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Two Years Ago Today

This site as you know it was was born two years ago today (though, as I mentioned on that entry and more recently, I had been blogging before that but my archives got trashed). But today marks the anniversary of two years of consistent blogging on this MovableType installation.

So what did I do to celebrate? Nothing, really (maybe I'll buy myself lunch today or something). I did finally get around to renaming my mt-comments.cgi and mt-search.cgi files so they won't get hammered as bad by automated robots hellbent on breaking my site. But this entry is what I did. Read on...

Since I've moved hosts since I first setup this site, I don't have stats as to how much traffic this site received back in the day, but I'm pushing 5100+ pageviews (2500 or so unique visitors) per day, which I know is at least ten-fold what I remember it being back when I first started this site.

Some of the fun stuff from the history of this site? Well, I first started getting traffic when I wrote about how life would be if Dr. Laura Answered Phones For Microsoft. Then the site traffic went nuts when I posted the "one weekend a month my ass" image that was mentioned in the New York Times. I wrote a follow up on the whole mess, and had to start (at least temporarily) blocking external image linking.

And then all the whack-jobs who posted comments (and still do) on my old Michael Jackson posts, as well as the folks who are convinced that I can help them cancel their AOL accounts. The Smack The Penguin post somehow got me a pile of comments in a short amount of time, and an old Band Geek joke has almost hit triple digits in the comment count.

The only entry to pass 100 comments was from when I talked about the Do Not Call list. The only reason it's getting that many comments because people are seeing odd-ball phone numbers on their Caller ID, plugging it into Google, and it's directing them here. If you'll notice, most of the comments on that entry came nearly nine months after the entry was posted, and I'm still getting recent comments on that entry.

Among some of the other popular entries, comment-wise (thanks to Google): An entry about bright green bowel movements and people looking for homework help.

Big events in this blogs history? Just a few things: My Blogshare value hit $36,000 at one point, I hacked up a solution to get rid of Bloglet, I got really weird search engine traffic (made some of the search terms into some apparel and a poster), I overhauled the site's template, and I was featured in the local newspaper (after writing them a nasty letter). I had back surgery after my various back problems didn't get any better, despite getting denied health coverage. The really messed up MRI and the fact that I couldn't walk pushed me to have the surgery. Despite getting a wonderful Christmas Gift, I'm still paying off St. Charles. Hopefully I'll have another good tax return to help pay off the outstanding balance.

But before any of that, we had another baby (with pics).

So what am I predicting over the next two years? Not a damn thing: I'm doing this site for fun (though making a living at it would surely be nice), so who knows what will happen, and who really cares.

But as of this entry, there are 2,522 entries on this site, with 3,473 comments (for a while there, I had far more entries than comments). Hopefully we'll have twice as many two years from now.

Thanks for everybody for coming along on this ride with me, and enjoy the rest of the trip!

Posted by Jake on 11/30/04 @ 04:05 PM
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