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I Hate Our Computers

OK, I left this office at 2:00 AM last night, after having a boat-load of trouble getting the new RAID array setup on our servers here at the office, getting the data copied, and then getting the old one out of the picture. It was a barrel of laughs. I nearly lost the data on the drives three times, thanks to stupid software problems. And at 2:00, I finally got Windows 2000 and the new hard drives installed.

And then the s**t hit the fan.

Due to the fact that it was really frickin' late, and I was tired as hell, I made the mistake of not testing it as hard as I should. I logged it, tried a couple programs, was good to go. Unfortunately, I didn't account for the wackiness that would ensue -- screwed up profiles, inability to print or go online (the latter thanks to MS's asinine Internet Connection Wizard that had to be run for every damn client), and a whole bunch of other weirdness. I came back into work after about 3 hours of sleep, got everything fixed about an hour ago.

And then my Windows 2003 IIS machine went stupid. And this is 90% the fault of our crappy online reservation software (DOS-based -- no, I'm not kidding), as sometimes it'll get stuck in and endless loop and start 50 copies of itself. I rebooted it, and now the machine won't boot properly. It's running about as fast as a 286, and isn't fully loading Windows.

I've tried my butt off to get the thing to work. It won't even load safe-mode. The drive is getting bulldozed tomorrow, Windows 2003 Web Edition reinstalled, and I've stuck a stupid disclaimer on our site.

Then tomorrow I'm going to call and yell at our Reservation Software provider for making simple tasks such a royal pain in the ass.

Meanwhile, I've got about 500 links in my "To Blog" folder that, one of these days, I'll clear out.

Posted by Jake on 06/13/04 @ 05:58 PM
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