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Jeopardy Genius Jennings Loses

They're filming this season's Jeopardy episodes, and the rumors that Ken Jennings, the guy who left last season with over a million bucks in the bank, did eventually lose. I won't spoil it for you here, so head this direction for how much he did end up winning and how long his streak lasted.

Posted by Jake on 09/09/04 @ 09:44 AM
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Jesse Thompson said on 09/09/04 @ 10:02 AM:
Did Monk get onto the show and call his answering machine and demonstrate he was blackmailing Alex into helping him cheat or anything scintillating of that nature? ;)

Jake said on 09/09/04 @ 10:03 AM:
HAHA...I love that show. That episode was great.

ken jennings said on 10/02/04 @ 07:16 PM:
so.......i guess i finally lost.....huh.......news to me.........guess you guys get your news from alternate sources.....me.........i get mine right from the source...........ummmmm just to let all you people out there who really care my streak is STILL going and it lasts the rest of next season so...........really......u dont HAVE to watch.....my total winnings at the end of the second season was close to 2.5 million......the producers have offered me more money to stay on for longer....as a "publicity" stunt but i think that this will probably be the end........im getting kind of tired of the whole ordeal......im thinking about throwing the first game of the third season so all of this will be over.....and just to let all of you spoilers know......they start filming in march and yes......i DO EVENTUALLY FLIP OFF TREBEK but sadly....they choose to not show that particular part of the episode.

Jake said on 10/03/04 @ 09:42 AM:
HAHAHA....that was entertaining.

Ken Jennings said on 10/17/04 @ 08:53 PM:
I finally lose on November 8,2004. I won over $2,000,000 but lose it all when I bet it on Final Jeopardy. My total ignorance of baseball causes my downfall when the answer is "Name of manager who fired Billy Martin 5 times and I ask "Who is Donald Trump?"

I go postal and throw a chair at Alex Trebek but the censors decide not to televise that and because of the surge in ratings during my time on Jeopardy, Merv Griffin declines to press charges.

Kemosabi said on 10/28/04 @ 01:21 PM:
stupid is stupid does

Kathy0 said on 11/10/04 @ 10:34 AM:
Ken Jennings is amazing, - yes. ...but...I love watching Jeopardy and now it's reduced to "let's see who Ken Jennings is going to beat tonight." I'd love it if they just jumped to his last episode and then we could get back to normal Jeopardy. I do think that in the futire there should be some kind of limit as to how long a contestant can compete. - maybe a million is enough?


samboner said on 11/10/04 @ 03:23 PM:
They actually just revoked a rule that allowed a winner to only stay on for a certain amount of episodes. Why they did that i have no idea. Maybe it was a bad idea. or a good one?

Sally said on 11/10/04 @ 04:28 PM:
ok, first off, i dont think that Ken actually flipped off Alex or throw a chair. and i really dont think that Ken actually put the comments on here....it was someone else. believe me if you want, dont, i dont really care, and i love watching him kick butt, i really wish he would have been on there longer..........

Maureen said on 11/11/04 @ 06:21 PM:
I wish when Ken is ready to leave, he would just say he is finished without throwing the game. He is too smart to just let someone beat him. I will be so sad to see him go. I just have to watch every episode, he is fascinating.

Ken Jennings said on 11/11/04 @ 10:08 PM:
I am the man

Ken Jennings said on 11/15/04 @ 11:51 AM:
I blow Alex Trebek so he gives me all the answers. I rule.

Shannon said on 11/16/04 @ 04:53 PM:
okay thats really retarded...if thats not ken then someone needs to stop with the nonsense...that doesnt sound like something ken would do

MagCraft said on 11/18/04 @ 07:30 PM:
OF course that is not really Ken. Those imposters are idiots.

Nameless One said on 11/24/04 @ 12:47 AM:
They used to have a rule...win five games and get retired. Funny how they changed the rule just as Ken came on. I wonder if, during preliminary test rounds, they realized they had a winner who would bring the show a lot of publicity and changed the rule just for him!

Jake said on 11/24/04 @ 10:27 AM:
If I remember correctly, Ken wasn't the first to use the 5-day-plus rule. They had a guy that was on there before that lasted 7 or 8 days, if I remember correctly.

Ray said on 11/26/04 @ 12:27 AM:
Right.I think a lawyer was on for about 8 days after the rule change.
My problem with the game as it is now, Ken has been on for over 70 games. He is at home in the studio now, he knows the workings of the buzzer and is not nervous and is put up each game against two opponents who are coming in green. I don't care if they run practice games, they are now in the Big Game, and you know they are nervous. Ken has a big advantage.
BTW, he won his 71st game toninght...soon we will know if the rumors are true!

Nameless One said on 11/28/04 @ 02:37 PM:

Go to www (dot) kottke (dot) org.
If you hate to know the truth, don't go.

anonymous said on 11/29/04 @ 12:08 PM:
I seriously hope he didn't lose.
I won't have any more good shows at 7 on 7.
It's the only entertaining show on at 7:00 PM (if you don't have cable or satellite, anyways).

Nameless One said on 11/29/04 @ 04:17 PM:
wait, is that really Ken or not? I really want to know. Tell the truth. and what did Ken end up amassing at the end of the show?

kenisboring said on 11/29/04 @ 04:24 PM:
Jeopardy is so boring, I don't even bother to watch it anymore, because of Ken whatever his name is. Cant wait till he loses on Wed of this week.

kenishistory said on 11/30/04 @ 12:12 PM:
Here is the audio.. He is History

bob said on 11/30/04 @ 04:29 PM:
jeopardy is rigged, there was no possible way for that guy to lose today
hes never ended a game with 14k....hes usually got 30k....screw jeopardy...shows rigged

Curly said on 11/30/04 @ 05:01 PM:
Looked fixed to me.... Ken losing, that is. How could he not have known that H&R Block was the answer. And since when did FedEx become white collar?
What do you all think????
I think they must have asked him to blow it.... but it was a dumb question to blow it on.... who didn;t know that answer?????

Joe said on 11/30/04 @ 05:04 PM:
Ken was thee man and I congratulate him on all his winnings. He's giving 10% of his winnings to his church (a truly wonderful thing to do). It's sad seeing Ken go. That Nancy lady will probably lose tomorrow night anyway. I can't wait to see how low ABC's ratings go now that Ken is gone. I thought it was all a rumor so that ABC could rule the TV ratings for the month of November. But it wasn't a rumor this time after all. $2.5 million. Wow! I can't even imagine what I would do with all that moolah. Jeoparday will never be the same.

David said on 11/30/04 @ 05:06 PM:
Why would he lose on purpose? I heard he said he had family problems. And the way he acted all game long esp...Look at Final Jeopardy...he thought the whole 30 seconds of what he should do: quit or stay...The way i saw it...F*** Jeopardy...it's dead...legend's over...

LynnetteKnowsHeQuit said on 11/30/04 @ 07:21 PM:
He so lost on purpose. Who knows what his reasoning was, maybe he just got bored with it, but it was obvious from the beginning of the show that he was trying to lose. He answered a lot fewer questions than usual, giving the opportunity to both other players to get some right and he totally blew huge bets on double jeopardies. You know that guy knows the french word for "bell", he's a freaking genius. The end though sealed it for me. I knew it was H & R Block within about 3 seconds, and I am NOT a freaking genius. For whatever reason, Ken decided to call it quits but to do it in such a way that he could get a warm fuzzy from watching the realtor lady feel all proud of herself. Nice try Ken, I didn't buy it for a second. Congrats though on the 2.5 mil.

FFF said on 11/30/04 @ 10:22 PM:
I'm so gald he lost! What a f***ing boring show it had become! Every time I saw his pale, pasty face all I wanted to see is an elephant sit on his head and squish it!
High in the Rockies tonight we had a champagne party to celebrate the TOAD's defeat!!
Now Nancy Zerg will be in the next Trivial Pursuit edition....Long Live Nancy!!

Shan said on 12/02/04 @ 09:20 AM:
Ken rocks and anyone who says otherwise is jealous of how awesome he is.

Ray said on 12/02/04 @ 10:05 AM:
Did he plan to give up and lose on purpose? If I remember the total bet and what he had already, if he had answered correctly, he would have ended with $20,001. He always seemed to bet an amount to end with an even total ($2,000. $30,00, etc.) In this case, if he had bet the amount to come out even and lost, he would have tied her and a re-match would have been in order. He's smart enough to have bet enough to make sure he would have beaten her even if he missed the final jeopardy answer. He is so calculating in figuring his bets, I can't believe he didn't do it on purpose.

Gwen said on 01/01/05 @ 12:33 PM:
Sister Julie Cooper's Nephew was hit won 2.5 millions from Jeopardy on TV.

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