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New York Times Comes to Bend

I think this New York Times article perfectly describes what I miss about Bend:

According to the author William Kittredge, who grew up on a ranch in southeastern Oregon, "Out West we see a society in the midst of reinventing itself." In Bend the transformation is complete. The last of the huge sawmills closed a decade ago. In its place are a Victoria's Secret and an outdoor amphitheater. Hardware stores are hard to find; Pilates instructors are not. In short, in Bend it is out with the old and in with the New West.
I miss the old style of this town. I miss my old hardware stores (nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, can replace Masterson St. Claire). I miss being able to ski and golf here for less than $20 for each. I miss being able to walk through Drake Park at night and not fear for my life. I miss not having jackass neighbors. I miss my old diners. I miss my small town.

I do like some of the stuff they're doing to Bend, some of the stores that are opening, but I can't say that I can afford any of it. Maybe it's just some of the elitist attitude around here that bothers me. Maybe I just need to quit my complaining and whining and go back to work. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Posted by Jake on 10/18/04 @ 11:53 AM
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