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Bend is a Bunch of Flaming Moderates

The San Diego Union-Tribune has a report on how the influx of Californians, Retirees, and twenty-somethings is changing the politics of Bend.

The influx of new residents is changing just about everything in this central Oregon city, including its politics. And nowhere is that more evident than in the recent heated debate over gay rights.

An ordinance, unanimously approved in May by the City Council, prohibits discrimination in housing, employment or public accommodations on the basis of sexual orientation or transgenderism. The proposal gained steam after an attack last August on a gay man in a downtown dance club.

Heck, I know I'm a moderate. A flaming moderate, I don't know, but I do tend to leave my mind open on things a bit more than folks on one side or another.

Link via Rob.

Posted by Jake on 08/16/04 @ 04:33 PM
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