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I'm Sick Of Beach Volleyball

Am I the only one that doesn't give a rip about beach volleyball, let alone women's beach volleyball, in the Olympics? Why is NBC, with their already crappy coverage, force feeding me women's volleyball every night? Yes, there are scantily clad women, and that's obviously a ratings boost, but what about the other 30+ sports (with multiple levels and categories in each sport) that are going on during these games? You can pretty much sum up NBC's coverage in a few words: Phelps, Gymnastics, and Bikinis. I think that's all I've pretty much seen so far. They make me get up at the crack of dawn or skip work to watch anything other than that, and since I don't have a Tivo, I'm stuck watching the prime-time crap.

At least there are two things that I know: 1) Kerri Walsh and Misty May win the gold tonight, so hopefully that'll be the last I see of them, and 2) NBC will, at some point in the next 30 years, hopefully lose the rights to broadcast the Olympics (I can't remember how long their contract is now -- until 2010, maybe?). Maybe then I'll get better coverage.

Meanwhile I'm off to pirate the videos I want.

Posted by Jake on 08/24/04 @ 09:03 PM
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