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A Farewell to Homestyle Cafe Dining

A Central Oregon staple, Jake's Diner is staying open for a little while longer, but the truck stop is going to close down (I can't see the diner staying open much longer now that truck traffic won't be stopping there). So first Pilot Butte closes down for dinner (I haven't had a burger there since they did that), and now Jake's will probably disappear. Lovely.

What is happening to Bend's homestyle cafes and diners? I almost cried when the Snow Bunny shut down, as our family ate breakfast there nearly every Sunday for several years. Jake's has great food and huge portions. And it will probably disappear. Is there any old style cafes left? I still go to the Juniper Cafe on occassion. The Westside Cafe is a bit too yuppie for my tastes (though their food is good). Palmer Cafe is good, but I never get a chance to go there (they don't have much seating, so they're usually pretty packed). I haven't been to Sargents for quite a while. But is that all that's here? Five or so good, homestyle cafes in a city this large is horrible. I love being able to go out to one of these places, sit up at the counter, order a heaping meal, chat it up with the wait staff, and have a good time (and have it not be a national chain like Denny's, Shari's, or IHOP). It's hard to find a place to do that anymore.

Maybe that's the problem. Maybe Bend has forgotten its log mill roots (when there were less people, but probably just as many cafes). We've gotten too big, too yuppie, and too specialized. We've got restaurant for every palate, but what about a place you can bring the kids, have a great meal at a good price, and enjoy pleasant service and conversation?

Sorry, I'm just a good ol' boy, but that's the way it was, and I liked it. I want my diners and cafes back.

Posted by Jake on 10/15/04 @ 01:35 PM
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