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More Central Oregon Bloggers on Blogroll

About a week ago I mentioned that Kasey had linked to another local blogger. I made a note to myself to check the Blogger.com's profile area to see if there were any more local blogger's using their service that I could add to the list.

After a bit of digging, and removing the folks who had not posted in the last 30 days, I've added several more sites to my blogroll (on the right column of the site -- the layout's slightly screwed up, but I have an e-mail into blogrolling.com about it). I have several more from Bend on there, and even a couple from Prineville, Madras, and Redmond on there (the Madras one thanks to Roger).

On that note, once I get a few bucks (read: later rather than sooner -- anybody have a few bucks to donate?), I'm going to setup a Central Oregon Blogger's page that will link to our mailing list, and possible an automated news feed sort of like ORBlogs (Jon/Jesse, you guys want something to do?). I'm going to, at some point, dig up e-mail addresses for some of these folks, and see if I can get them onto our meager list in the meanwhile.

And since ORBlogs is listing them, I'm also going to be going through some of the Live Journal sites I linked to a while back to see any of them are still active (and aren't absolute crap), see if I can dig up any more, and get them on the blogroll as well.

Posted by Jake on 08/01/04 @ 02:42 PM
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