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Gmail Invite "Jeopardy" Contest

Update on 6/27: The Contest Is Over! Thanks to all those who played! Answers are below. Winners have been sent invites.

OK, I've got 10 Gmail Invites to get rid of. You want 'em? Here's the deal. I have one of those Jeopardy desk calendars that has a bunch of questions on it. I always forget about the calendar, and am always behind several days on turning pages on it.

So here's what I'm going to do: I'm going to run a trivia contest using questions from that calendar. Answers are to be submitted via e-mail to utterlyboring [at] gmail [dot] com.

Questions (or answers, since this is Jeopardy) are below. The category for the answers are in bold preceding the question. You get a point for answering a question right, and a bonus point if you link to this post on your blog (let me know via your answer e-mail if you'd linked, or send a TrackBack ping to this post).

The Deadline For Submissions is Sunday 6/27 @ Noon Pacific Time. Remember that all "answers" must be in the form of a question, or you won't get the point. The winner will get three invites, second place gets two, and the other five to go to three, four, five, six and seventh place.

These are either Double or Final Jeopardy answers, so they're not too easy (though you could probably find them on Google).

Update: If there's a tie, I will send around a tie-breaker question -- or 10 :-).

Here we go...
  1. Rock Me, Amadeus: "Planetary" Nickname of Mozart's Symphony No. 41 in C major. What is Jupiter?
  2. Sculpture: This unfinished Rodin work depicts scenes from Dante's Inferno on two bronze doors. What is the Gates of Hell?
  3. Look who's talking: Meursault, whose mother had recently died, narrates this work by Albert Camus What is The Stranger?
  4. Theater: The your orphan boys of the workhouse sing "Food, Glorious Food" in Act 1 of this '60s musical What is Oliver!?
  5. From Russia With Love: This Russian goldsmith created famous jeweled Easter eggs for European royalty Who is Peter Carl Faberge?
  6. Britannica: Number of Henrys who rules England between A.D. 1000 and 1600 What is eight?
  7. Historic Americans: In 1976, a National Gallery of Art show honored the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the death of this statesman Who is Thomas Jefferson?
  8. Dear John: He and Priscilla Mullens were among the first Pilgrim couples to marry in America Who is John Alden?
  9. Politicians: Though born in Washington, D.C., on March 31, 1948, his birth was front-page new in the Nashville Tennessean Who is Al Gore (Jr.)?
  10. Baby Talk: The support for an object set horizontally, as for the receiver of a telephone. What is the cradle?
  11. The Oscars: Emma Thompson won an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay for this 1995 film in which she costarred What is Sense and Sensibility?
  12. Five-syllable Words: From Latin for "witness," these ads may use celebrities or regular folks to sing a product's praise. What are testimonials?
  13. Astronomy: A large but faint constellation, Monoceros represents this mythical creature What is a unicorn?
  14. Purr-fect Books: It was Tao the cat, along with two dogs, on this Sheila Burnford title trip What is The Incredible Journey?
  15. Trees: Each March, a festival in Macon, Georgia, celebrates the blooming of over 100,000 of the Yoshino variety of these trees What are cherry trees?
  16. "C" Food: Originally from Naples, it's a single-serving stuffed pizza in the shape of a turnover What is a calzone?
  17. Letter Perfect: This 1969 Costa-Gavras thriller has the shortest title of all movies to win the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar What is Z?
  18. Fill 'Er Up?: Gulf Oil goes back to the famous oil find at Spindletop in this state in 1901 What is Texas?
  19. Greek and Roman Mythology: The English names of this god's two companions are panic and fear Who is Mars? (Acceptable: Ares)
  20. Terms of Endearment: Collusion between management and union officials may result in this type of "deal" or "contract" What is sweetheart?
  21. Dinosaurs: This plant-eating dinosaur's name, which means "cover lizard," refers to the triangular plates along its back What is the stegosaurus?
  22. Antiques: In 1998, a drinking flagon made of this tin allow sold for a record $145,500 What is pewter?
  23. Travel and Tourism: In 1997, this library, which has two copies of the Magna Carta, moved to the Saint Pancras area of London What is the British Library? (Acceptable: British Museum Library)
  24. U.S. Military Matters: In 1933, what was known as the Militia Bureau was official renamed this What is the National Guard (Bureau)?

Good Luck To Everyone!
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