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Is the Deschutes County Sheriff still broke?

Is the Deschutes County Sheriff so broke that they need to introduce a quota "minimum performance standard" for their sheriffs? Quoting this Bend.com story:

This busy summer, Deschutes County sheriff's deputies are being held to new "minimum performance standards" that go well beyond positive dealings with the public and living up to the agency's 'core values," and include an "absolute minimum" number of traffic tickets and warnings, criminal citations and DUII arrests, Sheriff Les Stiles confirmed Wednesday.

Just about anyone who pays taxes would be glad to know that the public-sector workers those hard-earned dollars are paying for are being held to certain standards.

But when they include such requirements (for traffic deputies) of 10 citations a day, one to four DUII arrests a month and seven criminal citations a month, it's bound to raise eyebrows, both within the department and among government critics who may well see the ugly specter of revenue-driven quotas - something Stiles resolutely denied is the case.

OK, so how is this not a quota system? Don't they have enough money after winning the election and finding extra money afterwards?

Anybody out there good in vinyl detailing? Someone needs to make authentic looking coverups so the emblem on the side of their patrol cars says "Proudly Ticketing Our Community." Here's their site for reference.

Meanwhile, I'm in Deschutes County Sheriff territory on my work commute, and will probably get pulled over for this.

Posted by Jake on 07/28/04 @ 10:40 PM
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