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I'd Consider This An Improvement

In the past, I've applied for jobs at big companies that have human resources departments that are run by buffoons. I'm obviously applying for technical jobs, and because I don't certain keywords in my resume, they'll end up tossing it, despite the fact that I'm more than qualified.

I'm convinced that non-techy humans that are looking at techy resumes shouldn't be so quick to chunk things. I got a great response when I e-mailed my resume to a department head directly, but my resume didn't get through human resources.

What it computers started to take over the process? It's starting to happen, and I'm welcoming it, as a computer can be programmed to know that experience in Citrix Metaframe XP means you know how to work (for the most part) Citrix Metaframe 1.8, for example. Or that having five years experience in Windows 2003, when it's only been out a year, is absolute bulls**t as well.

I guess I just have standards. I won't pad my resume, and that's why I've never lost a job because of being unable to do something. Hopefully computers will be smart enough to weed out the morons.

Posted by Jake on 06/04/04 @ 12:17 PM
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