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Is November 3rd Here Yet?

I just want this election to go away.

I'm so sick of all the crap on TV, the random recorded message phone calls two or three times a day, and the pile of direct mail I get everyday. I sent in my ballot weeks ago, folks, quit frickin' harassing me! I think because I'm registered as an unaffiliated (no party) voter that I get more crap as I'm one of those critical "swing" voters. Or something like that.

I'm also getting sick of all the signs in people's yards. There's a strong Kerry supporter living up the street from me that is surrounded by Bush signs. So he not only has the standard-sized Kerry signs all over his yard, but he got one of the gigantic signs you typical see on large plots of land on major highways, and stuck that in his front yard, right underneath his American flag.

Really, folks, what are we trying to prove? All of the signs in the world are not going to change too many people's minds, especially in Oregon where many folks have long since mailed in their ballots or dropped them off at an official ballot drop off (or, in some cases, people stupidly putting ballots in these unofficial drops).

I think that in 2008, I'm going to vote based on who sends me and bugs me with the least amount of crap. If I get something in the mail from you, get a phone call from your group, or get a solicitor at my door that represents you, you're a point. The person/measures with the least amount of points will get my vote.

Posted by Jake on 10/30/04 @ 10:07 PM
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