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WYSIWYG Editing for MovableType

The one gripe new users of MovableType have had is that it doesn't have a WYSIWYG editor for post creation. I, personally, don't mind not having one, as I compose all my stuff offline using SharpMT, and like working with code. But many folks like to have the WYSIWYG editor, and many other blogging solutions have it. Heck, Six Apart, the company that makes MT, recently implemented a fancy editor for it's TypePad hosted blogging solution, so why it's not a part of MT is beyond me.

Thankfully, MT 3.0 has made it a bit easier to implement a WYSIWYG editor, thanks to its CSS interfaces, and Movalog, an indespensible site for MT hackers, has a great tutorial on how you can implement HTMLArea into your backend. It's still a bit complicated, and SixApart should really make this far easier to do (or just make it part of the main MT install), but at least you can have one, if you so desire. It's now on my To-Do list (which I really need to edit/update).

Posted by Jake on 11/08/04 @ 10:21 PM
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