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Jeopardy contestant breaks $1-million

I know, slightly old news, but after winning 38-games straight and $1,321,660 on "Jeopardy", we'll have to wait until next season to see if Ken Jennings will win any more. Waxy's got an image of all the various ways he's drawn his name on the show. And there's also a cult following.

Posted by Jake on 07/30/04 @ 07:11 AM
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Nameless One said on 07/31/04 @ 12:39 AM:
"if Ken Jennings will when any more"
Win will we find this out? Win will you blog about it? Win will I quit badgering you? I dunno, I give up. You when. (hehe)

Jake said on 07/31/04 @ 07:34 AM:
HAHAHA...OK, will fix that....thanks :-)

Laura said on 09/17/04 @ 06:22 PM:
ken jennings is greedy..i think he has enough money and i think he should lose...he is ruining jeopardy..now they will return the old rule..a 5 day winner..ken will be on for 5 months maybe..and others will only be on for 5 day...it sucks..

Jessie said on 09/28/04 @ 01:27 PM:
I think Ken Jennings did a lot of good for Jepoardy! He has such a variety of knowledge. Granted they will probably go back to the old rule of only being aloud on 5 days, but Ken made the ratings go through the roof. I think it did Jeopardy a lot of good.

Ron said on 10/31/04 @ 09:40 PM:
My wife and I used to hurry home to see Jeopardy every nite at 7 o'clock, but after Ken's looooong run, we find it boring, knowing no one else has a chance. We usually tune in another game show. We'll be happy when Jeopardy returns to the 5 day rule.

Nameless One said on 11/05/04 @ 05:34 AM:
I'm constantly surprised at people who don't like Ken Jennings....my son-in-law for one. I think Ken Jennings is great. I've always hated the fact that the winners could only be on Jeopardy for five nights. How can anyone think Jeopardy is boring because of Ken?
His store of knowledge is fascinating to me. I would love to meet him in person.

Tom C said on 11/06/04 @ 08:10 PM:
I have to agree that Ken Jennings has basically ruined Jeopardy for me. All personal feelings aside, it is just boring to watch the same person win night after night, after night. I also feel like the producers are throwing out some pretty mediocre challengers in an effort to run up the hype. I personally have reached the saturation point of being amazed at Ken's knowledge. Great! You're a walking encyclopedia! You hold every game show record ever set! You're a millionare!
Move on with your life!
I now actually like it when teen Jeopardy and college Jeopardy are on because I don't have to look at Ken Jennings smugly whipping through the categories while the other two contestants examine their signaling devices for defects.
It used to be fun to try and guess who would win at the beginning of the show but now the only question is, 'will it be close or will Ken slaughter them?'
Thanks a lot buttheads at Jeopardy!

Nikkie said on 11/13/04 @ 05:11 PM:
Dude! Ken Jennings has sold his soul to the devil in order to win so constinatly on Jeopardy! Hasn't anyone notice how he looks when he's on the show with his evil grin. I watched Jeopardy for the first time in a little while, and I literally jumped when he smiled. He's super freaky, and you can tell there's something totally not right going on. He misses stupid quesions like "What grows only on male lions, and gets darker as they get older?" Come on, everyone out there is screaming "mane, it's a mane!!!" While he does an unconvincing, "uhhhh, hmmm, uhhh, hmm, I don't know."

Donna said on 11/23/04 @ 10:09 AM:
I turn Jeopardy off a few min into show because Ken has ruined the spirit of the
game he is a one man show I could do
with out.

freda said on 11/28/04 @ 03:14 PM:

I would like to know if the ratings are still
high for Jeopardy. I do not watch that programme any more. If I were asked to go on the show I would refuse no matter how high my I.Q. Ken makes all
the others losers. I'm sure they feel humiliated.

Kelly said on 12/01/04 @ 08:00 PM:
I personally am very disappointed Ken lost. I loved watching him. People try out for Jeopardy knowing they could get killed by someone like Ken, and most did. Ken obviously did some fantastic things for Jeopardy, the ratings went up 63%.

tom said on 12/02/04 @ 10:39 AM:
jepoardy is gay

Jon said on 12/02/04 @ 01:07 PM:
Wow, what a bunch of whiners. Ken rules, he lost on a super easy question and that shows he is human. The most exciting Jeopardy shows I have seen were the ones when people came close to beating Ken. Quit hating just because he is alot smarter thatn YOU!!!!

John said on 12/02/04 @ 02:33 PM:
Ken Jennings is a smart man. No dought about it. But I think that maybe he is too smart I used to watch Jeopardy every day but now I am tired of watchin Ken wasting other contestants away. I think Ken has done a good thing for Jeopardy and ONLY Jeopardy! I agree that it is a lot more fun watching OTHER PEOPLE WIN! Honestly I can't wait to see the day when Ken Jennings gets beat on Jeopardy.

J. Doe said on 12/03/04 @ 06:51 PM:
Wake up John, you missed his loss by a few days. If you bother to post people, post intelligently. I'd love to see this bunch of whiners play each other. What is... WAH, Alex.

Paul Chang said on 04/14/06 @ 07:53 PM:
I was quite taken a-back when Liana Garcia did not win today since she had the COMPLETE name of the poet, Lazarus. On other shows contestants have lost for leaving out just a letter in a name, but Brian won with just the last name. Think about it, is this fair?

Kayla said on 07/14/06 @ 11:42 PM:
Is it too late to say, Ken Jennings is awesome? He's still working, and whoever said that the fact that he got "an easy question wrong, only shows that he's human" is wrong. i was watching a thing on A&E today, and he was talking about how there are many hate goups against him, and he sometimes googles "ken jennings sucks"... the fact that he cares about what people think about him shows that he's human! he's a great man.. and he has a beautiful wife and an adorable son! :)

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