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This Is Going To Be A Close One

If the Electoral Vote Predictor is remotely accurate, it's going to be a long night ((if that link doesn't work, change the number in the domain so it reads any number between electoral-vote1.com and electoral-vote8.com). The predictor currently has 262 electoral college votes for Kerry, 261 for Bush. Yesterday, Kerry had a bigger lead, but some new polls came out narrowing things down (you can see an animated map of the states polls here). Regardless, he'll be updating the calendar as the night goes on.

Couple things I would like to say here: Regardless of your views on who will win, at least get out there and vote today. Your opinion on things means nothing if you don't exercise your right (the electoral college is flawed, but that's another debate entirely).

Also, I want to wish a good luck out there to all the journalists out there who will be covering this mess tonight. I've done all-nighters covering smaller elections before (running the show online), and it's no picnic. Order pizza, take care of everybody on the staff, you're all in this together. If you don't already have a plan of attack for the evening, you're screwed. Also, if you work for a larger newspaper, befriend the food critic, and have him bring the booze. There is a great deal of helpful information for journalists at Poynter's Election Coverage site, so read through it while it's still slow this morning, and get ready to rock and roll later tonight.

Posted by Jake on 11/02/04 @ 10:13 AM
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