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Stupidly Busy -- Can somebody help?

Way behind on links, have a pile of projects to do, will catch up at some point. Have to do a Web design job for a local non-profit, and am in Web designers brain-fart mode. The non-profit has a vertically-oriented logo and, to be quite honestly with you, I can't say that I've ever worked with a vertical logo, and it's proving more difficult than I imagined.

That, and I don't do frilly, simple sites very well. If a site's got a pile of content, I can do that as then the content generally dictates the design, but simple frilly crap when I have no graphics and very little content to work with, they aren't really all that much fun for me.

So if anybody out there has a good template to get me started with this logo (designed by the studs at iconix), I'd be grateful (and you'll receive a link here, without question, and possibly on the redesigned site) -- then maybe I can get some stock photography to fill the thing out, give it some color. I just need a starting point, which I'm at a loss for (and nothing at OSWD is any help).

Once I get a template in place, I can easily populate it (and do all the other stuff I need to do -- setup donation system, setup mailing list system, setup news system), but I just am not in the creative mode right now. I'm in a programmer mode, and that's not making doing creative things very easily.

But once this project is off my back, I'll be able to get far more links up.

Posted by Jake on 09/05/04 @ 06:12 PM
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