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Still sick, With Random Notes

Still laid up with a cold. Have about 4,000 links to post, no time/energy to do it. I'm up right now because my daughter made a mess in her diaper, and it was my turn to change her. So I decided to grab a snack, blog a note, and I'm heading back to bed.

On a random positive note, we had rain-gutters installed today. I know that everybody who knows Central Oregon at all knows that you don't need them at often, but the one problem with the way our house was built is that all the water that flows off the roof flows into two places -- above the front and back doors. So gutters were installed in those places. They were a gift from my parents for my birthday (which was back in May). They were here at the butt-crack of dawn to install them, but after they did, you could barely see they were there as they were painted to match the house. It's actually pretty dang slick, and they have a lifetime warranty on installation and leaks.

On a random negative note, the ad shoot I'm doing with Simone for work had to be put off another day because of nasty weather. Hopefully it'll clear up tomorrow and we'll be able to get the shots I need for this ad campaign I'm doing. I've got 10-days until deadline at this point, but the photo will dictate the design, so I don't think it'll be too hard.

OK, I'm going back to bed. G'night.

Posted by Jake on 08/06/04 @ 11:39 PM
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