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The County Sheriff Treats His Taxpayers Like Idiots

I mentioned last week about how the Deschutes County Sheriff is introducing quotas sorry, performance standards for its officers. The Sheriff, Les Stiles, is still denying the minimum quotas charge, and is accusing Bend.com of writing an inaccurate and slanted story, saying that the Bulletin's story was more accurate. Needless to say, Barney's replied to that accusation. It's a big ol' mess (even though some local politicians, in an attempt to get some more publicity and win an elected office, have supported Stiles).

Why are you so afraid of the word "Quota", Les? Having them is one thing, denying that they're quotas (which they obviously are) just makes you look bad. I'm sure every other police organization has a quota. I talked to a state trooper that said they have a 1 person/day ticket quota, but said if he didn't get more than that, he wasn't doing his job. Quotas exist, which we all probably already know, but not calling them quotas and hiding behind the business-term "Performance Standards" is crap. If you're going to use business terms, maybe you guys should run yourselves like a business, keeping better tabs on your money, your assets, and your employees -- and not raising our frickin' taxes (raising the price to your "clients") when you can't.

And like Barney said, I'm sure the Bulletin article is no more accurate than Barney's, and hiding behind the "taken out of context" line is cowardly.

Just call them what they are, Les. They're quotas, plain and simple. Quit treating the taxpayers that pay your paychecks like they're children.

(Update: Glad to hear that Simone feels the same way, and we'll both get pulled over on our way around the county now.)

Posted by Jake on 08/02/04 @ 10:56 AM
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