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We Found The Hat!

Light blogging because I'm busy as all hell today at work. I did want to follow up on something, however.

It's not the original hat, but it's still the same one. I posted earlier this week about a dilemma I was having about a hat of my daughter's that we lost. Rick was kind enough to volunteer to look at a factory outlet at a trip he was going on, but you don't need to bother.

My wife's funny. She won't make stupid phone calls for things, but when it comes to something she really wants, she'll call everybody and their dog to get things taken care of. She not only e-mailed Carter's directly (along with attaching pictures that were on my previous post), she called every factory outlet mall in the state of Oregon. The last one she called, Lincoln City, had the same hat, but different color, so she was all ready to order it.

Until she opened her e-mail. She had given up on Carter's because it had been three days since he wrote them, but in her inbox is a message she didn't recognize. Carter's had forwarded the e-mail to the company that actually makes the hats for Carter's. The Vice President of the company wrote back, saying that yes, they still have that hat in their warehouse, and they'll happily send us one. She said the pictures were adorable and are now hanging on their "Product In Use" wall.

Needless to say, that made my wife happy, and, in turn, made me happy as I don't have to listen to my wife complain about the guys at Food-4-Less throwing them out.

Posted by Jake on 05/27/04 @ 03:18 PM
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