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Merry "Return All Your Presents" Day

It's the day after Christmas, and all through the office, everybody's running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

Today is one of the busiest days of the year in Sunriver. Today, 90% of the 150 homes we rent are arrivals today, and about 75% of them are departures. It's a frickin' madhouse in the office. Most of our Front Desk employees are out helping housekeeping, as is some of our accounting department. There's two of us at the front desk, things are going crazy, and I haven't had any caffeine yet. This day is going to suck.

The weather in Sunriver (and most of Central Oregon) looks like this right now:

It's snowing right now (and it's real snow, unlike that frost in Houston that TheDren calls snow), and has been snowing most of the morning.

As for Christmas, it was an enjoyable time. The kids got spoiled rotten, as usual. My wife and I got several really nice gifts, and some really odd ones. My grandparents, for example, are really nice folks, but send some different items. One set of grandparents sent me some pictures -- of themselves. A nice wallet-sized for me to keep in my wallet along with my kids, I guess. My other grandparents sent everybody in the family $50 Gift Certificates for Applebees -- except Lydia and I, who received some plastic glasses with some odd-ball sports designs on them. I remember one year, this same grandparent said she didn't send us certificates one year because there wasn't an Applebees where we lived, but then went on to send them to other folks in my family -- who all live within three miles of me.

Oh well. Otherwise, it was a good holiday. Lydia and I got some home improvement stuff -- new vanity and sink for our bathroom, and movable island/countertop thingy for the kitchen. We also got some DVDs: Shawshank Redemption 10th Anniversary Edition, Star Wars Trilogy (we need to take it back so we can get the Widescreen version), Reno 911 First Season DVD, Aladdin, and a couple others for the kids. I also got a Leatherman Super Tool 200, some much-need clothes, a portable cribbage set (just need to find somebody to play with now), and a few other odds and ends. Hannah got a Leapster that she isn't going to be letting go of anytime soon, I know that. I'm at the office, so I can't think of the other stuff that we all got off the top of my head.

So, did anybody else get anything stupidly cool?

Anyway, more regular blogging later, once I clear out my back log in my RSS reader and in my e-mail inbox.

Posted by Jake on 12/26/04 @ 12:14 PM
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