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Weapons Stash Found Under Sunriver Home

No further information is being released right now, but this is what Barney has right now:

A hidden stash of explosives, detonators, automatic weapons and modified firearms was found in three containers that repair contractors discovered and removed from the crawlspace beneath a Sunriver home, Police Chief Mike Kennedy said Tuesday.

The containers also contained silencers and conversion kits for automatic weapons, Kennedy said in a news release, declining to identify the address or even the street in the resort community where the cache was found on Monday. The owner of the home was contacted and denied any knowledge of the containers or their contents, Kennedy said.

I grew up in this area, and know a lot of people out here. I've got a definite interest in hearing who's involved in this because a) I want to make sure it's not one of our homeowners at work and b) I want to make sure it's not one of my dad's employees or former employees that found it (my dad doesn't know anything about it) or even one of his old employees that stashed it, for that matter (my dad's worked out here for about 25 years, and dang near every construction-type of person has worked for him at some point).

I'm definitely keeping an eye on this. Especially considering it, at most, is about four miles from where I sit right now.

Posted by Jake on 11/30/04 @ 03:27 PM
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