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Wanted: The Ultimate Note Taker

Barney and I were talking about this the other day. I really wish that somebody could create what he's looking for, as I know I needed one when I was reporting more (as I'm in the same boat as he):

I'm a reporter. I skipped third grade, so I'm sure I missed some handwriting classes. Ever since, my handwriting has sucked, especially when someone is speaking fast and I'm trying to get down every interesting word. It's sort of a self-encryption - if I don't transcribe the notes within 12-24 hours, even I can't make out what it says. (It's why I love phone interviews - not out of sheer laziness - well, not just that - but I'm a real fast typist, so those notes are 1,000 times better.)

Sooo.... there's voice-recognition software out there, right? Getting better all the time? But apparently you still have to train the thing? I'd LOVE to tape interviews, rather than scribble them, then upload the audio file and have a program turn it into text! Heck, I'd settle for 30 percent accuracy, that'd be better than my stinkin' notes!

Does anybody know if such a thing exists or is even on the horizon? I know it would require a good chunk of CPU power, but those portables/PDAs/etc... are getting pretty dang powerful. It would be a blessing for so many reporters, that's for sure.

Posted by Jake on 12/13/04 @ 12:53 PM
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