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Kids Should Never Have To Go Through This

I haven't been blogging today as I've been busy with homeland duties. Was just going to not even blog anything today (hey, everbody needs a break) but I did want to share something, since I have a feeling I'm going to be up for a while now.

My sister-in-law let my wife and I know a couple of hours ago that she had to take my niece (she's six-years-old) to the hospital. Apparently on their trip back from the Salem today, she was puking all the way home, and feeling really cruddy. Just to make sure nothing was wrong, they took her into the E.R.

I just got a phone call from my wife, who went over there to help my sister-in-law with her two other kids. The diagnosis? She's going to have to be operated on as she has appendicitis and her appendix needs to be removed. She's currently waiting for a spot in the operating room and for the on-call surgeon to get prepared.

Nobody should have to go through that, especially a sweet little six-year-old. My heart and prayers go out to her. Don't expect much tomorrow as not only will I be trying to get a pile of stuff done at work, but I'll undoubtedly be exhausted.

Posted by Jake on 08/28/04 @ 11:17 PM
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