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I'm Not Surprised

According to this Oregonian columnist, the "Most disappointing Oregon mall" goes to none other than our Old Mill District. Quoting the column: "The stores are dull and poorly stocked. No buzz here." Exactly. There are a pile of high-end clothing stores down there, and some high-end gift stores, but nothing I can afford. And for all the hype that the creators of that mall (and even that area of town) created in the community, they're really not living up to is, in my humble opinion. Get some more family-friendly stores, make it an inviting place to come down to (it's pretty dark at night down there), and get some buzz going -- make it the place to shop in Bend before the Best Buy, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Petsmart open up at the Mountain View Mall (or Cascades Village or whatever they're going to call it after the demolition/rebuild is complete).

Posted by Jake on 12/20/04 @ 11:30 AM
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