 2005'), but it's the other stuff, the links to whimsical sites and pithy personal observations that keeps me coming back for more. Of your blog, that is, not the mind-numbingly chatteringly classical Dull-as-dishwater and terminally trendy Independent.

Anyway, hope this mention gives you some ego-boo, though you deserve rather more than a damning-with-faint-praise, and from an MSM outlet a bit better than the Indy.

Jake said on 12/29/04 @ 09:08 AM:
Thanks for (what I think are) complements, Alan! ;-)

Neil T. said on 12/29/04 @ 01:46 PM:
Excellent! The Indy has a readership of around 250,000 per day so you may have attracted quite a bit of attention :)

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