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I'm well behind on my blog reading and have about 2000 unread entries in Feeddemon that I'll get to at some point. Meanwhile, I have a pile of links in there that I've flagged in the past that I've been meaning to read, just haven't had a chance to or they didn't always merit an entire blog entry. So I don't forget about them or lose them, they're getting blogged here (and just watch the Trackbacks fly). So here you go (in no particular order)...

OK, there's a few less entries flagged in my RSS Reader. Now to actually read some of the unread ones...

Posted by Jake on 11/10/04 @ 07:26 PM
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Ancient Developer Proverb from Breaking Windows 2.0 on 11/11/04 @ 12:48 AM:
The biggest mistake you can make as a developer is to not listen to what your customers want. However, the second biggest mistake you can make is to give your customers everything they ask for.Found in Open Source is like... (Read More)

I Fancy Google from Zepfanman Blog on 11/16/04 @ 07:55 PM:
Google's search can also be used as a: calculator, atlas, phone book, spell checker, dictionary, UPS/FedEx tracker, flight checker, and much more. (Read More)

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