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I've Given Up On The MovableType Forums

This isn't the first time I've posted questions in their forums before and not gotten a response, so I'm going to post the two questions here and see if anybody here running around the 'net right now can help me. Read on...

Questions #1: Rebuilding Trackback Data
Just browsing through my trackback table in phpMyAdmin, I noticed that it has my old URLs in there for about half of my entries (I've long since changed URL structures). So in my trackback table I have:
while my currently permalink format is

Is there anyway to have that information rebuilt to reflect the proper URLs? Would deleting the affected rows force MT to rebuild them in the database upon a rebuild? I just have some older entries that are still getting traffic, and wanted to make sure the right trackback data is used.

Questions #2: Line Breaks Not Breaking
OK, I'm using 3.12, have the sanitize spec left at default, have the comment formatting turned to "Convert Line Breaks" and the "Allow HTML in comments" turned "On".

Ideally I'd like it so that if HTML is NOT used, then the line breaks are converted. If HTML is used, I'd like it to not be converted, just take it as-is.

Is this remotely possible? I've been using MT for a couple years, and this has always bugged me, and I've never gotten around to asking for a solution for it.

Posted by Jake on 12/16/04 @ 12:04 PM
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