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Bend Has A Segway Dealer?

Tipped off by a Google Alert, I came across this story that said "Now, Segway is opening dealerships across the country -- including a new one in Portland this week to boost the number to 67, including outlets that have already opened in Bend and Corvallis." I thought to myself "We have a Segway dealership in Bend?" Sure enough, we do. It's over in the Reed Market area, it looks like.

Looking up that address on Google, it appears that they sell Segways at Central Oregon Workensport. I might have to go down there and test drive one of these things, but I doubt they'll sell too well here. Considering they run $3,000+ for the basic model, and Bend's streets and sidewalks aren't really well-designed for the machines, they'll be lucky to make much money on them at all. And I'm sure they do really crappy in the snow and ice, meaning that you only have about three months of the year you can use it.

And on that above linked page, their phone number is in the 702 area code, which, last I checked, was Las Vegas, not Oregon.

Update on 11/15: Apparently East Safeway in Bend has them and is allowing you to test-drive them for 48 hours. I don't think I could do it; It's a $3,000 toy, and I know I'd break the thing and be forced to buy it.

Posted by Jake on 11/14/04 @ 02:48 PM
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