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The Anti-Ribbon Campaign

We've all seen them: The little magnetic ribbons on peoples cars that make the owners of said cars feel better because they "Support The Troops." They feel like they've done their part to support the troops by sticking a magnet on their car that the troops will never see.

This guy is starting an Anti-Magnet Campaign, and I support him 100%:

Why are you doing this?
We believe that there is strong possibility that the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan might be a little far away or maybe even a little too busy to be checking out the pseudopatriotic magnet on the back of a 1986 Geo Metro as it drives down I-95 or sits in an Olive Garden parking lot.

Why do you hate America?

We don't hate America, we hate that people think slapping a stupid magnet on the back of their car has meaning. Mostly everyone in this country supports the troops and hopes they will return safely. Maybe you should be telling them directly in person, on the phone or in a letter and not driving around with a big magnetic banner you probably got at Wal*Mart that simply attempts to prove to everybody but the troops that you support the troops more than everybody else.

Link via BB (just digging through my old links, don't mind me).

Posted by Jake on 11/29/04 @ 04:25 PM
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AntiMagnet from DRT on 11/29/04 @ 09:08 PM:
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